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  2. They keep whining to me about not getting rest. Does that effect anything in the game
  3. i like when games have deep philosophy. it is an amazing story. a God, named Eothas, heading to destroy the wheel of reincarnation in the lost city of Ukaizo for the purpose of evolving kith beyond what they thought they were capable of, or atleast "Speeding up the process" of evolving kith. Eothas is certain that animancers are close to unearthing the science behind what the Engwithans achieved back in their time such as creating the wheel and by breaking the wheel he is certain that kith will be capable of much more. well imagine living in that time. knowing that you cannot be reborn if you do not find out a way to build the wheel again. no doubt all kith will set their priorities straight. power, money, and land will no longer hold any value. all kith will unite under one sole direction, and that is a "Future". and this will cause a huge leap in every aspect in kith life, from science, animancy, politics, economics. one thing Eothas had in mind is that he will put an end to poverty sooner. and there will be no more of "rich getting richer, poor getting poorer", all the troubles and worries that kith had and dreaded upon a day to day basis will be a thing of the past. So the obvious thing is that, Eothas Believes that the only way for Kith to reach this state, they have to do so by themselves knowing that relying on Gods will do them no good whatsoever. They have to find out by themselves that what they are capable of is beyond their wildest dreams. All watchers will be busy as hell working with animancers on their experiments and machines, collecting data as they reach one breakthrough after another. since the time they have is very limited. infact limited only to those generations who are alive. i mean i hope we dont end up like the golden colored people in the golden colored city in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Eothas imagines that kith will become so advanced that everybody will be knowledgeable in sciences, animancy, arcana. and animancy can be used to teleport people from one place to another. saving fossil fuels reducing pollution... My view in all this is alot different from that of the big giant adra statues. Eothas hasnt the slightest idea of what being a mortal kith is. how can he decide what is more important for us kith, when he doesnt even know what loosing a loved one means. if Berath will lend me her power i will use it to fight him for all the souls he is using from the adra pillars to move that giant statue, for the animancers he sacrificed in port maje and every other being on his way to Hasango which he blames me for, for all those stuck in the inbetween, and more importantly for all the people of Caed Nua whose lives he ruined. and about the wheel. the way i think about it is. where did life come from. how did life start on earth? Bill Nye proved that some living organisms can live in a small commet and survive the journey in space and even the impact on earth. so that means maybe life came from another planet? and before that planet was it also another planet? the same question goes for the wheel. i just finished the game .
  4. anyway that big giant adra statue hasnt the slightest idea of what being a mortal kith is. how can u decide what is more important for us kith, when he doesnt even know what loosing a loved one means. im siding with Eder. if Berath will lend me her power i will use it to fight him for all the destruction he has caused, to all the people of Cad Nua trapped inside him and all the sacrificed people he thought were trivial in comparison to his Greater Cause and to all those stuck in the inbetween.
  5. Maybe. Im not sure about this. But Eothas found a way to end the "rich getting richer and poor getting poorer " thing... no matter your religion :/ ? Am I way off?
  6. well when u are leveling up the character and you hover the mouse over the great sword. the little box shows the name of the mace ability and one more thing that really should be changed. if u move on of the character portraits up a little bit u can move it around to change its position. this is a bad idea you should only be able to drag because most of the time i only press on the picture to simply select a single character but the pictures moves up by a tiny bit and i have to organize the pictures again. just leave it to dragging
  7. 1. I like what u got 2. if you go next to any of those petrified people that eathos leaves in his path. u can go sneak mode and pause the then keep clicking on them even if they turn to ash u will still collect gold.
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