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  1. I didnt Think it was worth it. I felt that it was very breif n telling bout his father. Thats what the level was about.
  2. Who the hell are they? Never heard of 'em. What does their music sound like?

  3. Is it just Nintendo Wii Force unleashed that has the multiplayer duel?
  4. Wow i have no idea why I am suprised that this is still up.How long has it been sense ive been off sense september. Well anywho I didnt play Kotor untill i played the 2nd after i beat the secound i had the urge to play the first.So i went to a friends. In the 2nd i didnt even listen to what they had to say at the start i jsut clicked on a random answer that went well with my first answer or the path i chose. (Welcomes self back)
  5. Well when you do listen to them, listen to their cover of "Send Me An Angel" it is amazing. Oh ya, there are a bit on the emo side as well, try to find a pic of them.

  6. Do you like the band "The Dreaming"?

  7. Hey do you like Killswitch Engage at all?(Not counting My Curse)

  8. Hey u have to listen to C.O.L.O.N.Y.

  9. Songs by In Flames...My Sweet Shadow, Alias, Reflect the Storm...

  10. If you want info on IN FLAMES read my "About Me".

  11. I don't think it is funny, I bet you've probably never listened to them before. But it doesn't mater I guess. Just go this site and listen to them!


  12. All those bands but no In Flames, how dare you!?

  13. What other bands are you listening to?

  14. i used to listen to ICP.... i don't like them anymore though.

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