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  1. My grandmother owns a big tract of land in a *very* rural area in SE Oklahoma and there are regular bigfoot sightings there. One day my uncle was down at the creek fishing and out of the corner of his eye, he saw what looked like someone in coveralls or maybe waders walking further down stream in a very overgrown section of the land. He went down to investigate and found a single wet footprint on a rock next to the overgrowth.


    He'll never say he saw bigfoot, but he will say he saw something...

  2. I made pies for our monthly "cake day" birthday party at the office. They're Hershey Bar pies and consist of melted candy bars poured into almost frozen cool whip and stirred really fast to make the chocolate break up into small pieces and resolidify... they're yummy.


    Everybody loves pie!

  3. Some young hot Latina chick tried to sell me home security. She had been pounding the pavement in the 110 degree heat and was thirsty so I got her a water bottle. I wish she would have returned the favor... :'(


    @Killian: I was never all that popular in school but I'm not going to purposely (and rightly so) invite people to mug and/or rape me. Plus these weren't classrooms but places you need to go to get random stuff. Which actually makes me angry since this is all stuff new students have to get before attending so I don't see the harm in, I don't know, putting them all in the same building. Since trekking like 20 minutes to the campus just 4 times I'm already rethinking whether or not I want to commit to the new school or just stay at my crappy community one. Both schools rank pretty high in the stupidity range but the university is ridiculously expensive and absolutely needlessly complicated in every aspect. The school literally has 88 separate buildings on a huge plot of about 1 square mile, all of which have different resources and purposes and all of them seemingly have no connection to one another. It's a complete cluster f over there where as my first school has about 4 or 5 large buildings total and a very centralized set up, so there is no confusion about anything. Too bad the school is brand new, 95% of the teachers might as well be huffing paint in the class room and they only offer like 3 business degrees, none of which I'm interested in.


    I ranted but it was necessary.


    I work for a University, so I find your rant hilarious. It's so true! If a student changes their address, they have to give the new address to the bursar's office, admissions and records, financial aid, accounts payable (if they get checks from us) AND the college they're enrolled in.


    I personally blame it on the political games constantly being played. Professor's think they're god's and administrators are almost worse. Thank goodness I'm not in a politically charged position anymore.

  4. Speaking of DC, another story for ya'll: Today after sneaking out of work a bit early, I hitched a ride with a co-worker and went to play in an office softball game. We play on the fields just between the Potomac and the Tidal Basin, which is a stone's throw away from both the Jefferson and FDR Memorials.


    Anyhow, after the game, I decided to walk home. I walked up past the FDR, along the path through the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin, across the old Polo Grounds, to the reflecting pool on the Mall, around the Lincoln Memorial, and over Arlington Memorial Bridge. From there, I walked north along Route 1, right around the edges of Arlington National Cemetery (the perfect geometry of the headstones always gets me), past the Marine Corps Memorial (usually called the Iwo Jima Memorial), where some kind of parade was going on. Then it was just over the footbridge across Route 50 and up the hill into my neighborhood. All told, about 3.5 miles and just over an hour of walking on a beautiful evening. We've been looking to move further out into the 'burbs, so this is the sort of thing I've been trying to take advantage of before I miss my chance.


    You're *killing* me! I love that whole area so much... The Jefferson and Iwo Jima memorials are my favorites! Especially at night... so pretty. I haven't been back since one of my friend's weddings... and that was almost ten years ago now!


    Damn it, I need a vacation!

  5. The nice thing is that I was 14 - 16

    i got right there and realized: you never had to drive in DC! :p


    I also loved going into Annapolis with friends and looking at the pretty scenery... and by scenery I mean Midshipmen, of course. Yum!

    ahhh! oh wait, you're a chick. ok.




    lol, I did drive in DC a little bit, but you're right, it wasn't much. Though it probably was some of the scariest moment's of my parent's lives... :-


    And yeah, I'm a chick.

