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  1. A bit late on this, but it's really more of a visual novel/platformer game. It's not for most people. At all. --- Been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey lately, notably the DLC. So far, I'm not feeling the underworld stuff since it's mostly drab and grey with some sort of arbitrary portal sealing mechanic, but I'm trying to push myself into the final DLC area which is supposedly a lot better. I've also been playing a lot of FFXIV. Man, it's like all of SE's good writers decided they wanted to work on the MMO instead of the trainwreck of mismanaged single player titles. I haven't
  2. After thinking about this for a bit, my understanding is that Larian was probably chosen to develop BG3 over Beamdog and Obsidian because they have experience developing games with heavy outside-the-box environmental interaction (compared to most other devs having virtually no such experience). When they talk about wanting to make a DnD-style experience, I think what they really mean is that a typical DnD session more or less involves coming up with ways to really bull**** your way through situations using the environment in really creative ways. So, the answer to your question is 'very',
  3. Ugh, quoted the wrong post. To the person who said that Larian is most likely just trolling to build hype, I'm pretty sure trolling using a licensed IP that doesn't belong to them would open them up to legal action. It wasn't that long ago that, IIRC, someone contracted with Bethesda pretty much ripped off a DnD campaign when writing a pen and paper scenario for the Elder Scrolls franchise, and Bethesda had to do major damage control with that considering they're normally the lawyer-siccing party. There's also this happening too. Console ports for many of the old DnD R
  4. Eh, I'm fairly optimistic. That's just the Divinity franchise in general. I imagine with a different established franchise like Baldur's Gate, they'll rein in the humor. Especially since it's not really their IP to begin with, and the bulk of the writing will probably be handled by the DnD people in turn. As for it being TB VS RTwP, that's up in the air. If they want to call it a sequel, it has to be RTwP. That said, they also clearly have the resources to pull a PoEII and have both TB and RTwP in the same game.
  5. Larian studios teasing something with 'III' in the title. http://larian.com/ Datamining indicates that it is most likely Baldur's Gate 3. https://www.resetera.com/threads/larian-studios-teasing-something-new-on-their-site-logo-metadata-contains-reference-to-baldurs-gate-3-see-threadmark.119852/page-3#post-21264147
  6. You were actually right at endgame, there was only one (or two, depending on endgame choices) chapter left. That said, the endgame of PK was probably the most infuriating thing I have ever witnessed from any modern game, and I wonder if the developers were bonkers with the encounter design there. Moreso than the rest of the game. Freedom of Movement was MANDATORY to have on everyone at all times, and lord help your entire party if it was dispelled and you ran out of spell cats (or ran into the annoying persistent field buff in the area that stops 50% of your spells from working because wh
  7. I want to say, I imagine another significant factor in the possible decline in sales for PoE2 especially when compared to D:OS2 is that PoE2 was already known to be launching with DLC being released later. I find there is a growing mentality in the gaming community - especially among cRPGs which have a recent but very major reputation for being a genre with games that constantly launch with bugs out the ass and being mass re-balanced later - where a significant amount of people will refuse to buy said games until all DLC is released, the bugs/balancing is ironed out, and the game is put on sal
  8. Hubris doesn't exactly lead to making bad design decisions while trying to fix a balancing issue that was prevalent throughout a previous game. That's more of a lack of foresight, especially when people who played the beta didn't have a problem with the armor system, and thus never aired any grievances during the testing process... Until the insane stat bloat later in the game ratcheted it from a 10 to 100 problem real quick. Now, if you want to see hubris, the disjointed writing of POE2 (especially in regards to god interactions) is pretty high up there. Granted, a lot of that was becaus
  9. I'm not sure if this was ever brought up anywhere, but I've started a new game and it appears to me that a lot of dialogue was re-written and even re-voiced. I'm noticing a lot of altered lines that I swear I haven't heard before, and I've barely finished the tutorial cave. I am particularly impressed, not only since I thought this not necessary for minor NPCs, but the re-voicing must have cost even more money.
  10. I've been bouncing between a number of games over the past few months. I dropped FFIII right at endgame due to the grueling grind the game expects you to do in order to clear the last leg of the game (you have to go through the game's final two dungeons and like six bosses in a row -without saving-, and the level difference of enemies at the start of the dungeon and the final boss is like 20 levels). I dropped Shadows: Awakening at around the halfway point I think. I actually did like the game overall, but I guess I didn't like the gameplay loop enough. Since the game is split into t
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wesvzmNEMpU This 'Pathway' project actually looks really interesting. Seems like an indie X-Com, but I also get Pillars vibes from it.
  12. Finished Fell Seal up to the end of its current release, and now I'm eagerly awaiting the full release (presumably in a week and a half). It really is a Final Fantasy Tactics inspired game, and in some ways even deeper (at least in terms of class variety). But dear god is the Cleave passive and Knight's One for All ability broken to hell. Cleave gives you an extra turn if you KO an enemy (though thankfully it's capped at one extra turn per 'real' turn you get). One for All lets you attack anything within range of your weapon attacks if the target is attacked by a party member using any of
  13. Finished Edge of Eternity up to the end of the current build. The last fight was way harder than it had any right to be, and currently feels like it basically boils down to a lot of grinding and RNG since there's nothing on the field for your party to take advantage of. Your caster starts within striking range of the enemies in that fight too, so they absolutely HAVE to spend their first turn getting out of the way, because trying to cast something against four enemies without getting interrupted/outright KO'd are not good odds. Apparently the devs are working on a formation setup that le
  14. I think the thing that rubs me the wrong way the most about this whole Epic thing is that one of the biggest arguments in defense of it is that it's supposedly 'good for the developers'. But in some cases, it seems that it was more of the choice of the publishers rather than the developers, which leads me to question how much of the money is actually going to them. Some of the games had the developers literally put up achievements on Steam mere days before they were informed that their games would suddenly be timed exclusives on the Epic Launcher. There's a screenshot floating around of O
  15. Finished Kingdoms of Amalur. That final boss fight was pretty cool, but I feel like I broke the fight by being an archer so the final boss' actual attacks never had any chance of hitting me. The major threat was the mooks anyway. I've started on Edge of Eternity, an early access turn based tactics-style JRPG that takes environment and weather into account in its battle system. The game is unexpectedly beautiful, and the game actually already forced me to think about my tactics from the first real boss fight. The writing can really use some work though. A lot of the dialo
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