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  1. Your outrage inducing attitude has turned this exchange into an insufferable affair, and it was wrought with hyperbole and needless exaggeration to begin with.
  2. 1. What about armor? Also more dmg? It doesnt make sense whatsoever. We dont need another damage stat. I want to be able to spam debuffs on enemies, I dont always want dmg. 2. It looks like super simplified version of what I proposed that is equally hard (if not harder) to implement 1. There already is a damage stat which is might. What I meant was might can be melee damage, dex for ranged/finesse weapons and int for spell damage. I am aware this would completely change the philosophy behind the stats but DEX needs more importance right now. Some sort of avoidance if you are wearing light armor could also work. All these steps would bring PoE a bit too close to D&D though. 2. Not sure what you are trying to convey about my second point frankly, I guess you agree with it. It would be up to the developers how to implement a mechanic like this and decide how to make it work easily.
  3. Traditionally in turn based tabletop rpgs like d&d, as you level you get to make multiple attacks in your action. If you have a weapon that needs reloading, you only get to make one attack despite of this. Since we don't have multiple attacks here there doesn't seem to be a disadvantage. Maybe a disadvantage wouldn't be needed if they are relatively equal to the weapons which don't need reloading?
  4. you presume too much with the "needs total overhaul" statement. This model of sequencing can work, people just need to get used to the idea that action speed doesn't do much anymore. Following adjustments could bring more balance I think: 1. Prior design for stats seem to favor RTwP and action speed. If DEX would give damage for ranged and finesse weapons for instance, people would rage less about what DEX actually does. 2. If stats are not changed, and dex is still mainly about action speed, there needs to be some pooling mechanic for initiative I think. Essentially, if you are considerably faster you could get to act again after your bonus pools up after a few rounds for instance.
  5. I will make sure to try these techniques out, thanks This is excellent wisdom, thanks. For my wizard the idea of a shield was sort of anathema in my head but it's time to evolve
  6. well...yeah...I mean if the player gets boarded then sure, then there could be an element of chaos I suppose. Even then it should take a while to get boarded I imagine, with the enemy ship getting closer and everybody should see it coming at that point. Honestly I don't know why the formation gets shuffled like that. am suspecting is a basic ship mechanics or dialogue issue. after ship dialogues with gods, your formation is changed. poe had a number o' similar encounters. skaven under-temple forced dialogue would alter party formation and at least one dragon encounter did similar. forced formation shift is literal the first thing we complained 'bout when ship boarding were implemented. no traction. in any event, ship-to-ship combat is actual a bit exploitive. you are able to engage in ship combat as soon as you leave port maje waters and neither the difficulty slider nor the enemy ship level limit your chances o' success. sub level ten player will be able to reduced named ship captain population o' deadfire waters to zero, resulting in much unique and superb gear becoming available for your lower level character, as well as providing much experience via ship bounties. do all ship bounties and start nekataka at level 10-11 and with superb gear... and have a nice bit o' money too. HA! Good Fun! When you introduce sandbox elements to an otherwise linear experience I think this kind of stuff is bound to happen, though it's part of the fun I think. To come up with ways to do things out of order and be stronger than the game expects you to be is great fun in my opinion.
  7. well...yeah...I mean if the player gets boarded then sure, then there could be an element of chaos I suppose. Even then it should take a while to get boarded I imagine, with the enemy ship getting closer and everybody should see it coming at that point. Honestly I don't know why the formation gets shuffled like that.
  8. ah ok, before I never considered ship combat a possibility actually, because: a) I didn't like the mechanics / approach as much. b) since in my earlier play-through I got so much loot from intimately murdering everybody in person, didn't imagine I could approach that level of material gain. Interesting I will look into that.
