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  1. Deadfire ruined DoS2 for me =( wrote a reddit thread about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/bhfo8k/deadfirevs_dos2_some_thoughts_after_first/ I waited a year for everything to get patched up and for all the DLC's. I'm already on my second Deadfire playthrough. I'm thirsty for PoE3.
  2. i'm really hoping for a PoE3. Deadfire got so many things right (and a few things left unfinished). After my first playthrough (154 hours), I hopped right into the second...this game will leave me thirsty for more. it also ruined DoS2 for me (which I played for 450 hours), but that's another topic.
  3. this has nothing to do with Arcane Sanctum turns out. my heroes are getting insta-killed inside the Crucible as well. Gonna keep bumping this until this game-breaking bug gets the attention it deserves.
  4. this hasn't been fixed yet. i'm insta-dying while fighting Luminescent Spores in the Sanctum. zero injuries; spore not only insta-downs my hero, but outright kills him when he has zero injuries at the beginning of the fight. as the first poster stated, i imagine this bug gets a lot worse later in the dungeon. seems to be related to Lengraths Teachings or Safeguard being cast by the Spore, and getting charmed. i think charmed targets outright die when the charm is up. i'm a bit amazed this game-breaking bug hasn't been fixed after so many months. instead of enjoying the dungeon, i basically have to suffer by letting my lvl 20 heroes die, looting them, and retraining them after each Spore encounter (i sure as hell aint redoing these fights). weird how this bug isn't discussed much.
  5. yeah im sure it's great for a book. i read my share of fantasy novels, and appreciated them. but when i play video games, i expect a certain level of conciseness and simplicity so i can get to slaying the dragons and all that jazz. POE2 strikes a much better balance there. the lore and writing are much more "accessible". that is all i meant, not that the writing is poor quality per se. but as i said, I will probably give it another go because im enjoying 2 so much.
  6. I couldn't get into the first POE due to the obnoxiously bloated writing and limited character customization. I've enjoyed POE2 so much (130 hours for just my first playthrough on veteran!) that I'm willing to try POE again. I keep hearing the story is amazing and want to give it another chance. I know i totally ruined the story for myself by playing 2 first, but what are you gonna do.
  7. Overall I'm really enjoying my Ancient, despite him really falling off by endgame. specifically, I feel the support and dps skills of Ancient are fine. but the summons reeeeally seem to fall off. My Aspect of Galawain is tickling mobs for 10-30 damage and I'm just wondering wth is up with this balancing. it seems like a relatively easy fix... I looked for mods to deal with it, but couldn't find any. any ideas? the summon seems to have a lot of engage and tank, which is ok i guess (never better than Maelstrom). i would be ok with a 150% buff to its autoattack. and maybe some aura, depending on the animal.
  8. turn-based is so much better indeed. it will significantly increase the player base. me for instance, i couldnt play this amazing game earlier because I found rtwp way too frantic...and I didn't get to enjoy watching the amazing abilities animate.
  9. On subject of interrupts seems to me that Prone (Mule Kick and Slicken for example) is almost useless? It doesn't forfeit an enemies turn as I would expect, just drops them down the order in the current turn. Very weak effect unless I'm missing something. yes ive noticed this as well. couldn't agree more. must be an oversight.
  10. um. swift strikes/lightning strikes only hit ONCE per turn action point. and Quick Inspiration is entirely useless? what's the point of action speed for non-casted abilities (I understand dex moves casted spells up in initiative which is great) ? I'm quite new at the game granted, in fact I mostly installed because of turn-based mode. am I missing something here?
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