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  1. I've never seen one on KotOR I. But on TSL it started with Sion, then Nihilus, then Trayus and then me.
  2. I've always preferred the first KotOR. Probably because it was complete and it was an almost perfect game IMO. But I wonder if TSLRP will sway my judgement....?
  3. I've only ever played either KotOR on the xbox and really want to play them on PC, but my PC's crap and I'm always on my laptop and it doesn't run either KotORs....lol ah well, I guess I will one day.
  4. KotOR Favourite Planet: Korriban - always fun. Least Favourite Planet: Kashyyyk probably, but so hard to choose because I like them all - EVEN TARIS WAS GREAT! KotOR II: The Sith Lords Favourite Planet: I don't think I have one.... Least Favourite Planet: Peragus II
  5. I noticed something as well....in KotOR II when in the Mandalorian camp, the flags lying around have an amazing resemblance to the Infinite Empire flag from the first game. On wookiepedia it said that it could be Canderous's tribute to their victory over the Star Forge in KotOR but anyone can edit a wiki-site.... Anyone know about this...?
  6. Oh GOD. This isn't the non-canonical one where Vader has an apprentice and wants to take over the Empire, is it?? ....b-but KotOR III......WE WANT KOTOR III!!! Or hey even a preuel with Kriea in the Mandalorian Wars.....that'd be fun........KOTOR III! KOTOR III!
  7. The Romeo and Juliet thing was the worst thing George could have done - Now when I see Vader all I see is a little boy crying for a new girlfriend.
  8. Single Hilt Blue Dark Kriea I don't know my favourite location.....probably the and 7 out of 10 because it wasn't finished. Team Gizka's KotOR II will be a defo 9.
  9. wow!!!11!!!! Awesome, I might make my own.... but mine are cr@p so please MAKE MORE! lol the one with the bad guys and Revan waving was fantastic.
  10. I assume he died since in KotOR II you were searching for the last Jedi Masters and there were four.....well three if you don't count little miss 'I'm dead and in a cage' Korriban. I would like to think he survived though because him and Vandar were great masters.
  11. Hi, this my first post and I figured 'hey I'll post here first' so here I am posting. Watch this... (ahem!) I played through Pergus twice in the last 2 weeks and it took my like an hour and a half on both times.
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