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  1. Ok i went in and i couldn't rename them .mp3, how do i do this? Do the following: Settings --> Control Panel --> Folder Options ---> Show Known Extensions After you get your extension to be shown, go back to the files in question and change their extensions. Once you have renamed the files, do not click on them to open. Instead, right click on your files, and then choose "Open With". Once the browse option opens, look for the program called "WinAmp". Remeber to make sure you remove the check from the box that says, "Allways open this file type with this program", for you don't want to change your default settings. "WinAmp" is the only program that will read the music files once they are changed over into a .mp3 file. www.winamp.com Good Luck!
  2. Alot of people have had this issue. Unfortunatly, there is no definable solution for your problem. The only way around this is to restart your game from a previous saved game. Sorry!
  3. The link should normally work. Star Wars Knights uploads his tool onto their servers. If you are having an issue, you can sign up for an account at LucasForums.com, and then ask TK102 about where to get his tool. Keep in mind that some tools go extinct, for there are newer programs being released. Also check LucasForums.com for the technical threads, which are in the Knights of the Old Republic forums. Everyone that runs the forums are usually nice people, so you should be able to find what you are looking for.
  4. When it comes to the cheat console in KotOR II, you will not see it like you do in KotOR I. After you hit the ~ key, just start typing as usual. After you have entered your cheat, without it appearing on your screen, just hit the enter key. The cheat code will work, but it will not appear on your screen. [Game Options] EnableCheats=1 <---This does work. If you did everything correctly and still have a problem, you may have to reinstall the whole game over again. There could have been a glitch that was caused by accident. Updating the software doesn't really help much, and it doesn't help with this particular issue.
  5. Normally, the 'retard' you are talking about should talk to you before the fight. After he is dead and gone, you should be able to open the coffin in the back of the room. Get the lightsaber inside. Once you have your item, head towards the door. Eventually, the Mandalorian should show up to lead you out.
  6. Did you accidently right click on the .mod file, choose the Windows Media Player, and forget to uncheck the box that say, "Allways open this file with this program"? Maybe you made an unconscious mistake.
  7. That does seem rather interesting. Some movie and novel writters are somtimes told not to see anything that preceeds. Some times it helps people to not repeat storyarchs. When proffessors teach figure drawing, they have their students go through relaxing techniques. I don't think it was a waste of time. They should practice this on a regular basis. Some of the greatest improvements to stories comes from not being exposed to the material. Just like artists, writters need to flex their mental muscles.
  8. And just why do you think that? It's not like everyone has terrible memories, you know. I mean, perhaps you might come up with a statistical argument that supports your claim that there aren't as many people on the TSLRP bandwagon now as there were like, a year ago, and I do think that's the case, but who's to say most of the people who've fallen off the bandwagon aren't going to jump back on come a certain time? I mean, I guarantee you that many of those people were monitoring the progress of the mod, and they thought to themselves, "Oh, okay. This mod will take some time to come out, so I'll just go off and do this and that and this and that, because, that's simply the way of life, and if I take my mind off it with lots of real life, including hobby life distractions and stuff, time will fly by, and after a certain amount of time has passed, I'll check how the mod's going." Besides, I would find it odd if the impatient individual {and I'd say the impatient ones would be the stereotypical internet geek types who'd learn one way or another from their geek sources that the mod has been completed} who jumped off the TSLRP bandwagon because to them, it was taking forever to come out, and they could no longer control their nerd rage, so it became a problem, wouldn't jump back on the bandwagon the minute they found out TSLRP mod has been completed. Heck, you said it yourself. If that were the case, then tell me why this mod, above all other TSL mods {I say that because I haven't heard jack **** about these other TSL mods} has a higher interest level base from the fans and is more well known than these other mods? Very well. I'm going to keep my thoughts about your final question to myself. Sounds like you have an answer for everything else.
