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  1. You know damn well I have no damn drugs in my damn pocket!

  2. Fixed... I just googled them, which led me to that SWDB website. It says that they're known for their antagonistic behaviour and many are known as little more than bullying thugs. And also that they like to show off their strength to try and establish dominance. Sounds pretty Sith like to me. Ha Ha! xD A Dug party member would be awesome.
  3. No I tell the truth.

  4. *Cries* I seriously wanted to see Dugs in KotOR 2. A Dug Jedi/Sith would have been amazing.
  5. Oh she died last summer. She hit her head and drown. But hey, I put her to good use and now she's fish bait.

  6. *sulks in the corner*

  7. [intimidation]Hey! We Selkath got teh skillz foo!

  8. [intimidation Success] Oh I suppose I can excuse you this time.

  9. That it! You have to pay a $500 fine for insulting the Selkath or wait it out in jail. Your choice.

  10. We tend to overheat when commented. So it's natural.

  11. I feel so warm from all these friendly comments. lol

  12. Yikes. That would explain the way he's lookin at me.

  13. Heh heh you're asking the wrong guy about that. i don't know what Jodo is.
  14. I good one.. heh heh. I see one of the more polular people that play are registered here.
  15. Wow Starkiller that was good. Look me up as Orion Taladega. I'm not exactly as popular as Mr Starkiller, but I live my smuggler life. EDIT] [Oh wow i didn't realize hw old this topic was. sorry for bumping]
  16. And a second time for the Selkath.

  17. Well i play this certain game and i was wondering who else played it? it's a star wars 2D online game that is really fun once you get used to it, but hard to get into. if you have any questions, comments or anything, please post.
  18. Democrats. I would get a bunch of freakin sharks with freakin lazer beams attached to their freakin heads.
  19. I knew you'd see it my way.

  20. Ok fine! 499 and not a credit less! And it's now fisherific because we now have sharks with lazers on their heads.

  21. indeed it would. and pcs and the 360 could handle doing that so its not out of the question. chuffing hope its possible hehe we need a good space battle - i mean the ones in Battlefront 2 are okay but a bit mediocre to say the least. I want hectic like in episode 6 at the end with the second death star - just a haze of fighters lol and you in the middle with a freighter or fighter of your own just battering the crap out of them all oooo god i hope heaven is whatever you make it - cos mine would be star wars for def! Get a Gamecube. Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader First time I played it when I got to the battle of Endor I had to put it down right after it started. Seemingly countless Tie Interceptors, plus a couple of Star Destroyers, a Mon Cal vessel, and a frigate. Perhaps more. It was AWESOME. Yes that battle was a good one. Far from boring I'd say.
  22. Wow that looks amazing! Do they have like a Good Guy/Bad Guy system like in Kotor 1 and 2?
  23. Heh heh, I'm playing an online games called The SWCombine. It's a fun game if you get into it. But soon I'll be either playing Red Alert 2, or World of Warcraft.
  24. My friend already has Halo 3 but I have yet to play it. I might get it but I was never crazy about the Halo games. I liked the 2nd game's co'op, but i always thought the 1st game was meant for single player. I'm not sure why but I do.
  25. Hmm. Thats a pretty interesting interview right there.
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