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  1. Look like this is an issue for many of us: so many posts everywhere saying love the game but can't read the subtitles.
  2. Without thinking I’ve used on to open a door So now there’s a fat juicy locked safe I can’t get into. Anyone know if there’s a 4th keycard?
  3. I thought I'd check as it made no sense to me that it wouldn't. Thanks for confirming
  4. I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that doing this had no effect on companions’ performance. Is that right? Have I been wasting mods and bits on their gear? Googling has only got me more confused
  5. BAT FILE FIX WORKED FOR ME: I couldn’t find the saved file anywhere – spent hours looking through my C and D drives. Uninstalled, re-installed til my eyes bled I am sooo non-techy, and had no idea what to do with this https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds#Game_data So, seeing several people had success with the .bat file thing, I did this: I reinstalled making sure the game went into the Epic Games folder (no idea if that helped). Then I took a HUGE leap of faith and went to Point 11, Bat File Saved Game Folder and followed OPTION 2. I just downloaded, double clicked – done. Launched my game and OMG I could Save and Load finally!! I’m not recommending anything, I don’t know enough to do that, I’m just reporting what worked for me after days of frustrating struggles.
  6. As Navaar says, unlikely there will/can be a fix from Obsidian. It def looks like a registry issue. I have posted my experience separately below.
  7. I THINK this worked for me too, but have tried so many things I've lost track lol. SO SO relieved I can now finally play
  8. WHY IS THIS MARKED AS SOLVED? It is not solved by a long shot; there are still some us us without autosave and save.
  9. Frankly, I think this is a right mess up. Looking at all the different fixes we players have tried, and the broad variety of the ones that worked, tells me we have paid £45 for a game that can’t even install itself correctly. And not one word on their own forums from the Obsidian devs to acknowledge they are trying to fix it. To those of us who are not that techy and unable to understand half of the fixes suggested here, just a one line reassurance from Obsidian that they are working on it would help lessen my frustration. That “Try Not To Break It” dig has now probably got Bethesda rofl.
  10. Tried the same but it didn't help in my case. Glad you got yours working though.
  11. Have they acknowledged that they are working on it? How will we know when it is fixed? Many thanks.
  12. I'm playing on Easy (Story) mode for now. On PC using xbox controller. Save (and Load) not working. Save is greyed out, and when I went back to my game Load gave me a blank screen so there was not even an auto save to select and I had to start again. Please can someone help?
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