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  1. Hi! Our event was held on November 9th-10th this year where we were able to raise over $10,000 for the Children's Hospital of Orange County between our internal charity auction and from donations given during the stream from viewers. It was a very good year, and we'll absolutely be doing it again next year. You can watch this year's stream as a VOD on our Twitch channel.
  2. Hi all! I made some edits to the post to better organize it and be more clear on what issues were fixed with this patch. There is just a hotfix patch and we do have another one coming, so if you have issues that are here and they haven't been reported yet, please let us know. If your issues have already been reported, we'll have a list of what to expect in the next patch out to you all as soon as we nail down everything that will be going in. We appreciate you patience and hope you enjoy the game!
  3. Hi everyone! Today during the Inside Xbox Showcase during X019 we announced our brand new game, Grounded. A passion game being worked on by a small team hear at Obsidian. The world of Grounded is a vast, beautiful, and dangerous place, especially when you have been shrunken to the size of an ant. Explore, build, and survive together in this first person, multiplayer, survival-rpg. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to endure the hardships of the backyard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4B5iOh1mB8 To help give you more information on Grounded, we wanted to share articles that have been written about a game from press who were able to come to the studio and see it prior to the unveiling at X0. This is a game that we're looking forward to building with your input when we come first to the Xbox Insider program and then later to Game Preview and Game Pass early next year. Now on to the articles! Destructoid https://www.destructoid.com/following-the-fantastic-outer-worlds-obsidian-s-next-game-is-grounded-572419.phtml Eurogamer https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-11-13-obsidians-first-microsoft-owned-game-is-basically-honey-i-shrunk-the-kids Game Informer https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/11/14/obsidian-announces-microscale-survival-game-grounded GamesRadar+ https://www.gamesradar.com/obsidian-grounded-new-xbox-one-exclusive-interview/ Gamespot https://www.gamespot.com/articles/obsidians-grounded-is-honey-i-shrunk-the-kids-meet/1100-6471448/ IGN https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/14/obsidians-grounded-preview-reveal-early-access-first-look https://www.ign.com/videos/2019/11/14/obsidians-grounded-first-impressions Kotaku https://kotaku.com/obsidian-s-next-game-is-a-survival-adventure-where-your-1839858401 Metro.uk https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/14/hands-xbox-one-exclusive-grounded-unveiled-outer-worlds-dev-obsidian-x019-11148003/ MMORPG https://www.mmorpg.com/interviews/grounded-an-interview-with-obsidians-senior-programmer-roby-atadero-1000014116 PC Gamer https://www.pcgamer.com/au/in-grounded-an-adorable-survival-game-from-obsidian-youre-a-shrunken-kid-in-a-giant-backyard/ https://www.pcgamer.com/how-rpg-studio-obsidian-ended-up-making-a-survival-game/ PCGamesN https://www.pcgamesn.com/grounded/x019-announced?amp Polygon https://www.polygon.com/2019/11/14/20964726/obsidian-entertainment-grounded-announcement-release-date-xbox-one-x019 RPG Site https://www.rpgsite.net/interview/9171-grounded-preview-and-interview-with-senior-programmer-roby-atadero USGamer https://www.usgamer.net/articles/grounded-preview-impressions-obsidian?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter The Verge https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/14/20964550/obsidian-grounded-survival-game-microsoft-xbox-xo19 But that's not all! We just put up our new Grounded website. Over the next few months, make sure to check this site out for blog posts from the team and get insight into how Grounded is going to be built. Congrats to the Grounded team for their big announcement today!
  4. Greetings, Watchers, It's the 1 year anniversary since the launch of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! We here at Obsidian can't thank you enough for the support and feedback you have given the game since the Fig campaign launched two years ago. Now we're here, a year out from the release of Pillars II, and have one final patch for you all. The time has come for the launch of Update 5.0 for Deadfire! This patch brings some new features and bug fixes to Pillars II and our own Design Director, Josh Sawyer, has made a video to let you know what you can expect from the update. Patch 5.0 Highlights There are a host of bug fixes in the 5.0 update that you can read on our forums, but here are some of the highlights for you: New Ship UI An update to the UI has been implemented that will come up any time you engage with a ship on the seas that brings a more elegant way to perform ship-to-ship encounters. Turn-Based Mode Out of Beta Thanks to feedback from the community, we have made a lot of changes to turn-based mode to account for bugs and balance fixes and it is now in full release with the 5.0 patch. New Story Content Added After listening to feedback on the critical path of the game when it came to reactivity with Woedica and Eothas, so we’ve decided to go in and write new lines and get them recorded by the original actors to add more to that aspect of the game. Anarchist Path Adjustments Some critical path items have been moved out of Neketaka to other locations in the Deadfire to address the difficulty and length that the game had if choosing to not side with a faction at Ondra’s Mortar. The Ultimate The final God Challenge will be live with the 5.0 patch. This challenge, “The Ultimate” will turn on all other God Challenges, Trial of Iron, Path of the Damned, and Solo mode. The Ultimate Challenge In addition to the above changes, Patch 5.0 also introduces the Ultimate Challenge for Deadfire. The challenge is not for the faint of heart, and only the most devoted and erudite of our players stand even a chance in this challenge, but the first twelve players to triumph will be immortalized in Obsidian's studio lobby for all to see. The first twelve Watchers to succeed at the challenge will get their names and their Watchers' names, classes, and levels upon our Deadfire Ultimate Challenge plaque hanging in our lobby. And yes, that means that everyone who comes through our studio will bear witness to the glory of your triumph. Not only that, but the first 50 players who complete the challenge will get a very special patch that not only celebrates your achievement wherever you wish to flex it, but also has Josh's face on it to let the world know you have his approval. The Ultimate Challenge Submission Guidelines and Terms In order to streamline the review and vetting process, please read the following submission guidelines and terms: Cheating, including save-scumming, use of third-party tools or mods, and/or doing anything in a manner contrary to the spirit