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  1. it belonged to that guy on telos..was it Davik?think so.Revan stole it from him so he could escape telos with bastilla and co'
  2. Hmmm...maybe it's just me but i never had a problem with doing onderon last
  3. HERE HERE!! All these idea's are getting me drooling amounts i didn't think possible! If KOTOR III does come out anything like half of the ideas here,i'll happily die after playing it
  4. While this may have been awhile, perhaps some of you forget that, the reason that this team is even WORKING on a mod is because OBSIDIAN had a deadline. So stuff it with your deadlines. I look forward to your mod. Buddy,that was almost 2 months ago...jeez,no need to bring that crap back up again OT Erm..yeah,can't wait for the mod
  5. I think it's the 7600GT tbh,i had simular issues...but got my game to run better by turning a lot of the graphics options down. I think it's just that the card's too new
  6. Someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?lol Personally i'm of the persuasion that Nihilus' hunger is his weakness and exploitable in a easy manner for anyone wise enough to know this. I'm pretty sure Revan would've been able to come up with a plan at least as good as Kreia's. However i do think it's quite difficult to put the 2 up against each other like this..there's nothing canon to base this on as afaik there's no canon powers for revan..please correct me if i'm wrong.
  7. Hopefully KOTOR II again (probably some mods this time) other than that Oblivion,COD UO,COD2,Freelancer,Stalker and soon Bioshock
  8. Maybe,it's just that i ran KOTOR II on a 6600 512meg with the same processor/ram and had no lag/slow down problems at all...and i most certainly know that my current 7600 is more powerful than that
  9. Thanks for the replies guys (or gals) The 7600's are a slightly stripped down 7900 but more powerful than a 6800..i'll try the AA idea and lowering graphics. I'll also look at the FAQ's again..i think i missed it...any idea what i'm looking for? I have the up to date Direct X as well Oh and it is a new install,so i don't think it's the new discs on the old load.Bit late to do it tonight so i'll try em out tomorrow
  10. KOTOR III suggestion,something rather unusual i believe my suggestion is....to develop and release the game
  11. in KOTOR i really struggled to go Darkside. Couldn't do it,no matter how hard i tried...i started to go dark and then bang! i'm all shiny and bright! KOTOR II though....really easy to go dark,in fact it was loads of fun
  12. Sounds very likely,i'd tend to agree with this theory. Damaging the droids would probably make them useless and basically trash to the true sith and they'd ignore them. That at least could've been his plan....which would've seemed to have worked as T3 found the Exile and the eventual other Jedi
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