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  1. Well, this weekend was a lot more predictable than last weekend, for sure. Big 12 is still on top, with six teams in the top 25, but next weekend will change that.


    It's a big week here in Oklahoma. We actually cancel school on Friday so that everyone can go on down to Dallas Thursday night and be thoroughly trashed by the time the game starts Saturday. Sometimes when we win will be cancelled on Monday too. But that hasn't happened for a while.


    The game worries me a bit, to be honest... but it always does.

  2. I just got my marks back for the first test in my Management Accounting course. It turns out that I need to watch which figure I copy when putting those forms together. Still did well enough for an A at least. Hopefully I can do better than that on the mid-term tomorrow.


    By managment accounting do you mean cost accounting? Where you figure out the individual unit cost by allocating overhead to each one? That was my second favorite accounting course. My first favorite was intermediate accounting II... but that was mostly because the professor I had made it fascinating...


    gah, I'm a dork...


    I spent most of the weekend getting things ready for my wedding... we got registered, got our wedding bands taken care of and I found something to wear... it was a busy weekend!


    Oh, and my Shaman hit 64... 2 weeks, 14 levels... not bad! Of course the next six are gonna take forever... *sigh* :down:

  3. Thanks! Right now I am up again, and usually am. I am trying to decide if I should bother explaining myself or not, or just leave things be.


    Leave things be!!


    You start explaining, you'll start apologizing and soon enough you're right back to where you were....


    I know this hurts, but it's going to hurt regardless. It's like a band aid, you just gotta rip it off all at once and get it over with.

  4. Whatever you need to do to break the cord, alanschu.


    That interminable "maybe" is the absolute worst state for a relationship to be in for your sanity.


    I hope you can get some distance between you now. Good luck!

  5. I know I find it a lot harder to connect to male characters, but at the same time, I don't like the weirdness that comes from having party members with little to no function once romantic options are removed...


    What chick could *ever* stand Bastila (even if her "function" wasn't completely removed)? And to hear some guys complain about Carth & Atton you'd think they were being tortured or something to have to play with them. Not to mention, we girls always have our story lines highly mangled and unfinished... whee.

  6. Yeah, the thing with the OU / Texas game is that *anything* can happen. It's waaay more about preparation and morale than anything, especially when the teams are as evenly ranked as they are this year.


    It will be a great game to watch... unless we're losing... then it'll suck. Work on Monday will suck even more.... blech.


    Oh, and the good news for us is that Bradford is only a Sophomore! Woot!

  7. Thanks! Unfortunately, Enoch, we needed someplace to live... my kids and I have been living with my parents for almost two years and he certainly didn't have any place for us all... so, we couldn't get married without a house... when we got the contract in place we finally confirmed the loosely planned wedding...


    Really we're just going to the courthouse on the 17th and having a party on the 18th... but there's still plenty of stress even without a real wedding.

  8. I've been sick as a dog for the last week and a half... but I managed to get about ten levels on my Shaman (WoW) so it wasn't a total loss......


    Oh, AND we're closing on a house the 15th and getting married on the 18th... so I've been stressed out trying to take care of all kinds of things for both the house and the wedding.


    No wonder my stomach is in such bad shape.

  9. All hail the Big Twelve!


    Three teams in the top 5!!


    We play Texas a week from Saturday, so that'll change one way or another... ugh... I'm NOT looking forward to that game... *nail biting*


    but at least we don't have to play Missouri... at least not until the Big 12 championship! Which is in Kansas City this year..... THAT'll be fun...

  10. I quite rarely say you should never do anything. The list is pretty mcuh restricted to 'make peace with the French'*


    I'm usually just animated on teh topic of Nestle baby formula, which everyone knows about already. I just mean, given that breastfeeding is bettter for the kid, why not breast feed 'em? To which teh answer is of course "You damn well breast feed them, you ignorant Limey bastard!"


    I was thinking that what might work would be freelance wet-nurses. Could be a good way to deal with excess unemployed, and penguins.



    *Avid readers will note I stayed awake all night watching Sharpe from my complete boxed set.



