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  1. I voiced this opinion elsewhere but I believe initiative based turn order/rate is something worth exploring. Starting off with a more modest version of this system would be more ideal. For example, if an average character has 10 turns in a fight a slow one could have 8 where a fast character could have 12. No idea what the sweet spot is but having a fast character get multiple actions for each single action of a slow character is something we should avoid. Basically I want dex and low recovery builds to be viable for many classes w/o it becoming a definitive dump stat like it is in RTwP.
  2. My "vote" is for dropping rounds and using a dynamic initiative system. As others have explained, better initiative means more total "turns" per fight and this presents some balancing problems. Fast dex based characters will inherently have more utility meaning that dps should be measurably lower than a slower might based character. Finding the sweet spot for the turn rate is not going to be simple but is definitely the direction Obsidian should be heading imo.
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