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  1. It states the the file was too big to upload (2.65 mb). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Not sure what happened but Aloth's spell Minoletta's Minor Missiles will not appear on any grimoire (even though it was the default first spell ability selected). It appears on the interface as a separate ability (to the right of the interface) with 0 uses. Even after resting it appears as 0 uses left. On the description is will also say "0 rest". Even if I select a grimoire that has the spell already inscribed it will still not be listed as a usable spell. Any ideas? It's one of my favorite spells and I'm unable to use it
  3. Is there any way to "uninstall" 2.0? It broke the IE mod (of course!) and I only play in SUPER-slow mode during combat using the CTL button (my real-life Dexterity is about a "3"). I tried uninstalling PoE and reinstalling selecting only the main game from Steam. However, it automatically downloaded the 2.0 version. Now I can't play until the IE Mod for 2.0 is ready :'(
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