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  1. The answer to ONE of those is a yes. The rest are no's. LET THE SPECULATION BEGIN! EDIT: One of them is also a maybe.
  2. Did I miss where we even announced we had a "Project Virginia"? I'm sure funcroc has a link for me to see, right?
  3. I watched some of that stream. He missed out on a lot of stuff by just slaughtering everybody. Plus he maxed out stealth early so he could just slit everyone's throats he came across. This is also why he died every time someone pulled a gun on him, so be careful. In fact, he got his ass handed to him quite a few times by Brayko I hope you guys enjoy the game as much as we do. I'm currently playing through Saudi Arabia on my current play through, and will hopefully get to Moscow as soon as my workload quiets down a little
  4. We did our best to make sure the DRM was an non-intrusive as possible, but we don't have a lot of say in the matter (as has already been said). I've always been a big fan of open source, and I think the things I spend my money on should be mine to do what I want with (game consoles to mod, games to make my own backups up to preserve the disk etc) however I also feel that unless you're planning on doing something that Obsidian and SEGA isn't going to like in the first place, you don't have anything to worry about with most DRM*. It's sad really. There's nothing we can do to prevent peo
  5. And let me add the HOLY CRAP FUNCROC HAS OFFERED AN OPINION. I know you guys are as shocked as I am.
  6. Your grade point average doesn't really matter. If you have a 4.0, but are hard to get along with, you wont' get hired. You could have a 4.0 and still not understand what makes a good story (and you wouldn't get hired). What matters is basic knowledge, passion, drive and personality. Don't spend all your time locked in a room doing your homework and then your nights going out to a bar to kill the things you just learned (I saw too many friends fall into this trap). Sure game development sounds like a good time. But it's a lot of work. It's easy to SAY you want to be a game developer, b
  7. Thank you for actually offering your ideas and complains in a constructive fashion. I get very annoyed with people (in general) who like to just go on rants for no reason and rip someone's hard work apart without offering any good solutions. Not all problems have solutions and it's hard for a company to not have it's share of problems. I like to think we here are very aware of the problems and limitations of our past, present and future games and we are working very hard to find solutions. From the inside perspective, I really do think the OEI is very committed to making top notch orig
  8. We have 3 teams, 3 games. When SoZ ships I assume they'll give me something to work on At least I hope I still have a job!! Oh man, but I hope it's Diablo III! I'd love to work on that game!
  9. Make sure the school teaches C++ (not sure if this has already been covered). I went to Indiana University. There are some amazing teachers there (Sabry, Mills, Rawlins to name a few) but they're all teaching their classes (circa 2005ish) in Java, Scheme and maybe Python (recent addition). In fact, I got to my 400 level graphics class (in OpenGL) and the first day the teacher said "I'm going to assume you all know C++ and C so we'll just jump into OpenGL", when in fact they had never even suggested C/C++ until the 400 level. I ended up teaching myself, and thanks to their strong
  10. Haha I don't just toss around my signature like it's nothing!
  11. If I can make a suggestion? Make it like the letters A and P are middle of epic fight of awesome propotions. The A letter would be dualwielding ninjas dualwielding katanas and the letter P would be dualwielding robots dualwielding rocket launchers. It would be Epic. /signed.
  12. The ALPHA PROTOCOL logo hasn't been finalized, so we're waiting until we have something nice and pretty to put up there. (I asked around the office a while back) No worries, friends! You know what we're making! (Well, most of it )
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