of the challenge is prohibited. Console commands that do not require the "iroll20s" command be enabled are allowed. Submissions must include a video of the entirety of your run and a save file of the run completed. We reserve the right to disqualify a submission without notice or explanation. If you have completed the challenge and wish to send it in for review and judgment, please send the following evidence to theultimate@obsidian.net: We require full video evidence of your run - acceptable forms of video include: YouTube playlist links, or direct download links via Dropbox. We also require the save game file with the completed challenge. Pillars Pen and Paper Josh has updated the Pillars of Eternity Pen and Paper ruleset and had it playtested with an intrepid band of merry developers - he is now pleased to release it to the general public for play and feedback. You can download it from the front page of eternity.obsidian.net later today. We will also be pushing it live to your backer portals and, for those who have it, game libraries as well. Thank you again for your continued support! If you have any issues with the game, contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey. Cheers, The Deadfire team Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  5. Hi everyone! We’re very glad to announce The Outer Worlds today! This single-player RPG from the minds of Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky will be arriving on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC thanks to our fantastic partners at Private Division, in 2019. As is the tradition here when one of our titles is announced, feel free to use this forum to speculate about the game and share ideas. Have fun!
  6. Hi, all! We're very excited to be able to announce that we are joining the Microsoft family. This is something that is huge for us and we can't express what this will mean for us and our games going forward. While we will be able to get more information out to you in the coming days, we wanted to share this video we did that may answer some of your questions now.
  7. As long as an area has not been loaded into before, the difficulty changes for PotD will be available on any playthrough. If an area has been loaded, then a new playthrough will need to be started
  8. Greetings, Watchers, We hope you've been enjoying the Crucible of Kazuwari! In this Backer update, we're going to check out what's new in Deadfire's new Patch 3.1 that is available today! Update 3.1 The patch is live! Some of the highlights of Update 3.1 include: UI Simplifications Ship UI will now be hidden until you can access your ship More options for auto-hiding elements of the HUD Spell ShapingAvailable for Wizard, Druid, Priest, and Chanter classes; this passive ability allows spell casters to adjust the radius of certain AoE spells to increase the power level or area that the spell can reach Magran's Fire Difficulty AdditionsAll Challenges can now be done on any difficulty in the game! Play through with new challenges for a new, interesting game experience New Berath's Blessings ...Can I Pet Him Anyway?The time has come, friends... Edér can now equip a pet Infamous PastGain the Infamous Captain passive ability and live the life of someone who has survived a mutiny Premade CharactersCharacters can now be imported to use on various playthroughs through Deadfire. Characters can be chosen in character creation, or by visiting taverns and recruiting them as Adventurers New Challenges Berath's Blessings isn't the only thing to get some additions in this patch. Two new challenges have been added with the 3.1 update. Hylea - Vela is rather attached to the Watcher and won't leave your side, the poor thing, so it's up to you to protect her. If you don't, the game ends! Rymrgand - Food will start to expire! Foods like hard tack will expire more slowly, but you should still stay vigilant and ensure a supply of fresh food! A New Mega Boss A new Mega Boss can now be challenged! This colossal Ooze is prepared to face some of the strongest teams that dare brave it! Can you discover it's location and take on this fierce enemy? Shacknews Feature For the past few months, Shacknews editor, David L. Craddock, has been interviewing various people past and present associated with both the Infinity Engine games and Pillars of Eternity. From a deep dive into the world of isometric RPG's, Beneath a Starless Sky explores the events that would lead up to Obsidian's foundation and the journey that culminated in the release of Deadfire. Check it out! Additionally, Shacknews also published a backstage view of Obsidian before the launch of Deadfire as a part of their inaugural episode in their new "24 'Til Launch" series. Take a look to see some familiar faces you may not have seen in a while. Physical Backer Rewards Update For our physical backers we want to thank you all again for your patience and for having supported Deadfire. All of the backer goods have been shipped out at this point and we have loved seeing you post your items up on social media. We're still addressing those who have had issues with their shipments and we'll continue to answer tickets and make sure you get what you need. If you have any requests or questions, so please feel free to contact us. Extra Life Marathon On November 10th through 11th, we'll be hosting our 4th annual Extra Life Charity Marathon to help benefit the Children's Hospital of Orange County. It will be a weekend of fun and games, with special guests coming by to help raise money "for the chids." Among our very special guests and events that we'll be having that weekend, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky will be joining us on Sunday morning at 8:00 AM Pacific to play and discuss Fallout 1! Be sure to hang out with us on the Obsidian Twitch channel over that weekend and help us raise money for a great cause. Current Timeline Thank you again for your continued support! If you have any issues with the game, contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey. Cheers, The Deadfire team Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or here on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  9. Greetings, Watchers, Our newest DLC, Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, and Patch 3.0 are available today! In Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, Watchers will not only be able to tackle combat that challenges that test their penchant for destruction, puzzle-solving skills, and resource-management in the face of waves of foes, but also track down the mysterious malady that is plaguing the island of Kazuwari - and discover the island's ruthless purpose. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Launch Prove your worth in the crucible of Kazuwari, where the arena's masters and their worshipers exalt the victorious and delight in the blood forfeited by the defeated. Something corrupts the spirits that dwell in the very stones of the crucible, and only you can uncover its secrets. In this new DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire: Seek glory, treasure, and truth in an arena designed to test the mettle of you and your party. Slay your way through the most challenging foes you have ever faced, both past and present. Survive the trials and whims of the spirits and their worshipers to prove you stand above even the greatest the Deadfire has to offer. