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  1. "Multi Quest Map Tracking (can see inactive quests on the map and select them)" <===That was a must from the beginning, too bad I finished the game 2 months ago. It should be there by default in ANY RPG game created, period. I mean it's the kind of game where you are usually getting swamped with quests (a not-if-but-when situation) and without it, you lose just so much time realizing that you were beside a side quest without knowing it. Well, better late than never! You now know what to do for Outer Worlds 2 lol
  2. Top request for me even though I dont have much time in the game yet: -Sort by type -Compare with equipped (MUST HAVE! I mean come on!) -When you have choosen your sorting option, AUTO SORT the inventory -Sort stash, I'm a packrat too and I'm pretty sure most of us are in these types of games -Quest indicator ("!") on top of NPC with quests (that could be disabled in the options) -On console, the cursor on the map should move way faster. I don't know if it's related to your sensibility in-game, but it shouldn't. Like its a crawl going through the map when it shoul
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