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  1. Im playing through POTD as a Sage and its been no problem so far, so I can tell you the Monk end of things is still good. Fighter I really can't say as I didnt play it much before patch. Maybe if you want a martial class with no restrictions on rp, consider barbarian or rogue, they didn't get touched and both multi well with Monk. If its strictly between Fighter or Pally, I think Pally is prolly better but I doubt you'll feel too terrible about picking Fighter either.
  2. Was wildstrike really a problem? Iunno I kind of felt Shifters sucked compared to other martial classes, did they buff them some other way to compensate?
  3. Votary and Fanatic are both worth considering. Bleak Walker and Shattered Pillar sort of fit together Roleplay wise, so do Bleak Walker and Berserker.
  4. Monk/Paladin also doesnt care about waiting the extra levels because Paladin early game is strong as hell
  5. I don't really want to go too crazy and drop stats for roleplay reasons (And to give myself just a wee bit of challenge by not min/maxing for PotD). Though if I can drop Constitution safely I might pump Dexterity a bit just to attack slightly faster. Also, I don't mind if they tweak it slightly, though I hope when they tune PotD they focus more on making the encounters harder rather than just nerfing everything. So with that in mind, how about... Might - 19 (8 + 1 Human Racial) Constitution - 10 Dexterity - 13 (2 + 1) Perception - 16 (6 points) Intellect - 10 Resolve - 10 (
  6. Crusader is stronger, there's no question, though we'll see if that changes with the balance patch. Templar is certainly good enough for any difficulty as well, Im sure it can POTD solo if thats what youre into (frankly any Paladin multiclass probably can), but Crusader will be superior in any setting. Im tempted to suggest Arcane Knight if you want Paladin/caster but that might not be thematically what youre looking for, however one of the big draws of Magran templar are fire spells and im pretty sure multiclassing Wizard just does that better and earlier. You lose priest buffs/heals, but tbh
  7. It sounds like the poeple hating on Chanter just skimped on perception, I was AOE-paralyzing everything on POTD without issue.
  8. The Chants and Invocs are ridiculously good though. Take the passives from your martial class, thats not the point of the Chanter, though having 2 Chants active at once with a Troubadour is better than the vast majority of passives.
  9. Take a look at the weapons list here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_unique_weapons. For guns, Dragon's Dowry shoots fire bullets, and Blightheart shoots corrosive bullets. The spearcaster arbalest, while not a rifle, is a magic-powered ranged weapon, which gets better the more you invest in the arcana skill; its not shooting bullets, unfortunately. If you're willing to use pistols, which seems thematically worse, there's Eccea's Arcane Blaster and the Thundercrack Pistol both of which are magic. Closest thing in the blunderbusses is probably Xefa's Em
  10. I would just say that these things need careful consideration and experience with each class and its combos. This is why I'm not willing to tackle any buffs in this thread, especially for all classes at the same time. I'll do some class specific ones when I'm more comfortable with my understanding of all abilities. Pretty much the same here. I've messed with Chanters and Rogues enough to discuss them with some knowledge. In fact, outside of maxing a Monk to try Inner Death combo, I have been retrying different Rogue/Chanter combos. Finding out what works, and what doesn't. I haven't
  11. Ive had a good time with berserker/streetfighter with blunderbusses to proc the streetfighter passive. Since blunderbusses hit your own party anyways theres a "synergy" there with berserker. I'm not running solo and imagine the build wouldn't be tanky enough to manage that, it does crazy damage though and will only improve once the blunderbusses reload bug is fixed.
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