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor is now available on Steam, GOG, and Origin, with Mac versions coming soon. Patch 3.0 New Berath's Blessings! New Magran's Fire challenge modes! A new mega-boss! There's a lot of new in Patch 3.0, and we can't wait for the community to experience all we have to offer. Check out some of the highlights below: New Magran's Fires Challenges Eothas' Challenge - Players must complete the game in a certain amount of time Galawain's Challenge - Beasts have random buffs set throughout the game. New Berath's Blessings Loaded Pockets - NPC pockets are filled with more and rarer items for those Watchers who have sticky fingers. Legendary Crew - Three veteran sailors from the Kraken's Eye tavern are willing to cut you a great deal. Hire these experienced sailors for cheap! Discount Craftsman - Crafting and enchanting costs are reduced! Mythical Discovery - The Watcher's starting armoire has a Mythical Adra Stone that can upgrade any one legendary quality item to Mythic! Spider Queen Megaboss - Belranga has arrived and if the feedback by our beta testers is any proof, she's as terrifying as we were hoping she would be. Hunt her down now to find some...mouth-watering rewards And these are but a few of the giant patch that is 3.0! Check out our full 3.0 Patch notes, or go see the changes live in-game now! Scrimish: Pillars of Eternity II Pack In case you didn't know, we partnered with Nexci back in 2017 to crowdfund a Pillars of Eternity II version of their Scrimish card game. Protect your companion in this strategic card game while hunting down your opposing player's companion in this 10-minute battle of wits and misdirection! If you missed out on its Kickstarter run, fret not, for you can check it out on Amazon. Physical Rewards Update We've confirmed that almost all backer rewards have been sent out, save for a few stragglers - check out our support page with the latest news on physical rewards, or send us an email at support@obsidian.net if you have any questions. Please also whitelist or check your spam filter for support@vsevil.net if you're in the Americas or Oceania and help@shipnaked.com if you're outside of those areas and have yet to receive your rewards and are looking for email notifications. If you've received damaged items, don't worry, we'll make sure you get your rewards in one piece. Community Corner The community spoke, and our developers answered! After the showcase of our last community item in Update #53, we released two more community-voted items below: Shroud of the Phantasm Hidden away in Berkana's Laboratory is the Shroud of the Phantasm! Nebula, the Astral Bat It seems the community thought poor Cosmo the Space Pig could use a friend, so Nebula, the Astral Bat, is now available in-game! Careful when keeping this capricious bat around, however - it might be a pet, but it won't always decide to help you! Versus Evil Sale Our publisher, Versus Evil, is having a sale! In addition to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire being on sale (tell your friends!), be sure to check out the Versus Evil Steam store page to get deals on their other published games, including games from the Banner Saga series, Guild of Dungeoneering, and more! Thank you again for your continued support! If you have any issues with the game, contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey. Cheers, The Deadfire team Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  10. Greetings, Watchers, We hope that those of you who have journeyed to Harbingers' Watch have enjoyed your stay (and according to the Steam reviews, you have!), but there is still plenty more to come in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. In the timeline that we shared with you in Update 53, you may have noticed that this month will see the release of Abydon and Skaen's God Challenges. Take a look below for descriptions of those challenges, what's new in Hotfix Patch 2.0.1, and a sneak peek of what's to come! Challenge Yourself Abydon - The god of the forge is ready to challenge you with forged items you carry. The more you use weapons and armor, the more they will wear down and become "Damaged". This modifier will make them progressively worse and eventually destroy them unless the mods are removed through Enchantments. Choose the items you will wear into battle wisely! Skaen - With Skaen's challenge, when indoors or at night, fog of war encroaches more. Torches and lanterns can partially offset the additional fog of war, but only a little. We look forward to seeing what you talented Watchers are able to do with these challenges enabled. Remember, if you're streaming these challenges, let us know by tagging us on Twitter so we can go and hang out with you! That's One Mega Boss Next month we'll be bringing our first Mega Boss to Deadfire. As we've said in some interviews recently, the Mega Bosses are end game challenges that you can take on in the Deadfire and are meant to test your party's mettle. These fights are meant to be for high level parties, so don't expect to be able to tackle them right when you get the Defiant out on the seas of the archipelago. We'll have more information on who the first Mega Boss will be in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Patch 2.0.1 Today we've released a patch that fixes some of the bigger issues some players have had since the launch of "Beast of Winter." Our forums have the full patch notes, but some of the highlights are: Retrained party members will no longer gain Knock Down, Constant Recovery, Battle Axe Proficiency, or Mace Proficiency when they should not. The autosave feature works as intended after jumping into the pit in the Beast of Winter DLC and allows for progression. Party members will no longer disappear near the portal in Sunken Crown. Party members stay together when using the portal in Sunken Crown when it's flooded. As always, we want to continue to work with you all to help make Deadfire an even better game. If there are issues you come across, let us know through our Support Portal and here on our forums. We'll assist you as soon as we can! Lastest Interviews Executive Producer and Lead Programmer, Adam Brennecke, was on the air to talk about Deadfire and what's to come in future patches. Check out his insights on the Origin PC Live show a couple of weeks ago. He also had the chance to talk to the crew of Don't Hate the Geek, who was awesome enough to relay some questions from the community! Enjoy the interviews and be we'll be sure to share others in the future! Developer Insights In our latest stream on our Twitch channel, Pillars of Eternity Programmer, Brian Macintosh, joined Community Manager, Aarik Dorobiala, to highlight some of the mods that the awesome Deadfire