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  1. Not necessarily the most effective or a power build, but I had lots of fun with my ranged Dual Pistol Beguiler/Trickster Mindstalker. Basically a lot of crowd control and turning enemies against each other. I think I had more fun with that build than my heavy damage dealers.
  2. I agree, at release Beckoner was pretty good. At lvl 1 you could at least quickly summon a horde of mini skeletons at the start of every battle that would at least keep enemies at bay, while you picked them off at range. The main complaint is that the summons all looked really funky since they were all pretty tiny. Now with the +1 cost to summons it is almost a Troubadour without the ability to quickly build up phrases, and losing the extra linger when your not.
  3. Wahai Poraga isn't a bad poleaxe, but you have to watch the AoE damage since it is FoF. Then there's the Whispers of the Endless Paths, though that has been nerfed a bit.
  4. It is a bit sad but I kinda agree with Aeons. However, Aloth/Islemyr and Eder's banter isn't too bad, but Aloth's quest is kind of a dud. Pallegina seemed not much more than a sidekick that just complains a lot. All in all, outside of Takehu's arcs they are all kind of more just like the sidekicks with a small side quest tacked on.... well I guess Xoti has a story but it is almost more like a lovestruck teenager crushing on Gaun/Eothas.
  5. I'm running MacOS 10.3.4 and I get a message saying that the program crashed upon exit as well. Doesn't happen every time, but most of the time.
  6. It seems like my wise cracking passionate Darcozzi seems to easily earn favor with a lot of the companions. The rational stoic character, not so much.
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