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  1. Honestly, i really doubt that, but it is not impossible. This really feels too dumb to be on purpose. Meanwhile i've stopped my play waiting for a patch, but if you are right and that's working as intended, how do i know ? ^^
  2. i didnt even knew we could put our weapon in the holster. Tried to search the key on the beginning, didnt found it, so i played the whole game with the weapon out. And as a 2H melee char, the weapon is pretty huge sometime ^^
  3. I know where this comes from: I had a mission for the Sublight faction, i believe it is called "Ice palace" or something like that in english, in wich i've been assaulted by folks from the Board and had no other way but to kill them. Thus lowering my reputation with the board. So later in the game when i have to go in "Byzance" all guards are hostile towards me, and i'm stuck in the game. I dont know if this is a bug, or if this works as inteded but think this is a top priority considering how game breaking it is. Plus the fact there is a bug in the paranoia flaw (permanently active, and the malus is doubled when you meet the flaw trigger requirement), wich gives me a huuuuuuuuge malus in charisma, so my reputation with the board hit the roof.
  4. Hello. I registered to the forums to report this issue, i can see i'm not alone with this bug around here. The injuries going on and on, they stack, and the crew morale start to drop like hell. I hope this can be fixed pretty soon )
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