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  1. Sounds like your disc might be damaged. See if you can manually copy the files to your HD.
  2. I wouldn't rule out ebay, just make sure the game is listed as 'new' and you should be fine. I got my copy of TSL a few years ago for
  3. Well there are actually signifcant differences between the two. Team Gizka did a lot to create an unnecessasry hype and wanted to fix a load of bugs (which is also why they eventually abandoned it).
  4. Petitions like this are a bit pointless. If they never got around to making Duke Nukem Forever, I have little doubt that any online petition would achieve anything for any other game. Lucas Arts already know what the fans want, but they also make a good point about trying to be innovative. If they didn't try to do new things, I doubt KotOR would be as a good an RPG it turned out to be. Who knows, maybe this MMO turns out to be pretty good, right? Considering the companies involved making it, there's a good chance we'll get something that doesn't blow like WoW or Lineage. If it's one thing I think would make the KotOR games more interesting (short of writing up an entirely new story line), it would simply be more planets to visit and more people to interact with, so it's really a no-brainer to go MMO. It's would suck though if they don't consider a single/offline mode for it, but from what I've read about the gameplay and stories, it looks like there will be more to do than just wander around picking fights and flourishing lightsabers. I'd be content if they had released a couple expansion packs and made the existing KotOR games more mod-friendly. Heck, it took something like 6 or so years until modders could figure out how to create and incorporate entirely new modules into the game.
  5. The forum controversy and years of labor you mention are for the mod that was being developed (and abandoned?) by Team Gizka. This mod was made by other people.
  6. Try defragmenting your hard-drive and clearing up some RAM by turning off some stuff through the Windows Task Manager.
  7. It sounds like your game CD is damaged mate. You need a new one.
  8. That's due to the limitations of your graphics card, I get the same with an intel 945, which was/is used in wide range of laptops. I don't think you can do anything about it. Basically anything that's supposed to be shiny (like the sith trooper armour) appears white or grey or whatevever. Also, you will notice that some force powers don't appear to have any visual effects (such as no blur when you're force running).
  9. If I want to have a fun game, I usually start as a Guardian (for the Force Jump) and then turn into a Sith Lord/Jedi Master, for the Force power. At levels over 30, you can cause (and take) some serious pain.
  10. If you need any argument for KotOR over TSL, KotOR is better simply because it felt more of a "full" game. TSL, on the other hand had a rushed release and suffered greatly from a somewhat unsatisfying ending (not to mention more frustrating bugs). Other than that, I'd say they are pretty similar game experiences, with all the awesomeness and pitfalls a Star Wars game might have.
  11. I can run both KotOR games without any real issues on a laptop with Intel 945GM card on-board card (which I'm pretty sure sucks compared to yours). The game is notoriously buggy and it doesn't seem to like too many cards. Perhaps you may want to look into some other drivers for your card.
  12. I think a point is made in the game every time you mean any of the Jedi Masters that they have, for whatever reasons, 'left the Jedi Order', whether consciously, or as a result of straying into grey territory or the dark side, in the fall-out of the Mandalorian/Sith Wars. Some of them did so willingly (lik Zez) and others didn't realise they had fallen (like Atris). Visas is a Sith and Kreia has dabbled in both, not taking any sides. Bastilla also has an uneasy relationship with the Jedi Order, having fallen to the Dark Side, so while she did recover (canonically), her experience kept her from fully returning to Jedi status. As far as I understood the training of NPCs into Jedi and Sith in the KotOR series, I have always understood them as just being trained as LS or DS Force users, rather than a traditional Jedi or Sith. After all, you basically train them on the Ebon Hawk, not in a temple where they would go through formalised tests etc, nor do you get the impression than the training Revan/Exile is giving is the sort they would get in a long-term teaching process. It is also one of the points in the game, where members from your group of NPCs will form the basis of future orders.
  13. Hmm, I find that the higher-end vitality recovery packs (or just having a LS Jedi in the party with maxed heal) to be more effective than Death Field in the long run.
  14. I don't really think there is much of a difference between Stasis Field and Insanity, especially after you hit Level 25. The choice between the two is purely down to what sort of path you want to take (LS or DS) and to save FPs. I'd say Insanity is marginally better since you can affect multiple targets a lot sooner than the light side option. Death-field looses hands down compared to the lightning storm. I almost never bother with it since the vitality you might gain from using it is little, compared to what you can get from using master heal or some of the stronger medpacs.
  15. In that case you would probably benefit from finding the fixes you need and use those instead of a questionable mod.
  16. Are you using a cracked or no-cd exe? Because that is what you will get if you use one of them on a laptop with that particular graphics card.
  17. That '1.0C' patch you have is not an official release, it's a collection of mods and fixes done without the consent of the original authors. Perhaps something over there is causing you trouble. Try the game without it, maybe that garners some better results.
  18. If you have many mods installed, it could be a conflict between some of them that is causing it. Look into the readme's for more info on this.
  19. It's a laptop, so changing gfx cards is not an option. It doesn't seem like an issue with the card though if it's happening at random. It sounds like it could be an issue with Windows 7. I understand that the compatability with WinXP is not perfect, so maybe it's something that can be resolved with an upcoming update/service pack.
  20. Yeah, I don't think there's any real way of getting a widescreen option working smoothly; you either get the stretching (which can look awful), or mods that don't quite work properly (if you do get it working: I recall someone saying that the widescreen mod disabled the mini-map or something). You'll just have to put up with those black bars on the sides, I'm afraid.
  21. Don't remember where I got it, I didn't test it in the end. I'm sure it was somewhere on Filefront. Anyway, I googled it and this came up: http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/...title=Downloads Have a look.
  22. I'm guessing you're trying to run the game in widescreen, to get rid of the black borders to the left and right of the screen, right? Unfortunately you can't, the game doesn't support it. I believe there is a mod that says it enables widescreen, but I don't think it works properly.
  23. Mind trick is funny to use on Kreia's lightsabers if you have a high enough Charisma/Wisdom modifier. The joy of KSE...
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