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  1. There’s been a couple of mentions of Brilliant inspiration coming from Chanters in this thread, but I don’t know of any way they can apply it? Their PL9 Invocation restores 1 class resource, same as Brilliant does, but only the once and then you need 7 phrases to do it again. Am I missing something?
  2. @brasilgringo I can definitely appreciate the point you make, but like Boeroer said, they can get some great damage over time through RAW (and other) dots. Also, in the build I suggested above the Monk multiclass covers speed boost, accuracy boost and penetration boost with Monk abilities. I definitely don’t feel it’s solo worthy (never tried though), but wanted to point out it covers those ‘weaknesses’.
  3. I have been running an Ascetic (Druid/Monk) and it has been incredibly good. I use a mod to get Watershaper Druid subclass, but if you didn’t want to do that then Lifegiver would be my next option (and is arguably stronger anyway), combined with Helwalker for Monk. With the right gear and stats it can cap out on MIG and INT, and fills a very strong jack of all trades role in my party. By level 7 it has great healing potential with The Moon’s Light and Nature’s Balm, and then with a few more levels really opens up some damage and hard CC options (35 INT Embrace of the Earth Talon and Relentless Storm is borderline broken). This really comes into its own when supported by a Cipher giving brilliant.
  4. Does it work with the latest Deadfire version? The request for update is a little concerning as I would like to try this out at some point.
  5. I agree with the point about enemy HP being tedious (i.e. having one or two tanky enemies left that can’t really threaten the party alone but take a while to burn through their HP), but this problem is also evident in RTwP, especially on POTD difficulty. That’s because there’s only so much you can adjust AI and action economy before the enemies are outright ‘cheating’, but increasing stats, while ‘lazy’ provides a more difficult challenge with far less work.
  6. Tekehu as a Watershaper Druid/Helwalker Monk (Ascetic) is one of my favourite builds. I also adjust his base stats to be more favourable (though no higher than is possible through character creation), but with clever gearing and inspirations he can hit the 35 MIG and INT caps with 10 wounds. This gives him huge passive healing through The Moon’s Light and Nature’s Balm (from memory I see durations of ~30 seconds on the Robust inspiration and ~50 seconds on The Moon’s Light heal), a huge area of effect for Relentless Storm (plus much longer duration stuns) and his Foe only Chill Fog, and so many other Druid spells. Makes him a very good jack-of-all-trades. To top it off, it’s even thematic - from my top level perceptions of the Watershapers being a monk-like practice (I liken them to the Waterbenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender).
  7. Have you tried using Suppress Affliction? I haven’t used it specifically on a spell buff like Arcane Veil, but did use it on my Ascendant Cipher when they were hit with Arcane Dampener and that seemed to do the trick then. Also makes sense to have a Priest using Salvation of Time on all of those defensive buffs and potentially pushing your survivability even higher with spells like Despondent Blows anyway.
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