modding community has put together. During the stream we showed off: Enhanced User Interface by Spherikal and Xaratas Panther Animal Companion by SilentRage99 More Priest Subclasses by NocturnalTrance Unity Console for POE2 by TheHologram All of the mods shown can be downloaded from the Nexus through their links above. To find more Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire mods, head over to the Nexus and see what the community has been putting together! As always, if you subscribe to our channel on Twitch, you get access to emotes that you can then use across all of Twitch. All money we receive from Twitch subscriptions and cheers goes to benefit the Children's Hospital of Orange County. You can also donate to our Extra Life team and help raise money for the children's hospital that way. We'll be doing a marathon stream in November where we'll have an entire weekend of games and special guests while raising money for a great cause, so be sure to join us then as well. Do it "For the chids!" Physical Backer Rewards Update It's been an incredible relief to hear that some backers have received tracking information for their shipments, or, better yet, the rewards themselves! For those of you who haven't and have any questions, check out our support page with the latest news on physical rewards, or send us an email at support@obsidian.net. Please also whitelist support@vsevil.net if you're in the Americas or Oceania and have yet to receive your rewards or check your spam folder for an email containing tracking information! Community Spotlight The fan art we've been getting from all of you has been so great to see. Thank you to everyone who has contributed fan art for the past few updates. We also want to let you know that the community page on eternity.obsidian.net now displays fan art that we see come up on Twitter (with proper credit to the artist). Be sure to head to the page and see if your art made it up there! If you have art that you'd like to see shared in these updates, be sure to send us an email at fanart@obsidian.net! By: Dokusama By: ArtMamoon By: Trans_osaurus By: PristinePastel By: Sorael_A Current Timeline Thank you again for your continued support! If you have any issues with the game, contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey. Cheers, The Deadfire team Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or here on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  11. People who pledged at the CE tier got a complimentary key on top of the one that was included with their reward tier. So I pledged an extra 20$ for nothing? xD Or you can reach out to us through support and we'll give you a refund for the $20.
  12. Hail, Duskspeakers. Welcome back to another Backer Update, and rejoice! We've launched three major pieces of content today, including our first major DLC - "Beast of Winter". Check out the trailer below: Of course, none of this would have been possible without our incredible DLC team, which will continue to push new boundaries for players in "Beast of Winter" and other upcoming DLC's. We interrupted their busy lives for a few moments to catch a glimpse of what it means to work on Deadfire's DLC in our newest Update video below, so take a look! See what Rymrgand's Harbingers have in store for you on Steam, Gog, or Origin. Patch 2.0 Alongside "Beast of Winter", Deadfire itself has an update today. Those of our community who have made Path of the Damned bow to their prowess may want to look for the secret menu in our main menu to access Magran's Fires, or the challenge modes we've implemented into the game. While we've officially brought back Triple Crown and Solo modes, we've also included two new modes named after Magran and Berath, respectively. Starting a game with any of these challenges will automatically put you in Path of the Damned with all cheats and mods disabled and with level scaling only going upwards. Triple Crown mode activates both Trial of Iron and Expert modes simultaneously - which, in turn, means that players will get no helper features and only one save... which is deleted if you die. Solo mode prevents any recruitment of party members. That means no companions, no sidekicks, and no adventurers! Magran's Challenge prevents players from pausing or slowing down the game - though you can, of course, increase the speed at your own risk. Berath's Challenge prevents players from fleeing combat and will kill any party member that is Knocked Out for six seconds. Remember, Watchers can mix and match any of these challenges as they see fit, and we look forward to the ingenuity and resourcefulness that we've come to expect from our community. If you stream these challenges, let us know by tagging us on Twitter so we can have the team hop in and watch, and get you showcased on the Community Page of our website! If you want to see the full patch notes for the 2.0 release of Deadfire, you can find them on our forums. The Deck of Many Things "The Deck of Many Things" free DLC is here! Many of the countless fantastic stories shared by sailors across the Deadfire include an ancient merchant ship of strange construction, filled to the brim with treasure and relics of ages past. While its crew never stays the same in these stories, the Deck of Many Things is always willing to trade its wonders away and equally willing to crush the pirates that dare try to steal from it. Check out this free DLC for a chance to seek out this legendary ship and gain access to its many treasures through trade - or attempt to take them by force! Developer Insights In our most recent stream, "Beast of Winter" Game Director, Brandon Adler, and Lead Producer, Alec Frey, showed off more of the "Beast of Winter" DLC as well as some new features coming with Patch 2.0. We also got to see mods in action as QA Tester, Andy Artz, showed off his "Producer Mod" to great effect. Be sure to check out the video for fun insights on the development of "Beast of Winter". As always, if you subscribe to our channel on Twitch, you get access to emotes that you can then use across all of Twitch. All money we receive from Twitch subscriptions and cheers goes to benefit the Children's Hospital of Orange County. You can also donate to our Extra Life team and help raise money for the children's hospital that way. We'll be doing a marathon stream in November where we'll have an entire weekend of games and special guests while raising money for a great cause, so be sure to join us then as well. Do it "For the chids!" Conventions Going to Gamescom this year? Keep an eye out for Game Directors, Josh Sawyer and Brandon Adler, who will be on the show floor showing off Deadfire and talking to press. We'll also be doing a panel at PAX West this year on September 2nd! We'll be discussing how we bring characters from conception, to in-game for "Beast of Winter" and will be taking questions from the audience. The theater is open to anyone at the convention and will be streamed, so come by, hear from members of the "Beast of Winter" team, ask us questions, and hang out with us afterwards for a bit! Creating