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  1. This fast, I suspect a developer's family member, or something like that. It does suck, because logic or not, it's going to give ammunition to pro-draconian DRM arguments.



    How so? The game wasn't even released yet. DRM isn't even an issue. Unless even review and developer copies are going to be DRM'd now.


    IF anything this sort of event weakens pro-DRM arguments dramatically, since it makes DRM pointless. ANd it on a console anway.

    You read the part where he said "logic or not", right?
  2. You don't have the right to fight democratic justice. Debate it, go through due process. But you can't lynch mob anyone who is found innocent that you don't like.
    That's why I said "if the situation calls for it". Democracy is a great system for the tyranny of the majority to enact oppression.


    Further, American colonists didn't have the "right" to fight against the King of England, either. History's full of examples of laws, regimes and systems toppled by people who are simply fed up. I think you are intelligent enough to realize that simply because democracy is the system we have now, it doesn't mean it's the best there can be.



    Don't my honourable friends also think it's also rather odd to suggest that an internet forum, armed with a few scraps of evidence can pronounce the degree of guilt better than a jury who sat through the whole trial and listened to defence and prosecution council?


    Which is not to say that justice is always served. Look at the Haute de la Garenne orphanage case. This is still extant, and I recenlt met with my MP to demand action.

    Yes, of course, informed opinions are of paramount importance. That said, I don't think I can say I have an informed opinion wrt this case.


    But don't you dare question Internet Justice!

  3. Does anyone else find this statement:

    It's human nature to judge. We should be glad. After all, what would we do if we lacked the ability to deliberate and choose between two or more options? Because we have the ability to do so, we make decisions and, because of that same capacity, we question the decisions of others.
    at odds with this one:
    Enoch was entirely correct. The man was tried before a jury of his peers. That jury found him guilty. Either the jury or the judge decided punishment. That's good enough for me.




    Buying into our legal system, with all its warts and flaws, is part of accepting the boundaries of our society. We enjoy its fruits because we abide by its demands. Barring some sort of illegal influence, we must take the jury at its word. This doesn't just work for guilty rulings with steep penalties. I felt, and feel, the same way about the famous OJ simpson trial. Did it look to me like he'd done it? Yes. That doesn't matter. He stood trial before a jury of his peers and he was acquitted. I can't lie and say I was happy, but I accepted it as part of my tacit agreement to abide by the laws of my community.


    So, the man might or might not have gotten what he deserved. However, the question ends in sentencing. If he has room to appeal, then he may yet escape what the jury doled out to him.

    Blind faith in the system and its rules and unconditional acquiescence with regards to its decisions are at the root of injustice and, at a greater scale, tyranny.


    It is your duty as a citizen to speak up (and if the situation calls for it, fight) when you believe the system isn't working as it was intended or injustices are otherwise being committed. That's the essence of modern civic virtue.

  4. How much of that 50 hours is spent in travel? How much of it waiting for a group or regenerating health and mana? How much of it is wandering from node to node to gather herbs and minerals?
    Depending on the MMO, 0%. Expand your horizons, please.



    How much of it is helping low level guild members through an instance?
    Again, depending on the MMO, 0% since there are measures in place against powerleveling by high level characters, and loot generation can be made to depend on player level. Helping guildies can be fun, anyway. I know I've needed help on occasion from veteran players and I've returned the favor when others have needed it. That's what guilds are for... cooperation is what makes MMOs fun.



    Despite utilizing many elements from other game genres, most notably cRPGs, the relationship and expectations a player has with an MMO is fundamentally different. If I played an adventure game that lasted 60 hours, I
  5. But the problem was more than the writer telegraphing Kreia's moves or beating the players over the head with blunt dialogue. Kreia's voice is supposed to be precise. To be convincing, she needed something more elegant than her clumsy, hasty, and constipated dialogue. The most egregious shortcoming of the dialogue wasn't the over the top nature. It was the fact that she sounded like the writer strove to make her appear clever, cunning, and deep rather than creating clever, cunning, and deep dialogue.
    You do realize that this is, after all, a Star Wars product, yes? It's not supposed to be on the same level as Macchiavelli's Prince - it's a product intended for kids as well. It would take, I think, true literary genius to provide effective mental gymnastics for well-read people, without boring those merely looking for casual entertainment, all wrapped in elegant, subtle yet sharp writing. Has it ever been done? Can it even be done? In any given literary work, there's always going to be people who believe that X or Z wasn't tackled with enough depth...


    I think your disappointment with her character stems from unrealistic expectations.



    On top of that, the writing was filled with technical errors. Kreia isn't an online persona in a message board. We make grammatical errors all the time. We post typos and our language is imperfect. Fine. I can live with that. Hell, if Kreia's dialogue sported a one off grammatical error or two, I wouldn't have noticed.
    Granted, I'm not a native English speaker, but I'm replaying the game ATM (go go thievery!) and I think that technically her lines are fine. Can you provide a few examples?
  6. I may be jumping to conclusions here, but somebody who downs 2-3 litres of beer while an infant is under his supervision is either too stupid to care, or just doesn't care to begin with.


    Accidents happen all the time, and nobody's fully exempt. Being a complete ****wit facilitates accidents greatly, though.

  7. Last time I checked, fire hurts like a bitch. As a matter of fact, the pain starts before there's any contact with the flames. So how did the child crawl ALL the way into the firepit, or at least enough to be burned to death?


    Anyway, this ****er got off easy, if you ask me.


    Yeah, that was pretty unsurprising. I'm in support of this legal action. While it might be a hassle to need to carry your DVD's with you if you want to watch them on a laptop, there is too much room for abuse in allowing full copies on the hard drives like this.

    Sorry, but violations of copyright must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This is just assuming that everyone using this is a pirate, which is against presumption of innocence. Things are not banned based on the "potential for abuse", or stuff like cars and rat poison would be banned.


    The problem is that the Courts are still bending over and protecting the MPAA's "copy rules". I'm not sure if this is upholding the DMCA or simply the result of lobbying to safeguard their corporate anti-copy policies. The legal arm of DRM?

  9. Permadeath should be a requirement.
    I like permadeath, but it's pretty much an abandoned game mechanic. People just reload, which kinda defeats the point, right?


    And I'm not sure it's feasible to create enough characters that are good enough for the playet to care about if the NPC pool is to be large enough to have "disposable" characters...

  10. Also, smelly euros who refuse to learn english dont deserve any games. Localization only encourages their ignorance.

    You're just butthurt because Swedish is too ugly and unimportant in the world to get it's own game localization.

    I'm Spanish and I pretty much agree with him...


    If you think some English original voiceovers are bad, cheap dubbing is EXCRUCIATING. I've downloaded English versions of games I own just so I can do away with it. Now I just order from Gameplay UK.

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