  9. Neurion is a thinker. I can admire a person with the sense of logic.

  10. i wasn't so much refering to the time it takes to make the game really - i was refering to the fact that Lucasarts seems to have lain off everyone who was working on the game- hence ending production. I was mearly saying that if the concepts of KOTOR 3 have been stopped completelly (in the terms of never making the game at all) i believe that they should seriously reconsider. However i do agree with many comments on both fronts. It could always be a ruse set up by lucasarts to make us think that the game will never be released, but it would be a strange move for lucasarts to do such a thing, having always been rather forthcoming with games in the past. I hope this is the case! However, saying that, although i view KOTOR 2 as being just as good as 1, i still think it could have been better if the designers had finished the game later, rather than a rushed release. I hope that lucasarts and especially obsidian (if they will be the lead crew for the next installment), that they do not make the same mistake twice. Not in any way connected with this discussion i know, but the major reason i love KOTOR 2 is for the Villains, especially Nihilus, as i think the concept of a "mystery man" with his power is ultimatly the most haunting in the whole Star Wars universe. They created a masterpiece with Nihilus But yeah all what i said before - i dont mean any disrespect to any of the designers but i do think they could have created an even better game given the time, but it was a fantastic game nontheless, much more dark in most ways than the first hope you reconsider lucasarts, we need another game in the series at some point - whether a long time or short! I think you are in the right. If the time factor was taken with a little more consideration, I also think that the game would have been extrodinarily better in quality. I think that another year in production would have made a major difference. Whenever Lucas Arts gets started on "KotOR III", I hope they consider the legnth of time needed to produce a quality game. I really don't care who creates a third game. All I hope for is that they take the time to think things through. If Lucas Arts is keeping a lid on things (thus, the game is in development), I think it is a good move on their behalf to keep things quite. Creating a new story to stitch the mistakes due to bad editting is tough. When you cut content from a movie or game, the event being edited doesn't exist to the viewer. We don't have ESP. We can speculate, but we don't have ESP. While creating a third act to KotOR, I think there is some important things to clearify inorder for a story to make sense. Thats a tought job.
  11. Regardless about when this is released, I think they will have a small cult following. They have been working on the mod for a good two and a half years, and I can see them working on this in December. Real life comes before hobbies and games. When ever they get finished with the mod, I will be back to see how they did. Keep in mind that other "KOTOR II" restoration projects have been done. I think there are about four or five of them now. Team-Gizka is not doing anything that has not been done, but they are the only ones that have done extensive research on the cut content. Keep going people!
  12. Almost every single United States war was about oil. This is not a new concept. Even the Civil War was about the oil manufacturing in the south. Lincolin just used the premise of 'Civil Liberties For All' to bolster support for attacking the south. After our initial attack on Iraq, I knew we were going for the oil refineries. Iraq holds 20% of the oil supplies for the world. We should have seized them sooner. Alan Greenspan Rules!
  13. Not everyone believes that "Knights of the Old Republic II" was anything near as good as "Knights of the Old Republic I". My skeptic side sees something very different. The majority of the people who I know offline hated "Knights of the Old Republic II", and about half the people I know online hated "Knights of the Old Republic II". I like the game myself, but I don't think its fantastic. When you are dealing with Obsidian forum visitors, the vast majority of them like "Knights of the Old Republic II". After holding a forum about "Kngiths of the Old Republic" the series at school, you would be surprised about how many people believe that "Knights of the Old Republic II" had destroyed their interest in the series. Just because the majority in the Obsidian forum like the sequal, that does not mean that the majority of gammers like the sequal. "Knights of the Old Republic II" did great in sales due to the success of "Knights of the Old Republic I". Until someone does a real consensus about the second game, no-one can really say that "Knights of the Old Republic II" was the best in the series. If you are talking about your own personal experience, you have all rights to your opinion and I respect that. Truthfully, I personally don't want to see a third act for at least another four years. I hope they keep us waiting for a while. Once the mixed emotions about how people feel about "Knights of the Old Republic II" subsides, I think people would be open-minded in buying a third act to the series. Until that occurs, I think they will hit a brick wall.
  14. First, thanks Steve for the help. Downloading now. I have no problem with running KotOR I, but I have been fighting to get KotOR II to work. Maybe this will solve my issues. Thanks man. Second, most of the computing world is running 64bit cpus and 32bit operating systems. Unfortunately, there are a few applications that are incompatible. Most of the 32bit games I have runed worked well on MS Vista Premiem. When the computing world makes an operating system jump, there are allways a few programs that don't make it. "KotOR I" works flawlessly in MS Vista on a 64bit cpu. "KotOR II" doesn't like to play well with others. Maybe Obsidian used a different approach? Some games that made the cross-over: "Knights of the Old Republic I" "Diablo I" "Diablo II" "Tom Clancey: Rainbow Six" - Whole Library "Tom Clancey: Ghost Recon" - Whole Library "Vampire the Masqurade: Bloodlines" "Star Wars: BattleFront I" "Star Wars: BattleFront II" "NeverWinter Knights I" "NeverWinter Knights II" "SimCity 2000" "SimCity 4" "McGee's Alice in Wonderland" Again, all the above mentioned work perfectly with MS Vista. All I did was use the updated patch from nVidia.
  15. Okay, okay, okay! Maybe I'm a little too hard on the lads. If I wasn't very interested in their work, I wouldn't be visiting the thread on a normal basis. Yeah. They do have my respect. Remember, both negative and positive attention is good for public relations.
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