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  1. It's not that Clone Wars is so awful, it's just that it's a kids movie. My 8 year old son enjoyed it quite a bit. My daughter (11) not so much. And there wasn't an opening crawl because it is a kids movie. The "opening crawl" was read by a narrator as different scenes flashed up on the screen. It worked well and was a great adaptation for a movie that is pointed to the 10 and under crowd.


    You know, all George Lucas was ever trying to do when he wrote SW was make a movie ten year old boys would love. It's not his fault that the rest of us fell in love with his universe as well.


    Anyhow, yes, I do have Star Wars withdrawals if I don't get enough input on a regular basis. It's actually why I joined this forum. I got tired of waiting around at Fark for a Star Wars thread. I don't, however, read much of the EU stuff. I've read the first three Zahn books and I have some of the comic book collections that I got for my son to encourage him to read, but other than that, I've not paid any attention. Though I will get drawn into wookieepedia at times. :lol:

  2. Maybe you were looking at the wrong segment of the population... :ermm:


    Oh, I'm sure of that. Unfortunately, the guys that wind up being keepers are generally overly shy and awkward at those ages. Just gives a good reason to wait until you're older to get serious about anyone.

  3. Well, caring about my looks just isn't anything I'm capable of for any extended period of time (a night out, sure, daily make up? oh, hell no). So I guess I'll just be glad I was doing other things... though I can't say how worthwhile it really was, I was a teenager, after all.


    The good news is that the guys worth having do grow up.

  4. And yet, when I was in high school and smart, fairly cute (according to others) and didn't give a damn about my looks did I *ever* get asked out?


    Oh, hell no.


    The boys were all pining over the dumb chicks that spent hours a day working on their hair.

  5. So you see here are two examples of failed relationships, one had all the other elements but no romance, the other had all romance and nothing else, Neither was healthy. Romance is important, it's like the mortar for the bricks. Without the mortar the house collapses but you need the bricks for the house.


    Thats my $.02



  6. If I remember correctly from what I've read, if Lucas dies, it all dies with him.


    Also, I do alot of forum roleplaying so i actually have a Star Wars based character i'm working on


    Its obvious what i'd write about htough if anyone here knew me that is XD


    Mandalorians, balance(not good not dark, balance like Revan) and the Taung(the orignal mandalorian species) oh yea I htink a force senstivie mandalore(taung even) leading the Mandalorians back to former status in the galaxy would be epic =P



    I can't really see that being true. Star Wars is going to keep making money after he's gone and that money will have to go somewhere. Wherever it goes, that entity will have the rights to control future Star Wars projects. He might make it his wishes that nothing else is made, but I doubt that would be honored for very long. Now, if he says "no more in the movie era" then I think we can all wholeheartedly agree....


    please... no more in the movie era... please...

  7. I gave Remote some love...


    And Viridian, but I do prefer Silver a bit...


    and yeah, shock/lightning/storm.... there is nothing more fun than walking into a room on the Ravager, hitting force storm (even as lightside) and having the whole room fall over. That's just... maniacal laughter worthy.

  8. Say, isn't MMORPG a contradiction in terms? :(


    I mean, can you even have role-playing in MMOs? Not that I've ever seen or heard of it :)


    Sure they can... WoW has dedicated RPG servers where it's expected that the people playing are in character (and reportable if you don't). Now, you don't get to be the saviour of the galaxy or anything, but you can certainly develop a character, history and play a role.

  9. I play WoW. At $15 a month, that's equivalent to seeing one movie (with refreshments) or maybe one dinner out. I know not everyone can do it and it does seem like a racket that they get to keep squeezing money out of you month after month, but really... compared to the other ways to spend your entertainment budget, MMO's are freaking cheap, especially when you consider how many hours of entertainment you can get out of them. On light weeks, I can log over 10 hours without even thinking about it.


    So, basically, if KOTOR 3 is an MMO, I will be trying it. If it's entertaining enough, I will continue spending the money on a month by month basis as long as it is still keeping my attention. If it's not, I won't.


    I don't *want* K3 to be an MMO, at all. I don't think it can do justice to the story line and I'd really like to see Obsidian finish up the story they were wanting to tell. But I am looking forward to a (hopefully) good Star Wars MMO.

  10. @Cute pie


    I think your problem is that you have your own definition of romance and since men don't share that definition they don't like romance. Have you ever considered that people can be romantic without necessarily conforming to your definition? I think they can.


    [Politeness off]


    Also, go screw yourself with that "men don't like chick flicks" bull****. I for one liked Thelma and Louise and I'm pretty sure that that is a chick flick.


    [/Politeness off]


    It does sound like you need to stop dating idiots who care more for themselves than they care about you. -_-


    Oh my...


    No, really, every guy I've ever dated has been happy to watch chick flicks with me, at least semi-regularly, but it does seem that in most long term relationships the willingness goes *way* down, when it really should be the opposite.


    And yes, Thelma and Louise is a chick flick, most definitely, but not one that's going to leave your SO batting her eyes at you and thinking just how wonderful you are.



  11. Men are more romantic than women.


    Oh, and damn you Walsingham, damn you to hell! I demand graphic detail!


    Having read most of that article, I agree with the main premise, that men are the "sherpas of romance" doing much of the hard work involved, but I competely disagree that it makes them more romantic than women. For most men romance is just a means to an end. They don't get it, they don't really care about it, if they did, they'd be just as upset if we didn't remember Valentines Day or anniversaries.


    But guys don't really care. They complain about having to go see chick flicks in spite of it being one of the easiest ways to trigger that romantic response in their SO. When most women watch a cute romantic comedy, they very easily put themselves into the story. This makes it very easy to then look at the man beside you and remember all the wonderful things about him and how much you love him and how perfect you are together. (Whether any of that is actually true is another subject all together).