Vox Machina Our friends over at Critical Role recently did a live stream from their new Twitch channel where Matthew Mercer showed off how to create Vox Machina in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. If you missed the live stream, the video is now up on their YouTube channel so you can watch it any time. As an added bonus, they also released a fun commercial for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and Critical Role that we can't get enough of! If you're so inclined to take a leaf out of Matthew Mercer's book and create a party of Vox Machina for yourself, the "Critical Role" DLC pack is available on Steam, GOG, Origin, and Macplay! Physical Backer Rewards Updates As we posted on our forum, we sincerely apologize for the lack of updates over the past few weeks - without your interest and faith in us, Deadfire could never have become what it is today and you deserve better from us. We wanted to have firmer dates to communicate with you before our newest update, but we realize now that the lack of communication was worse than the lack of firm dates. With that, we need and must do a better job updating all of you on what's going on. With regards to current status, for those of you in North America, South America, and Oceania, our Ohio distributor has confirmed that they are sending shipments out starting early next week. Unfortunately, our fulfillment center for the rest of the world let us know recently, that they can no longer handle fulfilling for us and we're working on an agreement with a promising vendor in the coming days, with expediency in mind. Going forward, every Monday (and more often as news arrives), we will update this support thread with the latest information we have. If you're ever curious about what is going on, we will update this page with the latest status. Thank you most sincerely again for your patience and we promise to do a better job of keeping all of you updated. Community Corner The community has voted and your weapon is in the game! There is a new hunting bow available for purchase in Henric's shop in Port Maje. Beware, however - the animancer that created this bow may not have fully understood what they were doing and results may...vary. Mod Highlights In case you missed it, our own Andy Artz created a mod to show off the capabilities of modding Deadfire. The Producer's Sword was debuted during our stream last week, and can be found up on the Nexus. The Bloody Blossom, a modded pollaxe that was also used during the stream, was modded by Mortimermcmire and can also be found at Nexus Mods. Current Timeline Curious to know what's in store for Deadfire for the rest of the year? Check out our timeline above! In addition to the DLC's that we have planned after "Beast of Winter" and the God Challenges to come with them, keep an eye out for more news about the Mega Bosses that will be placed into the game. These giant monsters and constructs will be sure to add new challenges and rewards to your runs, should you decide to confront them. Thank you again for your continued support! If you have any issues with the game, contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey. Cheers, The Deadfire team Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, here on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  13. Greetings, Watchers! We hope you've been enjoying the new features and challenges presented by Patch 1.1, released on June 7th. Thanks to our community's continued support and feedback, we've made some slight adjustments and fixes in our newest update, Patch 1.1.1, and have released our fourth free DLC - the "Scalawags Pack", both released today. Head to the forum post for the full list of Patch 1.1.1 fixes. The "Scalawags Pack" introduces new and additional crew members, including a rowdy Wood Elf cook named Haema, a rather professional Orlan navigator named Coreto, and a familiar Aumauan merchant named Ponamu Bird-Scorned. Haema, Coreto, and Ponamu Bird-Scorned can be found and recruited in Port Maje, Crookspur, and Tikawara, respectively. In addition to the new members you can add to your lovable gang of misfits, the pack also includes new ship upgrades in the form of a living steel anchor made by animancers, a lantern that illuminates your way through the lesser flame blight trapped inside, bright sails made of palm fronds, a monstrous steering wheel made from parts of a Vine Lurker, and a short-range flamethrower to spew Magran's fire at your enemies! And just in case your crew forgets who their captain is, make sure they know who runs their ship with the Savage personality setting that you can set for your Watcher at any time as of our last patch. Coming in July As always, the team welcomes your feedback and discussions about the game, and we haven't veered away from our continued commitment to support Deadfire with ongoing feature updates, fixes, and quality of life improvements to make your every adventure in the Deadfire Archipelago the absolute best it can be. July will bring with it a bevy of new features, including the oft-requested stash improvements and in-game mod support, through Patch 1.2. As a sneak peek into 1.2, we want to share with you our planned relationship tracking feature, which shows players a history of the choices they made that affected their relationships with particular companions or factions! Additionally, our first expansive DLC, titled "The Beast of Winter", will be released in late July! We can't wait to share in the mysteries and stories that await you in this lore-filled adventure, so be sure to check back regularly to see what we and Rymrgand have in store for you in the weeks to come. Summer Sale Steam's summer sale is upon us and Deadfire is getting a discount! If you or someone you know hasn't yet gotten a copy of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, the discount is live now through July 5th. E3 2018 If you're looking for more Deadfire insights to sink your teeth into in the meantime, Executive Producer, Adam Brennecke, and Lead Producer, Justin Britch, were at E3 to give their thoughts about Deadfire and where it's headed to next. You can check out their interviews with Shacknews and PCGamesN, respectively, below: Designer Insights If you ask Design Director, Josh Sawyer, a question about game design, we can't promise he won't write a small thesis in return. Check out his blog post detailing the conversation editor used in both Pillars games that has been in development and use by Obsidian for years. Warning: this post may contain some Deadfire spoilers. Backer Rewards Our rewards are at last at a stage where they can start being sent out, so keep an eye out for notification emails and tracking information over the next couple weeks as our distribution houses begin sending out the first batch of rewards. We apologize again for the delay, and we can't wait for all of our backers to finally get their hands on the physical items they deserve. Community Corner We've said it once, and we'll say it forever - we love the passion and creativity we see from our community. It's because of this that we're proud to introduce our all new community page on the Pillars site! Right now you'll be able to see who is streaming the game on Twitch as well as links to threads on the forums. Eventually, this will also hold fan art that you've created and shared with us on Twitter. We also wanted to start highlighting some of what you all have already done here in the Backer Updates. This will range from mod highlights, to fan art, to cosplay. So beginning this month, it is our honor to share with you some of the incredible fan art that we've received for Deadfire. Artist: Gauntletto Artist: ArtMamoon Artist: smalltwnvampire Artist: Zaldwhen Artist: Ssapiesplayground Thank you again for your continued support. We love hearing from you, and these fixes could not have come without love from our community. If you have any issues, contact us at our support portal to help you on your journey. Cheers, The Deadfire Team The Scalawags Pack is available now on Steam, GOG.com, and Origin, and soon on the Mac App Store pending approval from Apple. Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, here on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  14. We're definitely still working on a solution for this and really do hope to have something soon!
  15. Greetings, captains, Thanks to the ardent support and helpful feedback from the community, the team here at Obsidian is pleased to present Patch 1.1, which is one of the many major patches we have in store for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! As always, here's Pillars II Design Director, Josh Sawyer, to give you the rundown on what awaits you in the Deadfire Archipelago: As Josh mentioned, the 1.1 patch brings along a host of new features to Deadfire that we're excited for you to check out! You can check out the full patch notes here, or take a look at the highlights below. New Features Intro Skip Added There is now a Start & Skip Intro button that brings the player directly to the second level of the game. This feature becomes available after you have played through the intro once, or loaded a save (after getting the update). Veteran & PotD Balance Improvements Armor and Penetration now scale up on PotD. Many encounters have had units swapped out for tougher versions. Some encounters have had units added or set to ambush the party during the encounter. AI Support and Updates All Conditionals have now been categorized in the Custom AI menu. The AI Toggle button on the ability bar now supports cycling through: Attacking while using Abilities, Attacking while not using Abilities, and Not using AI. The following actions can now be conditionalized in Custom AI: Using Consumable quick slot items, Activating Modals, Switching Weapon Sets, and Basic Weapon Attacking. Ship ResupplyA new "Refill Ship Supplies" button can now be used to conveniently purchase ship supplies from any storefront that sells Medical Supplies, Cannon Shot, and Repair Supplies. World Map Legend AddedA new Map Legend has been added that allows all icons on the World Map to be filtered by category. Character Appearance Improvements Character Appearance can now be changed in-game via the Appearance button on the Inventory screen (Player and adventurers only). Character Hairstyles are now rendered naturally with some Hats. Eye Color customization has been added. Graphics Options ExpandedNew Toggles have been added to the Graphics menu to enable/disable certain visual features. News Feed UpdatedThe News Feed on the Main Menu has been revamped to include links to the latest articles, DLC, and social media. Today also sees the release of the next free DLC! The Beard and Hair Pack is available now on Steam, GOG.com, and Origin, and on the Mac App Store pending approval from Apple. We're not stopping there, though - keep an eye out for another free DLC full of more ship crew members and ship upgrades in store for you in a couple weeks, and even more content and polish to follow. We love hearing from you, and these fixes could not have come without love from our community. If you have any issues, contact us at our support portal to help you on your journey. Physical Backers For those who backed Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire at a physical tier, we have good news! The fulfillment houses are getting everything in and packaging it all up now. We have a batch of them (as you can see in the video above) and we're very happy with how they turned out. Within the next few weeks orders will be going out. When your items are shipped to you, you'll receive an e-mail from the fulfillment house with a tracking number letting you know it's on the way. We apologize again for the delay in these items and we hope that you enjoy them once they arrive. Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, here on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  16. Hello fellow adventurers, The team at Obsidian is very proud of the reception that Deadfire is getting from the community, and we love reading and hearing your personal experiences as you explore the Deadfire for the first time. I would like to share what's in store for you in Pillars II over the next several months, including free content and new features! The first large update for Deadfire will be launching in early June - Patch 1.1. This update contains hundreds of fixes and refinements based upon our internal testing and all the great feedback we have been getting. Included in Patch 1.1 is a complete overhaul of Veteran and Path of the Damned difficulties. You'll find more enemies per encounter and with new level scaling adjustments the game should be much more challenging. Let us know what you think on the forums - this will be an ongoing process based on community feedback. Secondly, for players who want to play the game for a second (or third!) time, we are adding an option to skip the introduction and jump straight into the second scene. This option will be available on the new game screen and will not require any Berath's Blessings points to activate. Lastly, the team is also adding new cosmetic options for player customization with the ability to change character appearance at any time. While our programmers get Patch 1.1 ready, some of our artists and designers have had some time on their hands. They've put together the first of several free DLCs for Deadfire, "Rum Runner's Pack" which is coming out today. This pack features Mirke, a new Sidekick, along with a drunken personality idle animation and new alcoholic drinks. We will be releasing even more free DLC over the next few months that will add more items, ship upgrades, crew members, and appearance options. Look for the next free DLC to be available two weeks from now. Just like the first Pillars of Eternity, the team is committed to support Deadfire with new features, content, bug fixes, and polish to make the game the best it can be. We are listening to your feedback on our forums, Reddit, social media, and user reviews - and the development team has many ideas for improvement, too. Through 2018, we have plans to add more