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  1. Nah, I carry those bison around all the time. They've never slowed me down before.
  2. I've been exhausted for the past few weeks and I'm not sure why.
  3. Your ideas aren't backed by any facts. You give an idea and put unrelated statements behind it as your proof.
  4. I signed up to take the SAT today.
  5. I've been listening to a buch of my music and I have decided that the music of my generation sucks. The 70's to the early 90's definitly had the best music.
  6. I found out that a friend of mine is going to need a heart transplant at some point.
  7. Yes, pictures of pretty buildings make everything ok.
  8. We're getting some good rain here. Rain is the part of the Pacific Northwest.
  9. That must have been some snow angel. Oh, you have no idea.
  10. I'm on spring break this week and I'm very bored. If I can't find something to do, this will be a very long week.
  11. I've returned home from my nerd contest. I had a lot of fun and made a snow angel which left me wet for the rest of the trip home.
  12. Well, I'm in Spokane, Washington today. We had an...interesting night in the hotel tonight.
  13. I signed up for my classes. Got a few AP classes but the stupid graduation requirements are forcing me to take an art class and a physical education, so I couldn't take everything I wanted.
  14. I'm preparing for my trip across the state with my nerd friends. Also, I'm playing the new pokemon game.
  15. Hey, we don't get taught how to think, why should Texas?
  16. You don't seriously believe either of them make any kind of sense, do you?
  17. I watched a couple of older movies for the first time. Fargo and Wall Street. I liked them both.
  18. Michael Thorton is pretty major character. Can you kill him?
  19. You do know that's not how people think right?
  20. We drove across the state today to see how our property over there was doing.
  21. I was at the golf course today and I was wondering if a live tree can grow out of another dead tree.
  22. Played a round of golf. I'm still not even remotely good, but I improved. I cut 8 strokes off my last score.
  23. I'd copmpleetly forgotten about storm of zehir. You should let me knwo when you'll be playing, and I can taunt you live. Just about any time after 5:30 (Pacific Time), because after that I have nothing to do.
  24. I decided to pick up Storm of Zehir so I'll try that for a little while.
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