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  1. Some blasts from the past in here for sure... Old Skool Wheelman and Ghost of Anakin were two of the most prolific posters back when I joined. And I do remember the Ender debacle, although I wasn't paying much attention at the time.


    I was probably more concerned with whether or not KOTOR 2 would have upgradable blasters.

    And some damn fine blasters they were.


    I remember being more concerned about the level cap being raised above 20, myself...

  2. Anyway, let's step back here. Uh, what the hell is exactly wrong with some Muslims believing that the presence of Qu'ran passages in secular music is an offense, if that is what is dictated by their holy texts? I mean, it's not like they're outlawing sex or killing homosexuals or destroying our chocolate reserves. What they want done with their holy text is their business, and if that seems strange or anally retentive to us, that's our problem, not theirs.
    I'm not even going to enter into the adequacy or legitimacy of rules written in ancient religious texts. I'm just going to point out how this is another example of the defining trait of fundies - the belief that everyone must think as they do and abide by their rules, or in this case, the rules laid out by their holy book. If they were to become offended by me having some pork chops, would that make me a bigot? I have no problems with them not using Qur'an passages in music or whatever, but why should their religious rules apply to everyone, everywhere, for all time? Please.


    This whole double standard thing regarding fundie sensitivities really sickens me. People need to start growing some balls (sayeth the Internet Tough Guy from the safety of his basement).

  3. @ randomN00b- Sorry I don;t like games that amount to "suffer hideous amounts of lag, go to another level with horrible graphics, try to walk through a crowd of other people, and then do a meaningless and boring quest."


    I thought you loved Diablo 2.




    I'm not sure that killing some boss in Diablo is really that much different than killing some boss in any MMO.
    It is. Diablo bosses you can kill on your own. MMO bosses often require a group of people working together to stand a chance even.
  4. There is no such thing as a perfect game and there never will be, so what's the point in having a 10 point scale if you're never gonna use 10/10?
    Lol. You know, as a reference... you know? Just like no game ever gets a 0/10.


    EDIT: ya, I'm starting to feel stupid now.



  5. Graphics look like crap, I admit, but you play LORTO, so you really shouldn't be complaining about reptitive gameplay, especially when the gameplay isn't at all repetitive.
    Hilarious. There are very few games that fit the description "repetitive grind" better than D2. It's basically a limited, scaled down MMO, only with an 8-player limit. only good.



    Yeah, I guess that, with your extensive experience with MMOs, you could tell the difference, eh?


    Get a clue and stop trolling. Or at least stop sucking at it.



    Are you calling me cheap or poor?
    Hey, you said it kid, not me.



    LotRO is also ruining the greatest book ever written.
    Interesting claim. I went and checked my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, and found it unchanged. So, how exactly is it "ruining" anything?


    Also, lol @ "bestest book evar". But considering you hold SW crapterature in such high regard, it's not really surprising.

  6. Graphics look like crap, I admit, but you play LORTO, so you really shouldn't be complaining about reptitive gameplay, especially when the gameplay isn't at all repetitive.
    Hilarious. There are very few games that fit the description "repetitive grind" better than D2. It's basically a limited, scaled down MMO, only with an 8-player limit.


    Of course, it's free over BNET, and that's all that matters, right?

  7. Hold on. You're saying the material which was judged too crap to include is too crap?
    To be honest, that's not the case. From what I've read, it looks like the OP is mostly pissed about the difficulty of certain encounters. This isn't an issue with the mod itself (save for the insane amount of HPs given to the random HK encounter droids), but with the game's own autobalance system, which is one of the most gleaming examples of the unpolished state in which the game shipped.


    It's really easy to fine-tune the game to suit your preferences, anyway. It only takes five minutes of editing 2da files. Probably less than it took the OP to write his pointless rant and subsequent replies. And I say pointless because no-one here has any degree of control about how TG judge what is an adequate difficulty level.


    And yeah, Atton's scoundrel levels rule. Give him a keen lightsaber when you jedify him and max his crit strike, and he's murder incarnate.

  8. You guys are all idiots, anyway.


    Just get the version which your friends are getting. No one cares if PC or 360 is better. If you pick a version based on its 'superiority' without any friends to play with, you're an idiot. You're an idiot anyway.

    What the hell are you talking about. Getting the superior version is the superior choice.


    Superiority > yu0



    Yay me! :)




    But yeah, console FPSs tend to have varying degrees of autoaim depending on the game. Vegas 1/2 have none, while the Halo aimer will 'follow' badguys strafing your vision if you get it over them. The CoD5 one will move over badguys within a cirtain area of your screen when bringing up the Iron Sights.


    This might seem lame, but having played a lot of Red Orchestra (the best WW2 PvP shooter out there, period) pinpoint aiming became more of a sideline frustration to the cover and flanking than 'the game' and i'd really rather that losing in said game was a function of poor tactics and teamwork than poor aim on an individual level. It's not that i'm a bad aim either, it's simply that minute pixel clicking being make or break isn't my idea of fun. As such, in these games, i'll tend to use more close-combat based classes/weapons at which point the autoaim becomes fairly irrelivent either way.