    I guess my whole point in my ill advised rant was to point out that breastfeeding just isn't that simple. All the mothers I know have given their babies breast milk and I can't think of one who didn't have some giant complication to the process. I know it seems like it should be very simple and easy, after all, mammals have been doing it for ages. But it isn't. (Unfortunately, natural selection actually worked against breast feeding... but I digress). Remember that before the last 100 years or so, the infant mortality rate was significantly higher. Lots of things contribute to this statistic, obviously, but you can't put aside the huge impact adequate nutrition has on survival rates.


    Ok... I think I'm done now... I'll try to sit on my hands from this point forward...


    *I really need to see some Sharpe...

  11. Not to rain on your parade, but he's correct. Kids who weren't breast-fed are more likely to suffer things like asthma, etc.


    Tangentially, owning a cat (probably pets in general) as a kid seems to decrease the probabilities of allergies later in life. Again, antibody training.


    Tangentially again, replacing parental nurturing with daycare also places your kids at risk for various things, although this is more in the mental rather than physiological arena.


    Not saying your kids have or will have problems (probability, remember), but nullification of a probabilistic finding through anecdotal evidence is still a logical fallacy, however heartfelt and well-meaning such a defence, or how much better off we might be if the finding weren't true.



    Did you even read what I wrote? I nursed three babies. All for six months or more. I even said that breast feeding is best. Supplementing with formula however is NOT evil. What is evil is making mothers who for whatever reason aren't making enough milk feel inadequate and like a bad parent if she chooses to actually *feed* her child and not let it go hungry.


    Oh, and in spite of my children being primarily breast fed (and owning pets), they still had all sorts of health problems including eczema and athsma.


    I was not in any way trying to suggest that mothers shouldn't breast feed, they should, we all know that. But Walsh's statement was that formula should never be used and I'm sorry but that is wrong.

  12. I was gonna jump on the 300% statistic, but qt pie already did. Oh man...I just figured out what your name means. I'm slooooow.


    Moatilliatta brings up a good point, it's not really the police presence that's an issue, it's more about how they assert that presence. If they are overly aggressive and patrolling like a military force, then that's a serious problem. If they are well trained and acting in a strict peace keeping role, then you should feel better abut your safety.


    Unless you are a mouthy ****. Then expect a beat down and a bit of electricity.



    lol, well at least you got it eventually! :D


    bad math puns for the win!

  13. Shouldn't use baby formula of any sort. Deprives the kid of antibodies.


    As someone who has nursed three babies, I'm going to take some exception to this statement.


    Nursing is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. It was painful, hard to get right and just plain frustrating. You don't know how much your child is getting and if for some reason you're not making enough milk, it's very hard to know it. All you know is that you have a fussy, unhappy baby and you can't fix it. Add that on top of the many, many sleepless nights and the highly derranged mental state post pardom hormones + that lack of sleep put you in and it can be flat out devastating to any woman when she's been fed this "formula is evil!" line.


    While breast feeding is always best, supplementing with formula is a godsend. I still remember the day I finally decided to try to give my youngest a bottle of formula after days of pulling my hair out because of his fussiness. Do you realize just how horrible I felt when the 2 month old baby sucked down that bottle and I realized that all that frustration was because he was *hungry*??


    Ok... sorry.... just needed to rant. Parenting is hard enough without subjecting sleep deprived, inexperienced moms to more guilt.

  14. Hrm, I have two exiles... and two Revans... my original (female) Exile is a kick ass lamb and I can't imagine her ever kicking her (female) Revan counterpart's ass. Mostly because those two are so light sided that it makes my teeth hurt...


    My latest (female) Exile however, would happily kick her (male) Revan counterpart's ass. Both of their alignments are... questionable... at best, and quite honestly, he's an ass. A charming, powerful ass, but an ass none the less and I think she'd be compelled to put him in his place. I think she could do it too!

  15. I also remember reading that during that time deaths of innocent, unarmed citizens by the police went up over 300%, so there is a trade off. Lots more collateral damage


    Isn't that statistic a little misleading? How many shootings of innocent, unarmed citizens by a police officer actually occur in a year, even in a place like NYC? Three or four? and now it's 9 or 12? How many deaths of innocent, unarmed citizens were prevented in that year by the cops being visible in the neighborhoods?


    Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing for or against, the original question was "does that ever work" and I was pointing out that yes, sometimes it does.


    Also, I have no idea about how NYC was really cleaned up. All I know is that when I was there in 90 it was the most disgusting place I have ever been in my entire life. It was a nasty, dirty city and I couldn't *wait* to go home... (I'm sure it doesn't help that I hate crowds). But when I was there in 2004 it wsa much, much nicer. It just seemed like a neat city.


    So... that's about all I have to say about that...

  16. I've heard that one of the ways that Guliani cleaned up New York (and it's irrefutable that he *did* clean it up) was to have the police drive more slowly through the city. When the cruisers were flying through the city on their way to whatever emergency was going on people felt like there wasn't anyone there watching them, but slow the cruisers down, give the police more presence and people feel more accountable... or paranoid... whatever...


    Now I'm not sure if any of that is verifiable, but it does seem logical, at least.

  17. Yeah, that's why you move to a country that doesn't put too many pesticides in its foods and children's toys. Anywhere but China? ;) (Yes, I'm being facetious, but it does have a poor record for quality control regarding toxic chemicals put into consumer goods.)


    Me? I LIEK MILK.


    What's really remarkable about that link is that Asians in general can't stand milk. Many of them are lactose intolerant.


    Personally, I've hated milk my entire life. Somewhere around 8 months old my mom stopped putting formula in my bottle and switched to cows milk and I stopped drinking out of the bottle. It took her years to figure out that I couldn't stand milk. I'd tell her I didn't and she'd reply "oh, of course you do" and make me drink it anyway. Blech!

  18. But if you don't think college ball is a business, you're fooling yourself. I respect that the NFL is honest about its businesslike nature. Big-time NCAA sports, though, strike me as an enormous hypocrisy-- a clever way to run a sports league without having to pay players' salaries by pretending that the sports are somehow a part of the schools' core educational mission. (For OU and about 30 or so other major programs, it's certainly a good business to be in, as it returns significantly more funds to the school than it costs them. For most colleges fielding football teams, though, those athletic scholarships and stadiums end up jacking up the tuition for all the other students.)


    But at least it's a business that benefits the school... for the most part. The athletic department gets to keep most of their money here, but the revenue they generate in college trademark licensing alone is enormous. Not to mention, to get the very best seats for the games, you have to make a sizeable donation to the school. Then there's just the aspect of giving the alumi a way to stay connected to the school and hopefully willing to donate money in the long run.


    I can't say anything first hand about other programs, but I have a feeling most of the money for any sports program comes from private donations and very little from tuition or state funding. And really, do scholarships to athletes really cost the school anything? I mean, for the most part, they don't even go to class! :lol:

  19. Atton really doesn't like anyone BUT the Exile.


    Well, that's definitely true!


    I always got the impression that he and Mira have a sort of love / hate , brother / sister relationship going on, and that he really doesn't mind her, but at the same time wouldn't be caught dead admitting it.


    And I also think that he and Bao-Dur would find a comfortable comraderie between them... You know the scene on Nar Shaddaa where the bounty hunters show up at the Ebon Hawk? I think those two play off each other so well there. And then there's the scene in the tomb where imaginary Bao comes to imaginary Atton's defense "You're threatening Atton with a lightsaber...?"


    But you're right, Atton doesn't really *like* anyone but the Exile. He just puts up with them.

  20. Okay here you go, pi girl.


    The laws of Aussie rules football


    Just read up to the length of the game, that's all you need to know.


    Yeah... that's not gonna happen... lol.



    I do understand the thing with College football. I watched the Vikings play someone or other about ten years ago. It was one of the most boring experiences of my life. Give me something with a bit less polish and a bit more soul.


    We have a lot of polish in our program, but at the same time, there is so much soul. The games are so much fun, the band, the alumni, the students... we're all there because we love the school and it just happens to have an awesome program.




    no, i don't think they do. the system is horribly broken, but in a 128-team field, and only 12 or so games each season, i don't think there's a good answer. one thing they do need to do is remove the rose bowl from the BCS system. it is contractually obligated to include big-10/PAC-10 teams, which is why a 3-loss team got in last year (illinois, and USC trounced them). the other bowls are all required to take a top-10 team.


    i'm a mizzou fan, btw. i attended the university of missouri-rolla (now known as the missouri school of science and technology) for my undergrad work, which is 90 miles south of mizzou.


    the top 3 teams right now are USC, OK and mizzou (in that order). neither FL or GA should be in there.