quality of life changes to make the game better and better. For the mod community, we will be releasing documentation on the game data formats, and will be working on tools to help facilitate mods. Another feature that the team is really excited about is what we are calling "Magran's Fires". Similar to Berath's Blessings, these modes can be enabled from the main menu and will add gameplay modifiers for challenges above and beyond Path of the Damned. In addition to the returning Triple Crown and Triple Crown Solo challenges, we will be rolling out challenges themed to Eora's gods, beginning with Berath, Galawain, and, of course, Magran. As always, we are listening to feedback on what you would like to see in future updates. Don't forget we have three expansive DLCs on the horizon. The first DLC, "Beast of Winter", is due to land this July. We will be showing off the new areas and content in the DLC soon! It's been an amazing journey, and we aren't done yet. Thank you for your continued support for Pillars of Eternity and Obsidian. Now go forth, download "Rum Runner's Pack", and have a drink with your new friend Mirke. Cheers, Adam Brennecke Executive Producer The Rum Runner's Pack is available now, so go grab it here. Reach out to us on our various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, here on our forums) and let us know your comments, your critiques, and what you love about the game. Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  17. Hail, Watchers! Next week we'll be releasing the first (that's right, first!) of our free DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! Next week will see the release of the Rum Runner's Pack. In this pack you'll get the sidekick, Mirke, a new drunken player pose, and six new alcohols! There will be more information on future free DLCs soon!
  18. Today is the day, Watchers! It's been nearly 17 months since we launched our Fig campaign and showed: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire to you all for the first time. This is our first sequel to one of our own titles – and our first followup in a series. We've learned so much and been able to improve so much, thanks to your help. We couldn't have imagined that the response to the announcement of Deadfire would be what it was – you helped us fund the game even faster than we did Pillars 1! For that, and for your continued support, thank you. Along the way, we hit stretch goal after stretch goal. We discussed multiclassing (and went over the changes to that system later on). Of course, we delivered our take on an all-new companion relationship system, in part due to community request. We showed you the ship that that would be your home base and your means of travel around the enormous Deadfire Archipelago. We even had a portal to the puppet universe open to explain how the ships worked. You also proved that our design decisions were right by helping us fund Pillars II higher than our original campaign for Pillars of Eternity! We're still stunned and incredibly grateful to have such an awesome community backing us. Everything we put into the game you're about to play we did with you in mind, first and foremost. But, being the awesome humans you are, you didn't stop there! You kept the word going and brought in new eyes to Pillars II and made the Slacker Backer totals rise up. Your help has allowed us to make Deadfire into the biggest and best RPG we've worked on yet. We will forever be appreciative for all that you've done. While we can never truly express how we feel, Pillars II Design Director, Josh Sawyer, is here with some words for you all: on behalf of all of us here at Obsidian: The road to Eternity started back on September 14th, 2012 and now six years later, we're here with the biggest, deepest, most incredible Pillars journey yet, but we aren't done! We'll continue to bring you updates post-launch and keep you notified of any news that is happening with Deadfire and the upcoming DLCs – which, by the way, are shaping up to be amazing, as well. Announcements What is a launch without a launch trailer? We're happy to share the official Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire launch trailer! Manage Your Pledge, Redeem Your Key If you haven't done so yet, don't forget to manage your pledge on the Eternity Backer Portal so you can access your copy of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! Once your pledge is linked, go to the Products Page of your account and generate the Deadfire key for your preferred platform, Steam or GOG. Once you have the key, enjoy! Browse here for detailed instructions on how to complete your pledge. Get Your Digital Rewards On that same Products Page where you get your Pillars II key, you'll also find any digital rewards that you may have with your pledge tier. We do want to do some special call outs for two of the items, though. PnP Start Guide - The Pillars of Eternity PnP Starter Guide is being released in an early state of the game's development and we would greatly appreciate your feedback while you try it out at home. For anything you'd like us to know about the Starter Guide, please send feedback to feedback@obsidian.net. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Novella - The novella is coming together, but isn't yet ready for primetime. We don't expect the delay on this item to be too long and will update everyone as we have more information! Critical Role Free DLC Pack Bring Vox Machina into the world of Eora with this free DLC pack! This pack will bring player voice sets and character portraits for the characters popularized in Critical Role's first campaign. The DLC pack is available now for download through Steam, GOG, and Origin! Listen to the Main Theme We are very happy to share with you the main theme from Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Composed by Obsidian Audio Director, Justin E. Bell, get ready to set sail into the Deadfire with this fantastic piece! Reviews We're so honored that so many critics are as excited about Pillars II as we are! MMORPG.com - It is something special, something you’ll want to play again and again and is a game that will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the genre’s best. 10/10 Worth Playing - If you're a fan of isometric RPGs, I would highly recommend you check out Deadfire, which may end up being a new favorite. It certainly is for me. 95/100 Game Informer - It’s the swashbuckling flavor of the Deadfire Archipelago that helps this new project shine, mixing magic, dragons, and mythical gods with pirates, sailing, and a lengthy quest to discover what dangers lurk beyond the horizon. 8.75/10 WIRED - That’s what makes Deadfire so special. All kinds of actions, from big to small, can echo throughout the handcrafted map, leaving you to deal with, and adapt to, the consequences. We hope you all enjoy your time in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. If you have any issues, please head over to our new support portal to help you on your journey. Until next time, Watchers! Did you miss our last update? Check it out!
