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  1. Is it possible that you have started the quest The Final Maneuver by any chance? In this case, it is normal.
  2. You should upload your savefile as well, it would help them tracking the issue as it is fairly uncommon.
  3. It seems like you forgot to attach your savefile, or that the upload failed at some point.
  4. I believe you don't need to interact with her to find the crate. There is a dialogue that triggers automatically when you enter the belowdecks, and this still works. Also, it appears that using Shift+Click instead of just clicking the Steward allows to have a normal conversation with her.
  5. Are you using modes, by any chance? If you don't use any, then I suppose you could post your savefile here for the Obsidian team to investigate, it seems serious. PS: The Steward one is a known issue don't worry.
  6. Hello gunman78, Could you attach your savefile? That would be really useful to investigate your issue. Cheers,
  7. Ok, I've managed to reproduce your issue. It is indeed a bug. Fortunately, I see two solutions to your problem: 1) _ Reload a save prior to your final conversation with Llengrath (the one that triggers automatically when you teleport back to the Temple of Revelation after the final boss fight. So you ultimately want a save after defeating Wael but before transitioning to the main Hall) _ Go back normally to the Temple of Revelation. _ The dialogue with Llengrath should trigger automatically. _ This time, cut to the chase and tell her right away that you have the artifact. _ Do not give to her. _ Your quest should then finish normally and you should be rewarded accordingly. The issue only occurs when you first pass the dialogue, speak to her again and only then tell her that you have the artifact. 2) Less satisfying and completely barbaric, but you can use the debug command to reward yourself with the items you deserve. Of course, be aware that this solution will lock further achievements. Therefore, only do this if you don't care about collecting them. _ In the console, type "Iroll20s". _ Type "giveitem LAX03_Part_Godseed_01" _ Type "giveitem LAX03_Part_Godseed_02" _ Type "giveitem LAX03_Part_Godseed_03" And here you go.
  8. You should have three parts of the artifact listed in the "Ingredients" part of your inventory (two outer fragments, and one inner core). Those three artifacts should no longer be in the "Quest Items" section. In your Journal, The Seeds of Deception should be marked as completed. Remember that you can only upgrade an item to Mythic if it was previously Legendary. Also, this save you loaded, was it before or after you accepted the quest?
  9. Hi everyone, Could you post your savefile for this issue so a dev could investigate?
  10. Hello Aranduin, Imho, you should probably attach your PoE1 savefile as well.
  11. Hello markrkelley, Well that's a peculiar issue. The facts that the spell is listed on the right and that the uses left are stuck to zero suggest that the spell is granted by an item that has no charges left. You can post your savegame on this thread for people being able to examine it.
  12. Hi psirenny, I've seen that you also posted a question on a thread for a similar, but not identical, issue with A Matter of Import quest = https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98340-bug-a-matter-of-import-royal-deadfire-chain-showstopper/ Are you having trouble with finishing A Matter of Import or Overgrowth? In case of doubt, you can check in your Journal, in the Quests section.
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