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  1. This should be very interesting show.
  2. Forgot about Melodic Death Metal (In Flames, Dark Tranquility, At the Gates) then listen to Blood Stain Child, Sonic Syndicate, Scar Symmetry. they are all melodic death metal bands, but many of the melodies are electronics.
  3. Question about this game...do u start out as a sith or jedi? cuz it said u could make choices about u'r game play....so couldn't tha mean u could change u'r faction?? wouldn't that mess up the factions, etc. or do u start out as neutral, and work u'r way to light/dark, or if u could even stay gray in this new game...and with these game content choices, even if u were a sith, u could switch to jedi, therefore losing contact with u'tr sith/jedi buds...lol im rly interested on how they're goin to have this set up, or even if itll work.
  4. Not a bad idea....it be set during the mandalorion wars, and/or the jedi civil war(s). that'd be the ****
  5. Who the hell are they? Never heard of 'em. What does their music sound like?

  6. So wait you're leaving the forum? Why? I'm currently posting on 16 forums...you don't have to leave a forum to go to another you know...

  7. Don't get me started on Senses Fail, I truely hate the band like no other...

  8. Hey what's your favorite song by Opeth?

  9. So U.R. u are against homosexuals? what about bi's?

  10. I learned today that women cannot be trusted!
  11. Well after In Flames I really don't have a favorite. Give an hour and I'll type up all my favorite bands.

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