    Guys, you do NOT want your women going to chick flicks without you. Even if you're falling asleep, you want to be there when those romantic responses are triggered. If it's not you, well... it won't be you...

  12. The Clone Wars


    It was reasonably enteraining and my 8 yr old son loved it. It is definitely a kid movie, and I know it's a big advertisement for their new cartoon, but I can't help but wonder what the point of it all was. Do we really need a blow by blow of Anakin's life? Anyhow, I think that for most people this one will wait until video (if you catch it at all) and it might even look a little better there, too.




    It wasn't that bad.


    I agree. I thought it was reasonably entertaining and better than I'd feared. The action is pretty constant and not incredibly unbelievable given what we've otherwise seen in Star Wars. My only two grips are Ahsoka and Jabba Jr, especially the latter who is clearly the JarJar of the film. But even so, he is far, far less annoying than JarJar. Ahsoka is a decent character, but suffers a little from "the spunky kid" syndrome, which reveals very clearly that this is a children's movie. Oh, Ziro the Hutt was also both awful and embarrasing. And not in a good way. But otherwise this was all a nice little Star Wars adventure. Definitely not a great film not to be missed, but if you go for straight, mindless entertainment for about 90 minutes, you could spend your money on much worse.


    For me, 7/10 is a good rewatchable movie. The Clone Wars was reasonably entertaining, like I said, but I don't have any desire to see it again, so it gets a 6/10. I have to agree on the Ahsoka & Ziro comments... definitely a kids movie. Not that that's a bad thing at all. It just is what it is.

  13. When I said magic, I didn't mean hocus pocus, but rather the wonder and amazement that comes from a really good connection with another person. Yes, I believe it is primarily a function of biology, which is why I said in my first post that romance and romantic responses can be manufactured.


    Archie, I'm sorry if I offended you, I just really was amused by everyone's responses to the initial question.


    Anyhow, I do believe that people who very close often pick up on each other's brain waves, somehow. I've just had too many instances of dreaming of things I didn't know, feeling things that someone else was feeling with no explanation and even having odd urges at the same time as someone else. But that's probably a discussion for another thread.

  14. Uhh... That's not what I would consider romance - in fact I would find that condition more alarming than enjoyable. What you describe is more along the lines of what I was talking about in my last post when I mentioned "passions," an attraction that is very powerful and all-consuming but might not hold up to a long-term relationship. Sure, it might be great while it lasts, but I would rather spend time with a good friend who shares some interests, and not a lover who might be completely incompatible.


    Really when I talk about romance I'm not talking about attraction. I've been attracted to people I have absolutely no romantic interest in at all and attraction can be really powerful, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a mental and emotional connection. That connection is what drives women in relationships, even their friendships and other family relationships. The connections can be stronger when added to attraction, but they're independent of each other in a lot of situations.

  15. Oh, yay, the thread opened back up!


    As a chick, I'm finding this thread *hilarious*.


    really why? hmm step into my office and enlighten me :alienani:



    Mostly I find it hilarious, because all you guys are talking about all aspects of male / female relationships *except* romance.


    Real romance is that magical connection that occurs between two people. The one that makes the rest of the world sink into the background and let's you believe that everything will be good. It's easier to experience those emotions early in a relationship and so that's why serial monogamy is so attractive to so many people.


    Romance can be manufactured and that's a lot of why women like chick flicks so much. They trigger the same part of the brain somehow, and it allows them to forget about the immediate problems in their own relationships and remember their feelings for their partner.


    However, it's a double edged sword, because romance can seriously mask the real problems in a relationship. The most romantic relationship I've ever been in was also the one that left me the most miserable in the end.

  16. The Clone Wars


    It was reasonably enteraining and my 8 yr old son loved it. It is definitely a kid movie, and I know it's a big advertisement for their new cartoon, but I can't help but wonder what the point of it all was. Do we really need a blow by blow of Anakin's life? Anyhow, I think that for most people this one will wait until video (if you catch it at all) and it might even look a little better there, too.



  17. The author ripped the story from Star Wars anyway.



    Saw V for Vendetta again. Still amazing. And apaprently, the Wachoski's only made the screenplay, and did not direct it.


    Yeah, it's really bad when you read a book and go oh, there's Obi-Wan, oh and Uncle Owen, and Han, and Leia.. damn, what a ripoff!


    It's not so much that he used archetype characters as it is that he didn't mix up the elements at all. I'm sure I'll be buying and reading the third book, though, just to satisfy my curiosity of his parentage... I don't think it's who they left it with at the end of Elder....


    Anyhow, the Wachowski's wrote the Speed Racer screenplay too... and they DID direct that one. Even if you don't wind up liking it for whatever reason, it is one of the most visually stunning movies ever. It's too bad most people missed getting to see it in IMAX, it was gorgeous.

  18. I don't know how accurate an interpretation it is, but if you don't run K2 in administrator mode in Vista, I don't think it actually saves any games. It thinks it does, it will list them, but they never load (at least mine wouldn't) and they just don't exist as files on the hard drive. What's really weird, is that if you switch it to run as an administrator, none of those games will be in your game list anymore.

  19. That sounds great, apart from the fact you're using hershey bars. I can't understand how anyone can like hershey chocolate. Still, at least it's not Nestle.


    I guess when you're raised on it you get used to it. I also think that European candy bars always seem to be softer than Hershey and probably wouldn't re-solidify well for this particular pie. You might not like the waxy chocolate, but it is good for some things... :grin:

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