  19. Greetings, Watchers! We know we promised you an update that would focus on the audio of Pillars II, and you will absolutely get it... soon! Long story short, between a new baby coming into our Audio Director, Justin Bell's life, as well as finalizing the expansive game that Deadfire is, we've had to shift some things around. Before we continue, we want to congratulate Justin on the new addition to his family, and give a huge shout out to the team behind Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire who have been doing awesome work to bring the game to all of you in just a couple of short weeks. Since we rescoped this update, we talked to some of the Pillars II team members and asked them about the exciting things they've done in their playthroughs of Deadfire. We don't want to show them all, but here's a sampling of what you can do when Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire launches on May 8th. Pillars II offers a massive, open world to explore, discover, and experiment in. A world filled with mystery and wonder. With memorable companions, and deep systems to dive into. We can't wait for all of you to get your hands on this game! Announcements As Mikey mentioned in the video, we've had some announcements recently that we want to share with you. Starting off with our recently released features trailer. If you missed, take the time to watch it now! Greatly Expanded VO That "Double the VO" stretch goal we had when we launched the Fig campaign last year? We're blowing it out of the water. Now every conversation in Deadfire will be voiced. This will also cover key moments where a Narrator will help drive a scene. This added layer to Deadfire helps immerse the player further into the beautiful world that the Pillars II team has crafted. Critical Role Partnership As announced at PAX East, we're excited to team up with the entire cast of the biggest live-streamed D&D show, Critical Role! Each cast member is an experienced voice actor in their own right, and will be filling the roles of major characters in Deadfire. As an added bonus to fans of the show, we'll be releasing the Critical Role DLC pack at launch for free! This DLC will have player voice sets and player portraits that have the cast of Critical Role reprising their Vox Machina roles from their first campaign: Vax, Vex, Percy, Scanlan, Keyleth, Grog, Pike, and as a special bonus, Gilmore! Deadfire Explorer Society Scavenger Hunt What codes are you talking about? Just kidding! We're very happy to announce our Deadfire Scavenger Hunt. For months now, we've been sneaking codes into various released media. We watched as you collected the codes, and even made slight nods to you inquiring about what they were for. Now you can sign up for the Scavenger Hunt, enter the codes that you've found, and earn your way to some cool loot in Deadfire when the game launches on May 8th! Post Launch Content Plan Last week we announced what will be coming in the season pass for Pillars II. Three in-depth expansion packs will be launching to allow you to explore more of the Deadfire, meet new challenges, and expand the lore of the archipelago! We'll have more information on the DLCs after Deadfire launches, so stay tuned! For Backer's who purchased the season pass and pledged at the $150 tier or higher during the campaign or as a Slacker Backer, you'll be getting an extra season pass key that you can either give as a gift, or you can contact us at support for a refund. Check Your Information in Your Eternity Account Remember Backers, in order to get Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on May 8th, you need to complete your pledges on the Eternity Backer Portal. If you're getting physical items, make sure your addresses are up to date so we know where to ship your items when they come in. If you were given a survey please make sure it is filled out and filled out correctly so we have the correct information that will go into the game. If you pledged at a level that would get something into the game and have yet to fill out your survey, your item will not make it into Deadfire by launch, but we will get it in the game in future patches. Pre-Orders Still Open Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is mere days away! If you haven't, don't forget that you can pre-order now and get the Captain's Footlocker to start your journey on Steam, GOG, Obsidian, and VersusEvil.com! Backers, as we said before, you get the Footlocker as well! Until next time, Watchers! Did you miss the last update? Check it out!
  20. Hi GOG friends! Unforunately, GOG isn't set up for anything like this the way Steam is. However, we're looking into what we can do for GOG users and hope to have something soon!
  21. Calling all Watchers! We are happy to bring to you the Explorer's Society Scavenger Hunt. The hunt encourages all Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire fans to search for secret codes that have been "hidden" in a variety of online and printed promotional assets for Pillars II. To read more about the scavenger hunt, check out our announcement! To take part, sign up at http://www.deadfirescavenger.com using your existing Obsidian account or by creating a new one. After connecting your Steam profile, you can start hunting down codes wherever you can find them and then enter them on Obsidian.net. Doing so unlocks up to 10 digital in-game items for Deadfire. Each item requires a different number of codes to unlock and progress is tracked via the official site. Happy hunting, everyone!
  22. We're supposed to get more information on the audio of the game in Update #46. ETA: Soon™. As we said during the stream, the audio update is being postponed to Update 47 since Justin Bell had a child around the original time of filming. Update 46 will be out soon, though!
  23. Hey everyone! It's been awhile and we miss you. So tomorrow, April 2nd, we'll be doing another Deadfire Q&A with Josh Sawyer! We'd love to answer your questions about general lore of the world of Eora, so let us know any that you may have (along with other questions of course!). We'll try to get through everything we can, but this won't be the last Q&A before release. See you tomorrow at 4:00PM PDT! twitch.tv/obsidian
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