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  1. there's a mod on Nexus for that now that works perfectly. It also opens up the other 'hidden' classes like Pallegina's Paladin Order, Priest of Woedica, Tekehu's Watershaper class, Sister of the Reaping Moon and Maia's gunhawk and the chanter stormcaller. Only one I wouldn't trust currently is the wodica priest as the text is all bugged out on that one.
  2. I agree with the main companions aside from Pallegina. I'm finding as Herald actually makes her useful, as she can just be chanting the whole time, giving buffs and heals, summoning stuff while she swings her big sword. Don't miss the paladin high level abilities in the slightest. The sidekicks have been fun to multi, Rekke and Mirke are ridiculously powerful (think Rekke's particular ability synergy will be removed at some point so get it while it's hot) Haven't played with Ydwin as my main is a Mindstalker (also ridiculous) and Konstanten came a bit late to the game. I made Fassina an entirely summoning based caster (summoned weapons included) and it's cool seeing her flood the battlefield with beasties
  3. who is the quest giver for the Master Kua bounty? It's the last head I have to turn in and I can't find anyone to take it ANYWHERE. Ugh coimpletionism
  4. argh same for me. I can sail to dunnage with the floating hangman as per the quest's requests but she just keeps giving me sabres. I've tried everything at this point to get Aeldys to acknowledge that I've acquired the ship. Also after commandeering it I managed to lose half my crew, WORTHLESS IDIOT is missing! Nightmare. So many bugs and workarounds, they really don't want you to progress with the Principi faction questline do they.
  5. Thanks for looking into this Caleb. Please take into consideration when you come to de-bugging this that a huge amount of us will have used one of the workarounds posted here in the forum. Personally I used the sparkcrackers and sneak method (worked perfectly!) which has resulted to Morena and the whole room hostile, although I was able to progress with the quest. I'm not sure how it works from the development end but bear in mind different methods might have produced different results. For instance I think there's one that uses the wizard spell that swaps positions with an enemy (?) to get in close enough. Because it's a quest you'll come to relatively early in the game (first district in the 'hub' location, it'd be a huge shame if the fix addressed how you access the quest so we all have to revert to early saves and essentially go back and start over. Again, thanks for looking into this and hope we can see a quick-fix without too much bother soon.
  6. yeah this is a bad one, I can recreate this pretty much every time. 2 dismissing amd recruiting more than 1 partys member seems to trigger it more often for me.
  7. The item 'Cabalst's Gambeson' whilst displaying in the item text as having an armor rating of 9 (exceptional) is only giving me a rating of 7. Seems to be tied to the item, not the character as other ratings work fine and the same issue appears on all companions. Playing on Mac OSX save game attached
  8. I believe POE1's encounter design was criticized as ebing to monotone, so that's good. And it should actually hurt to tune your char so extremely towards the offensiv, otherwise the stats would be meaningless. yeah the fights are way more dynamic. As an update now I've got a few more levels and have got to grips with how my mindstalker fights, he's an critting unstoppable death machine. it's all about placement. An item that grants a barbarian skill has helped this even further.
  9. I've gone overtly glass cannon and am suffering (playing veteran) Moon Godlike, Deadfire Archipelago M:18 C:5 D:19 P:20 I:15 R:3 Weapon profs: Sabre, Stiletto and Pistol (do we get more of these and at what level?) I played with similar stats in POE1 and going was tough to begin with but got through it and at later levels it wasn't a problem. There seems to be far more cases of monsters coming in behind, flanking and throwing my formation out of whack in Deadfire. Really hope I don't have to console edit. Currently searching for Con and Res buffing items to help out. Any idea where I can find any? Also noticing monsters going for my player character and having a lot more ranged abilities than in POE1. The damage is insane though, really enjoying watching him just explode stuff.
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