  9. Hello! I am a wizard. I tried to board a ship. The following happened: 1. The game completely changed my marching order, placing me on the front. 2. The first second of combat, every single member of the enemy crew proceeded to target only my wizard. 3. Death scene from bonnie and clyde (1967) 4. After a few reloads I managed to preemptively heal my wizard and through a complicated series of manoeuvers succeeded to hide him in a place with less LoS. 5. Every single member of the enemy crew proceeded to target only my wizard, ignoring everybody else and eating opportunity attacks from my front-liners. (thus my wizard becomes a sad and bloody chum bucket in the corner by the stairs.) So what should be the strategy here? Over-level every other ship and then overpower them? I tried the cleric isolation spell. It worked to save my wizard's life, but I rely on him to do damage, so by the time it runs out everyone's dead. Buy min maxed npcs from taverns and pirate with them instead? Just avoid pirating with a wizard pc? I mean I remember bathing in the blood of my enemies in my paladin play-through. Any build and strategy help or even exploit of AI or mechanics is appreciated - because seriously this situation deserves it I think. This is on veteran difficulty btw, not even in PotD. Many people must have managed this, so obviously I must be missing something. Thanks & have a good day!
  10. *Comes back after months of waiting to have a complete and stellar playthrough experience* Unique items ruined when you crit-kill the creature that has them. Response: "Oh yeah that game ruining bug will be fixed on the next major patch." I am sorry if I am exaggerating here but isn't this something that needs to be addressed rather quickly with a hotfix or something? Am I missing something - maybe 3.1 is right around the corner, expected to be released in a week's time? Sorry if that's the case, it's my fault to have been misinformed. Again I know I must be sounding a little entitled here, and I apologise. It's such a bummer to have this kind of a bug at this moment of time though, sorry to say but rather disappointing.
  11. My prediction of what's going to happen after wizard is "balanced" : 1. late level spells won't be worth casting. ( because of casting times and point 2) ) 2. Weapon casting spells will be buffed. This will be the best damage dealing option. Especially combined with +hit and convert to crit buffs coming from ranger and fighter. 3. Defensive self buffs will be nerfed. HP and deflection from other classes will be necessary. 4. Because of 1,2 and 3 wizard is going to be a great multiclass option, but a terrible single class option. I think I'd rather have the wizard as a very potent single class. Meh in the beginning, weak and pathetic even, but Dr. Strange at the end. Is this so wrong to ask? Concerning resting: Make it like tabletop rpgs, if you rest in a dungeon it should feel risky. Add punishing ambushes.
  12. These answers are very helpful thank you. After playing around a little I came to appreciate the early level defensive spells more actually, and later on I am confident damaging spells will be devastating enough
  13. Character creation, weapon proficiency, blunderbuss: "Overloading shots with powder causes short a range incendiary, but the thick smoke is distracting to the wielder." I think this should read: "Overloading shots with powder cause a short range incendiary, but the thick smoke is distracting to the wielder."
  14. I really wish the effects of power levels were more clearly displayed. In D&D for instance when you look at the description of a spell you will know what the spell is going to become at later caster levels. In character creation I think there are some problems with information in general, like missing links and tags for many abilities and effects (even few typos.) For a lot of people this might not be important so it's a nitpick admittedly, but I enjoy having all the information and planning before the game begins.
  15. I'll check those gloves out, thanks. Godlikes in general I find sort of jarring. Their mutations are bit too much for my tastes. Nature godlikes seem to be staple for many meta builds though.
  16. I know there is great power in there somewhere. (People have observed so at least.) I on the other hand feel like wizards aren't as...impactful. I have only played up to the 2nd power level so It is too early to draw any conclusions of course but I feel like: 1. In the beginning casting and recovery times are too long for what happens after the spell lands. Do the power levels improve them and make them worthwhile? 2. Enemy AI tends to drop engagement and hunt down isolated, squishy ranged dps. Heavy defensive values alter this aggro behaviour somewhat. So medium / heavy armor doesn't look so bad. This would naturally wreck recovery. So...does that mean increasing dexterity and taking low recovery high casting spells is more favourable? Or just self buff instead of armour? 3. Where is the power? When do you start feeling it? Which spells help turning the tide or devastate the battlefield? 4. In PoE 1 I felt like things were more like in D&D where spells from every tier were easier to cast, had a more noticeable impact, but limited in quantity. I really liked this. In Deadfire, I feel like you just ignore the first 5-6 tiers and hope you get to the good stuff. So essentially what's a great way to build a single class wizard? Can someone teach me how to approach this correctly? Thanks.
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