    I'll go with your rankings... And yeah, the polls are messed up in that the big names always get the benefit of the doubt, even when they shouldn't. But, at the same time, there's not many years where more than a couple of teams finish undefeated. As long as those undefeated teams are in the running for the national championship, I'm ok with the end result.


    And yeah, I'm not sure how the Rose Bowl works, exactly... I know that when we played there (2003) there was a huge uproar about how wrong it was that it wasn't a pac 10 school or something... And honestly, we really prefer the Orange Bowl but since the advent of the BCS we've only been there twice (both times playing for the national championship), so we think the whiny butts can just get over it... :lol:


    I can root for Mizzou! Go Big 12!! Except Texas... Texas sucks.


    I don't follow the NFL at all, just because they can't seem to make me care, but I've always adored college football.

    I'm the exact opposite. I'm from the Northeast (defined as being north of Blacksburg and east of State College), where we see college football for what it really is: the minor leagues. Just like minor league baseball, it's probably more fun (and cheaper) to go to a game in-person than it is in the NFL/MLB, but the ultimate interest is in which players will eventually be called up/drafted into the real thing. Also the whole "what the hell are major educational institutions doing giving scholarships to dunderheads who happen to play a game well and pouring millions of dollars into running a sports league that only turns a profit for a few dozen programs" question has always bugged me.


    Plus, my wife would not be particularly happy with me if I spent Sunday and Saturday watching football.


    I think you probably see it as the minor leagues because the local programs aren't really worth supporting... But, I can see your point, sort of. It's not in any way cheaper to go to one of our games, believe me. Our stadium seats over 82,000 people and is full every week... (in the good years anyhow, and most of them are good years...).


    What makes college football so much more interesting to me is its constantly shifting nature. Every year the team is radically different than the year before. So the game becomes more about the programs and how well they recruit and then train their new players. It's much more a test of coaching abilities and the soul of the players.


    I think I don't care as much about professional football because it is just that... a business. I have a hard time being that excited about someone else's business, even if it is regional. But my ties to my school are incredibly strong. My family has attended this university for generations. My parents grew up watching OU football, as did I. It's my school, it's my employer, it's my town, it's my team.


    And next year, it will be a different group of kids, but it'll be just as much mine.



  21. The stories I've read with Atton & Carth have either made them mortal enemies because of Carth's trust issues and Atton's Sithy past, or have given them a comraderie because they were both left behind by the women they loved.


    I'm not sure which I buy, honestly. In a LSF Revan world, I think Carth would be a lot more sympathetic to Atton... but then again, he is Mr. Paranoia.

  22. GA barely squeaks by an unranked team and they get to keep in the top 3... pitiful. FL didn't even play. grrrr.




    Yeah, that's pretty goofy, but it's still early yet. The polls have a way of working themselves out for the most part, I think. Who are you rooting for?



    Oh really? Do you see this in Gaelic football or grid iron? :)


    I've tried to watch Austrailian rules football before... it makes no sense. Perhaps one day, you'll come to the states and you can sit with me an explain the damn game, but until then, I'm gonna have to pass... :lol:



    Coaching in the third game of his 10th season at Oklahoma, Bob Stoops picked up his 100th career win in a 55-14 rout of Washington. It was a milestone victory not only for Stoops, but for OU as well. Oklahoma is now the first FBS program in the country with four 100-game winners. Stoops joins Bennie Owen (1905-26), Bud Wilkinson (1947-63) and Barry Switzer (1973-88).


    Bennie, Bud, Barry & Bob...


    Apparently we have a thing for B's... I wonder if it'll be a requirement for future head coach candidates... hopefully, though, we won't be looking for a head coach for looong time yet.

  23. I'm a strong believer that alcohol doesn't ever make you do anything you didn't already want to do, it just gives you an excuse to act on your impulses.


    I think the saying is, "A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind."

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