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  1. It's very difficult to not feel like some of the design of this game was rushed and cheap (low-effort). Like trying to have all these skills and trying to figure how they can be implemented into gameplay. For example, the high cost of Tinkering makes it so that users will want to invest more points into lowering the cost. In my own experience, I've personally had a really difficult time with this mechanic. Firstly, I went really out of my way to spend a ton of points really early in the game into getting that 50% discount. And Tinkering was still really really rough on my finances. I use
  2. There have been some over-exaggerations going around of companions on Supernova. Yes they have permanent death. However, it isn't a problem whatsoever as long as you understand the design. For any build you do, there needs to be a strategic investment on playstyle. Companions are no different from any weapon or ability. Lone-wolf is most effective if you intend to play a highly focused style on some build. Like melee ninja, melee tank, sniper, handgun, dialogue, stealth, etc. You can also do mix builds. But you will need to invest in whichever mix you're using. Aside from a build that focuses
  3. Please DO NOT listen to anything OP is saying. First and foremost, Supernova mode is the actual normal as described here: Permadeath on companions is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the baseline mode. Immortal companions should only stay on easier difficulties such beginner modes. Users playing the actual design of the game should not be able to exploit immortal companions. Such as sending them in as sacrificial lamb meat shields while sitting back sniping. Due to knowing they will survive anyway. This can only be prevented if companions have permanent death. Thereby, requiring users to actual
  4. Don't use gunslinger build from that video somebody mentioned. It's really bad. Max Dexterity is much more important. So add 3 points to Dex. Then 2 points into Perception. And 1 point into Intelligence. That's if playing lone wolf. If playing with companions, just do 1 point in Perception, and add a point to Charm. This setup will start you off with a high default Handgun and Dodge is the main focus. Science is another one generally worth boosting. Adds energy damage and needed for better Tinkering. But also crucial if using a science weapon. If using companions, make sure there's at le
  5. Supernova is the baseline design for this game. It's not difficult. Normal mode is easy/beginner. It even says it's good for learning the game. Food and water is readily available, so not actually a big deal. Yes you should be choosing from the very beginning because that's where you're setting up your man attribute stats that cannot be respeced. This especially goes for deciding to play solo or with companions. If you're going companions, it's a good idea to make sure your Inspiration and Determination are even. And make sure to keep them up.
  6. Water = sugar drinks and caffeine drinks. So no there is no game breaking lack of water.
  7. Supernova is very obviously the baseline design for this game. Therefore, the actual normal difficulty setting. The current "normal mode" is a beginner mode, therefore, the actual easy setting. There is no real hard mode in this game for more advanced users. I've actually seen reviewers claiming this game is way too easy. Yet it's because they're playing on a beginner setting labeled as "normal mode". If a game was only allowed to release with one single mode, the design of that single mode is what the normal baseline difficulty for the game should be. There should be a legitimate danger
  8. First, I'll explain. There are two categories for companion point distribution. Put points into Inspiration to improve offense. Put points into Determination to improve defense. Yet the 40pt bonus on the offense side is armor (defensive bonus). The 40pt bonus on the defense side is crit damage (offensive bonus). This makes things quite difficult in regards to point distribution. There are many examples. But one being a playthrough in which was 3 points away from 40 Determination with 7 away from 40 Inspiration. Would like to have just added 3 points for the armor bonus. Since that is wha
  9. As far as I can tell, this game uses up to three autosaves, and overwrites the oldest one whenever a new one is made. I have been playing this game almost two weeks, and this happens every single time. If I delete one or two autosaves, any new autosaves will overwrite the current existing ones. Rather than create new ones. For some reason, it eventually reverts back to doing it correctly. I don't know if that reason is restarting the game. So I'm not sure how it goes away. But it will happen for certain simply by deleting one or two of the three autosaves. Thanks!
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