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  1. NWN is not one of my favourite games, but unlike you, I can see its strengths and see how those may be appreciated by other people - the fact that I don't like it does not make it the *inferior* game.



    Its alright... I was somewhat similar to him when I was around 16,17.
    Yeah, and now that you're 18, you are so above everyone else. I used to think that way when I was 18, too. Seriously man, if that's an example of the things you posted in BIO, it's not surprising you got such a nice response from the regulars there.



    Since then I realised that its wrong to enter these sort of discussions where you can't really prove anything because everybodys mind is already made up. If I wrote an essay now on the merits of BG games, and succeded at showing how all the other games are inferior it wouldn't make any difference.
    Maybe it has nothing to do with the fact that you are being as unreasonable as you accuse others of being, but simply because you are trying to objectively "prove" something which essentially depends on subjective perceptions.



    - bad combat
    This is simply not true. Sorry, combat was as good or better than BG's. The use of the 3rd ED ruleset accounts for it.



    - no real NPC's, no party
    No party, alright. On the other hand, NPCs were ostensibly better than those present in BG, as they bore the weight of the plot. I'm not talking party NPCs here, btw but the rest of the characters you encounter.



    - is too short
    No. NWN+SoU+HotU is a LONG game. Maybe not as long as BG2, but... that's probably the longest game I've played. Of course any other game compared to it is going to be "short".



    - is too easy
    Easier than BG/BG2? Where the only difficult encounters were achieved by blatantly cheating up the AI? Heh.



    - is too linear
    Yeah. More linear than BG, right? you can take the rose colored glasses off now. (thanks Hurlie!)



    If I wanted to create a game I would start my own studio, not buy a toolbox.
    Sure. Because everyone has the money, the time and the education needed to abandon whatever they are doing and set up a succesful game studio. And God forbid you like modding as a hobby!



    Alright so you had Bioware made campaigns and two expansions. But those cost money, and why would I pay again when I was cheated out of a real, full game once?
    You weren't cheated out of anything. If you didn't read up on what you were buying and the selling point for you was that "from the makers of BG" was stamped on the box, you have nobody to blame for your disappointment but yourself. The game delivered everyting it promised and more.
  2. Fair enough, it seems I've mischaracterized you. I love BG2 myself and fire it up from time to time when the fancy strikes me... and I find a mod to make it worth the hassle. But statements in the shape of "X is tha best evar" are only valid as far as the taste of the person making it goes.


    At any rate, I think the market being flooded with crap games is to be expected. Maybe the good:crap games ratio has decreased over the years, but the net amount of games worth playing per year has increased, I'd say. I remember some good old games, but certainly not 3-4 per year.

  3. Some people must just be inherently Singleplayer fans cheap I guess.


    The 100 hour/month worth of entertainment is, I think, the way to approach MMOs. You can't take the movie home after it ends, either, when you hit the movie theater and that's $7 for an hour and a half. Wow, what a steal!


    Don't try to convince anyone, though. If they aren't convinced by now chances are it's like unscrambling eggs.

  4. Sorry but this is absurd. BG2 has everything those games have and more.
    For one, it didn't have 3D graphics. :-


    Bah. A game could be 2d and 16-bit and still be better than the majority of modern games.

    I was being deliberately facetious and literal.


    If you want serious arguments though, NWN/2 have content creation toolsets, PW support, etc. Nothing in the BG games comes close to the potential of that.


    And the majority of modern games are crap, but that doesn't mean a good game or two aren't made from time to time. The whole "golden past of gaming" tune is bogus and very boring.

  5. As a company, I believe our biggest weaknesses have been the following:


    * Games that are not fundamentally fun. That is, their core mechanics are not quickly enjoyable or do not have lasting value at a variety of difficulty levels.

    * Characters that are not visually appealing. This doesn't mean characters that are attractive, but certainly that's part of it.

    * Poor overall production values, polish, and stability. Not much to say here.

    It's neat that you're so open about your self-criticism. Not sure I agree with all of it, though - but you made it so you probably have a better idea, heh.


    I don't know why you would say Obs' games aren't fundamentally fun. Indeed, I would say that they *are* fundamentally fun, with some annoyances detracting from the overall experience. K2 had essentially the same gameplay as K1 except for some horrible balance issues... which you would probably only notice if you are a rules lawyer or as anal as myself. It doesn't have the tactical depth of TOEE, but I don't think that means the game isn't as fun... simply that combat is not the focus. It's debatable whether NWN2 is better gameplay-wise than NWN, so I don't understand that either. And in both games, characters are more memorable both visually and from a writing standpoint than Bioware's counterparts, especially in MotB. Care to elaborate?


    Can't argue with the last point, at any rate. That's probably the single worst point in your games so far... it's good to see that at least you acknowledge this.



    Sorry but this is absurd. BG2 has everything those games have and more.
    For one, it didn't have 3D graphics. :(
  6. nope, XP pro with SP3. how does one run a program in administrator mode then? never actually heard of that. i've heard of windows compatibility mode for older programs...



    I know this is an issue with Vista, where programs run by an an account belonging to the administrators group (as opposed to THE administrator account) still aren't granted full administrative privileges unless specified by the user. I don't think the difference exists in XP, but I may be wrong.
  7. One of the best things in RPGs for me is the ability to play a completely different character each time. That of course involves thinking up and creating characters that have nothing to do with how I am myself. Always playing a carbon copy avatar of myself would be incredibly boring. Playing characters of either sex is not a problem, romance included. If you strip away the roleplaying aspect from roleplaying games, not much remains.


    I can't help but think that a lack of imagination is to blame. Different people, different tastes I suppose.

  8. DRM does not work. It's that simple really. That stems from the fact that people who won't buy a game to begin with don't care to wait for it to download a week or a month. Maybe stuff like that will deter some of the more undecided illegal downloaders... but how many are those? That, of course doesn't even consider the fact that bandwidth costs are ever decreasing.


    It's a flawed concept.

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