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  1. You know damn well I have no damn drugs in my damn pocket!

  2. Fixed... I just googled them, which led me to that SWDB website. It says that they're known for their antagonistic behaviour and many are known as little more than bullying thugs. And also that they like to show off their strength to try and establish dominance. Sounds pretty Sith like to me. Ha Ha! xD A Dug party member would be awesome.
  3. No I tell the truth.

  4. *Cries* I seriously wanted to see Dugs in KotOR 2. A Dug Jedi/Sith would have been amazing.
  5. Oh she died last summer. She hit her head and drown. But hey, I put her to good use and now she's fish bait.

  6. *sulks in the corner*

  7. [intimidation]Hey! We Selkath got teh skillz foo!

  8. [intimidation Success] Oh I suppose I can excuse you this time.

  9. That it! You have to pay a $500 fine for insulting the Selkath or wait it out in jail. Your choice.

  10. We tend to overheat when commented. So it's natural.

  11. I feel so warm from all these friendly comments. lol

  12. Yikes. That would explain the way he's lookin at me.

  13. Just a friendly warning about that guy behind you and to the left in the personal picture. Selkath is a delicacy on many Zabrak colonies.

  14. Heh heh you're asking the wrong guy about that. i don't know what Jodo is.
  15. I good one.. heh heh. I see one of the more polular people that play are registered here.
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