    All right, I'll be honest. I was just trying to grab your attention. Slam Dunk!


    Seriously, though. I didn't know about the assisted aim thingy in console shooters. I guess it's just a more forgiving mechanic to place the emphasis of the game on teamwork rather than m4d skillz. In principle I have nothing against that, it just so happens that I grew up on Counter-Strike, so to speak. As I said, I like my pinpoint aiming, but I'm not blind to how that sort of gameplay is unbalanced, unforgiving, and not easy to get into for some. And of course, there's the whole controller thing...

  9. Yeah, I don't think you were involved in it. It was like some vampire tabletop You people know it I'm sure. I'm trying to think, Ender was the GM, and it was me, Baley, Kaftan, Eldar, Jags, Eru, I think Muso, and maybe like, a few other people. It was so long ago I can't remember.
    That was a blast. I remember Eru's "Father Cruz" character. Awesome!
  10. I don't know what you mean exactly by guesting, though.

    If I remember correctly it is just utilizing splitscreen with online play. Guesting is what Nick calls it here on the forum and I guess it sticks even though the word is horrible at actually explaining what it is.


    The PC is a runner up at best because it has less option than the lolbox, I can't really say anything else. The failbox has autmoatically working mics and options for cramming more players into less machines. You might not like those options yourself but that doesn't matter as I never argued that it was better for you.


    And yes as far as I know splitscreen hasn't been implemented for the PC. Valve mentioned that splitscreen is integral to the lolbox so I don't know why they think it wont/can't work on the PC.

    Yeah, guesting sounds interesting, if that's it.


    As for the more players/machine thing, well. That's always been one of the biggest points for consoles. I just don't think all games lend well (as in, superior to PC counterpart) to the splitscreen scheme, anyway. I love a game of PES with a few friends on my PS2, but I'd much rather set up a LAN for a game of L4D under the same circumstances. What for some is a plus (splitscreen), for me is a big turn-off.




    You both missed the point AND felt the need to be rude. Grow a brain.


    It's been quite a long time since I've tried a console shooter, so I was asking in a non-facetious, non-inflammatory way. Whatever.

  11. And stuff like splitscreen and guesting and all the stuff that the lolboxites regularly mention are minor technicalities to you? I do realize that the PC might be better for you but that doesn't mean it is better in general.
    No, splitscreen is a major deciding factor for me. As in, if I can avoid it, I will. What's the advantage of playing on half a screen, again?


    I don't know what you mean exactly by guesting, though.


    In my case, getting it on PC is a non-choice because I don't own a 360. I'm not saying it's the better choice under all circumstances. But I fail to see how the PC is "a runner up at best", either.



    Anyway if you're set on buying the PC version you might want to check out the pre-purchase 10% off on Steam.
    Will do. Thanks!
  12. If I'm going to be cynical (and I am), I'd say people are probably more likely to accept the DRM when they've already bought it and are now waiting for it to install so they can play it.
    Yeah, and people are even more likely to accept it after they have the game up and running, without any apparent problems whatsoever. Which was kinda my point.



    My apologies then! Given your screen-name, however, perhaps I can be forgiven for assuming that initially.
    Yeah, I made the same assumption too... but back then HK was using some shopped Viconia pic as avatar...
  13. I originally wrote my post without this: "of a relatively close-knit group" does that tell you what I'm on to?


    I guess you might be lucky enough to have three friends who are interested in this game, PC players and owns a Microphone. Most people don't and as such the lolbox is the generally suggested platform.


    Lots of coop games work on the PC, like TF2, because the public servers are decent, but we're talking a whole different kind of much closer coop when it is 4 players instead of a 10 man team. Unless L4D is much worse than I'm guessing it is then communication will be important and I don't see that working well on the PC in general.

    It seems to me that you're making a generalisation based on how things are here. Yeah, I can see how for the OE boards crowd, the 360 is the best choice. But only because in this case, the Live group is already up and running while the Steam community failed to take off.


    And the mic? Heh, anyone who's played any reasonably modern online game has one... or Skype.

  14. Pinpoint aiming or not the point of L4D is coop multiplayer of a relatively close-knit group and as such the PC is lucky it's even a runner up. It's hard to argue that the 360 isn't the superior platform for this game.
    I'm not really interested in revisiting the tiresome "Consoles vs PC" polemic, but how do you figure that?


    There's plenty of PC games that show that close cooperation between players is possible on the PC - take Planetside, CS, the BFs... etc. And if you're thinking of people getting together physically, there's always laptops (which have their own advantages and disadvantages).

  15. Why? I mean is it because it might be an issue for them, say because they format and reinstall every month or constantly buy new hardware, or are you simply using them as a form or protest?
    That's a good point. I try not to influence the purchasing habits of people around me (I'm obnoxious enough on the Internets already), but I do tell people I know of this when the issue comes up, because for most people, gathering information about DRM in the products they are purchasing is not a habit. I wouldn't need to do this if the conditions and limitations of DRM were clearly specified on the box - but they aren't. Why do you think that is?
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