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  1. I doubt it would be any of nations linked to Deadfire, like you said too repetitive. Personally I'd want to see the next game in The Living Lands.
  2. Why do you keep asking the same question? Every time someone gives you a reason you just hand wave it. Berath doesn't need the Watcher, they're just the best person for the job. They know the true nature of the gods, they've proven that they're capable of great things, and they have a personal stake in it since Eothas literally killed them (waiting for you to claim that's an "insignificant" reason). And it's not an insignificant part of the Watcher's soul, the implication is that you've been heavily weakened without it. Also there's multiple dialogue options that demonstrate a "vengeful"
  3. Yeah there's been a couple of import bugs since release that they haven't finished. It's a shame because those are some of the most annoying ones.
  4. yeah this has been a bug for a while, I remember one of the staff members saying it was a database error or something but I never saw a fix. Sucks the whole Sefrya quest line was my favorite. It seems to be a pretty common bug too with no known workaround.
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