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  1. You're accurate on the first part for sure, I think! However, I think the implication is that the natural cycle has been *changed* in a deep way by the Engwithin technology, and so when Eothas brute force breaks it, it's not just going to go back to what it was before. We've "broken the dam," but that doesn't fix the river or the environment around it. So as I understand it, this *is* going to cause a Hollowborn 2.0 and life will cease to exist without a semi rapid fix. The whole reason Eothas did it was to make kith recognize the reality about the gods and get more independence and self reliance, and decide whether or not they want the gods to be part of their future. It's also supposed to put pressure on both gods and kith to cooperate and put them on a more equal playing field. Yikes! I did NOT realize that was the case (I really need to get around to actually playing the games instead of waffling around worrying if I'm playing the game right.). I guess we know where the series will go in Deadfire's sequel then!
  2. I'm not sure what you're saying, uuuhhii. I was under the impression that the Gods did not not exist prior to the literal Wheel, and that part of its function was to facilitate the Gods' construction. Is that not accurate? What I was trying to say was to elaborate on Tick's point that the reincarnation cycle does not depend on the machine the Engwithans built, and that the whole idea of reincarnation as a wheel was a label the Engwithans placed on the cycle and the name they gave to their machine as well, but that machine's destruction doesn't mean we're going to see some sort of future crisis that's essentially the Hollowborn except not localized in the Dyrwood and without a means to be cured resulting in the extinction of Eora's peoples, like what happens if you convince Eothas the world is beyond saving and encourage him to just destroy it.
  3. My impression was that you used Druid spells to keep yourself alive to hit things with your weapon, which in turn generated more focus. I mean, it's not like I'm playing PotD or anything.
  4. Seeing how a lot of people sing the praises of the Liberator and Warden, I got to wondering if combining the Druid and Cipher in the Oracle multiclass would at least be functional. It kinda fits with some of the ideas I've had for my Cipher Watcher from PoE1 since day 1, adding a spiritual aspect to the Cipher, without directly tying myself to the gods and stuff, especially as a Mystic from the White that Wends. The end result almost feels like a Jedi from Star Wars, using the "Force" of Soul energy that flows through and binds all living things, with a strong influence on the weak-minded! Hel, if I made the character an orlan, they could basically be Yoda! Obviously I'd be interested in following a similar route to the popular Liberator setup, using the Lifegiver Druid subclass to provide healing and defense, while the Paladin (usually the Bleak Walkers or maybe Goldpact Knights) provides the offensive might. To that end, I suspect I'd have to use the Soulblade subclass, as if I'm going into melee like a Liberator, Soul Annihilation will be an vital tool. Other than that, though, I'm not exactly sure how to approach constructing this build. What say you, the more experienced forum goers? Is this a workable idea? And what would MAKE the idea workable? Thank you all in advance!
  5. I see. Shouldn't really be an issue, I guess. Thank you!
  6. Something else I've been wondering. Anyone ever use a portrait from a race that isn't your character's because you feel it fits the image of your character better? I had a character who was a Pale Elf with a Meadow Human portrait because neither of the Pale Elf portraits have blonde hair, but I wasn't sure how I felt about it because even though you couldn't see ears on the portrait, the facial shape "felt" more human, if that makes any sense...
  7. Not to mention the use of a Wheel as a metaphor for the cycle of reincarnation (as opposed to the physical machine of the same name) is a paradigm the Engwithans created and imposed on Eora's later cultures. So there are in essence TWO Wheels, the metaphorical one that describes reincarnation and the literal one that is a machine that siphons souls from reincarnation to empower the gods. Eothas broke the literal Wheel, but as far as kith know, the Wheel as a concept is effectively still there, as apart from the gods and a very select few mortals (most of whom are yourself and your party members), no one knew the literal Wheel existed.
  8. Not to mention if you want to get that armor you have to do something nasty that will really tick Pallegina off...
  9. Quick question, I don't see Culture/Background in the OP. Is that just an oversight, or is it more "anything goes?" I know a Deadfire Archipelago/Aristocrat combo gets you the most dialogue options, but I was wondering if this build was using its Culture/Background to boost specific skills...
