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  1. Btw, i tried that but doesnt do anything. I set the parameters in swkotor.ini in graphics option a larger resolution (also did the same in display options) but the result still the same. Does any of you guys can choose a larger resolution than 1024 X 768 ?
  2. dam, nothing works, i tried the widescreen mod UNIws but it doesn't do anything. Its so annoying. I cant stretch the the screen because its a laptop, and the nvidia aspect scaling options doesn't work. Any other options available? (am desperate )
  3. Hello, i ve just installed KOTOR TSL on my computer running on the following specs: Intel Core Duo T8100 2.2 4GB DDR2 RAM Nvidia GeForce 9500m GS Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Here the problem, the game runs just like a CHARM. The only problem is its not on full screen. My native resolution is 1280 x 800 , and the in-game resolutions is at maximum which means is 1024 x 768. All the anti-alias settings and anistropic filterings are in highest, also all graphic details are set on maximum too. I play the game smoothly but its not on full screen you can see the black frames at your left and y
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