  6. i don't. gladly i never lived there, i just had to do business there.




    lol, I'd *never* want to live there again, but I would like to be able to go back to visit more often. I lived there for 2.5 years in a little po dunk town east of DC and south of Annapolis. It was a great place and it was really neat being in the country but so close to the Smithsonian. We spent a lot of Sunday afternoons in DC at the traveling exhibits. The nice thing is that I was 14 - 16 at the time and my mom had no problem with me riding the metro with friends and going to the mall (not the shopping mall).


    I also loved going into Annapolis with friends and looking at the pretty scenery... and by scenery I mean Midshipmen, of course. Yum!

  7. When I lived in the DC area we used to go to a place called Orleans House in Alexandria. It was a dive, but they had the *best* prime rib and salad bar... I drool just thinking about that place. :D


    Of course that was at least 16 years ago... sometimes I really miss DC and Annapolis... :thumbsup:

  8. Last night, in an attempt to rescue my sister from her overwhelming life as a housewife with sick kids, I took her to see Mamma Mia and The Mummy.


    Mamma Mia was *fabulous*. Ok, well, not a great movie, but so much fun to watch anyway and Pierce Brosnan is *hawt*. Of course, the whole thing was made much more entertaining by the pint of rum we smuggled into the theater and added to our drinks... :D


    The Mummy was very entertaining. It was lot of fun and really flowed well. I have to agree that I really missed the real Evie, but this one did a nice job of it, I thought.

  9. It's not so much the pain you want to avoid as the drunk dialing...


    And since we can't be there to take your phone away from you when you're drunk... well... perhaps it's better not to go there... :unsure:


    I say keep 'em, though. It's always interesting to go back and read what you were thinking ages ago, gives you a different perspective on the present.

  10. The real problem with enforcing a death penalty is not that some guilty person dies, but rather that someone has to carry out the sentence. The executioners generally have the same psych profiles as those they are putting to death.


    Taking a life alters a person irreparably and the reason "civilised" countries don't put people to death is that they understand the harm it does to the person enforcing the penalty.

  11. did anyone find a solution to this one?


    I've saved just before boarding and no matter which route i take it does exactly as the original poster says. Tried it at least 10 times now to no avail....


    If you're playing on a PC, you might try downloading the KSE (savedgame editor) and seeing if there are any quest variables you can tweak for that timeframe.

  12. it should be pointed out that titanic was released when movies cost about half as much as they do now, and titanic ended up with over $900 M globally.




    Erm. You DO realise that Titanic had a budget of 200 million dollars (vs. Dark Knight's "mere" 185 million dollars) and was renowned as the most ludicrously expensive film ever, requiring funding from both Paramount AND Fox, and whispered to possibly bring both companies down, right?


    I think he means "when [going to the] movies cost about half as much". Though the statistics I've heard say the average price of a ticket for Titanic was about $1 to $1.50 less than it is now.

  13. I was really surprised TDK wasn't rated R. But, if they did that, there's no way they could get away with all the toy merchandising they've been doing...


    There is no way in hell I'd take my 8 yr old son (who plays Halo & other FPS) to see this movie, and I'm generally pretty lax about violence in movies. It's not the violence, though... it's more the creepy sick psychopath factor that gives me the heebie jeebies.

  14. I almost went to see the new Mummy. But it's getting massacred in reviews.

    09% Rotten Tomatoes :lol:


    5.8 IMDb


    The other Mummy flicks did not rate so well either, but not this bad.


    After what the critics did to Speed Racer, I'm not to inclined to pay any attention to what they say. However, the rotten tomatoes community rankings are pretty accurate usually and they're giving the mummy 40%... that's pretty dismal. In comparison, the community rankings gave SR 75% as compared to the critics 35%.


    Still, I loved the first mummy movie, but mostly because Arnold Vosloo is hot... he's not in this one, though. o:)

  15. He should at least get 25 to life in prison. What the hell?!?!? If he is suffering from dementia then he should be placed in an asylum.


    I can see the judge's point that the prison system can't cope with a man with dementia. But surely you can't just shrug and push him out onto the streets? I mean, if he's bonkers enough to strangle his own wife he might turn on anyone!


    Eh, I don't know about that... the *only* person I've ever been inclined to strangle with my bare hands was my husband...


    But, since I don't suffer from dementia, I just got a divorce instead.

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