  10. Man, I hear you Here you go: Though honestly the godhammer plate with the 2H battle axe is more badass IMO: The new 2H sword is perfect for the "gold knight" setup: Now I just need the Sanguine Plate for my Watcher to be Little Red Murder Hobo (well, not so little, being an aumaua.) Wow-wee! I LIKE these new things! Now I REALLY need to reconsider my build!
  11. What do they LOOK like, though? The thing I care most about in these games is...FASHIOOON (these things go GREAT with a string of pearls)!
  12. I was originally going to post this in the board for the first game, but I figure it might be more appropriate here, both because a lot more people will probably see it here, and because the revamped and updated character creation process in Deadfire has many more options and details than the first game. When you design your Watcher and/or Adventurers, do you try to model their appearance after the portrait you pick for them, or just pick a generic one and then just ignore it and design their face however the Hel you want? It feels like even in the first game there's a LOT more options for deciding what your character looks like than what the portraits are capable of depicting (especially with Pale Elves, for example, which there are specifically TWO pictures, and my own character has been running around with a Wood Elf portrait because it was closer to the appearance I'd made). I know custom portraits ARE a thing, but I'm paranoid about mucking around in the games files to enable that, worried I'll break the game or something with a misplaced file or a typo... So...what do you folks think? Do you just ignore the portrait? Do you do your best to copy the portrait with the character model? Am I just overthinking this? I'd love to hear your opinions! Thank you!
  13. What I'm wondering is how much we learn about the White that Wends and Glamfellan culture in this DLC. I might need to start my Pale Elf Cipher's story over based on what I learn...It sounds increasingly from what I've seen that the majority of Pale Elves are Rymrgand-worshiping nihilists, which is...like...the opposite of how I've been playing my character (I know you can't worship Rymrgand in the game, but I'm sure she's been too Passionate).
  14. Which one is that? I think I've done all of them. I decided to go there to get Grieving Mother and finish Eder's personal quest, and was about to head into Cliaban Rilag.
  15. Is it weird that I'm more emotionally conflicted about the outcome of this side-quest than that of the main quests in both games?
  16. Wait, so if you release Modwyr's soul the sword itself still keeps all its powers?
  17. And then the next ruler decides to reverse it because they don't want outside help, in fact they want to get rid of all outsiders... Is there any evidence in the game to suggest that? The only indications of what will happen in the Huana's future are in the endings and they don't communicate such an outcome. Where are you getting that the Wahaki will take over the Huana after Queen Onekaza?
  18. Oh, absolutely. That's just good CRPG policy in general! I'm just not sure in what order I want to tackle things when the main quest branches out like this, or if sidequests in one branch impact sidequests in another branch, especially when you also have the bigger branches of the White March and the Endless Paths of Od Nua added to the mix as well.
  19. Figure that out for your party, you've got ALL the information you need in this thread. If you're forgetting: there's no solution anybody can give here for that. Thank you. I didn't realize someone had posted a list in here!
  20. Given what we know about the Gods and how the Engwithans designed them, that's probably more accurate than you think. Considering that Thaos' whole goal is to keep kith in a state of ignorance regarding the nature of souls and the Gods, having a god whose nature compels them to continually seek the overthrow of whoever is in charge at the time would be advantageous, creating just enough societal instability that kith are more concerned with revolutions and wars than, say, researching animancy. Besides, that, Iovara also says "Engwith built gods from ideals, and an ideal on its own is a grotesque and vicious thing." And Skaen definitely has the grotesque and vicious department covered, if only in his physical appearance alone. Skaen's ideals are rebellion against any authority, so when the rebels he's helped become the new authority, he will join the first ones to rise against them, and envy that can never be satisfied, perpetually jealous of the other gods who are more beautiful or more beloved than him, but unable to truly rectify that situation, so he takes that anger out on everyone else who IS weaker than him. When you use your envy to better yourself, it can be a good thing. Overthrowing an individual tyrant is an opportunity for change for the better. But Skaen lacks that context, so the hatred never ends, and the rebellions begin anew, with no regard for the collateral damage because as an ideal, Skaen can't care about it. He, like all the gods, lacks the emotional capacity to do so outside of what he represents. He ISN'T a good choice to follow. The Skaen cultists we encounter in the games are almost always enemies, broken people who turned to Skaen in anger and desperation, and even if your Watcher is a Priest of Skaen themselves they have to repeatedly lie and be a jerk to everyone they encounter, which doesn't win them friends and favors.
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