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  1. Thanks. Here is the save file right before the Hangman combat start: http://www.filedropper.com/marasea25e1072f-f4b4-40c3-a825-80d5dc15552a780078851 More info on this bug which might help: I noticed in the Fampyr cave fight a couple times that when Maia was charmed, the combat became very, very slow - as if a large amount of data was loading. One time it became unplayable, so I had to restart the fight. My computer has no performance issues otherwise (SSD and 8th gen i5).
  2. I'd like to add that in the Subterranean Temple (island east of Neketaka) where you find the Magistrate's Cudgel, there are three dead people in the southeastern corner. They are displayed as blue/lootable, but cannot be clicked/looted.
  3. During the Flying Hangman combat, Maia got dominated - but when the effect ran out she still stayed hostile, but didn't do anything. After the fight, I went to a village up north first. There she was still hostile and my characters attacked her. Knocking her out didn't end the fight. So I reloaded and went to the Dunnage bar to get Ydwin in order to try to charm Maia. But there Maia appeared as a friendly, but you cannot give her any command. Here is the save file: https://www.filedropper.com/showdownload.php/mara25e1072f-f4b4-40c3-a825-80d5dc15552aautosave2
  4. Same here. You'd think all the game stopping bugs should be fixed now over a month after release. Then you can focus on making sure the hair displays correctly with different hats on.
  5. I've had that problem in the release version as well. Though it's not even as much of a problem as the freezing of the game when entering the Digsite lower level. These two bugs might be connected - something at the Digsite is screwing up the game.
  6. Ahh, so it is a bug, I just thought I did something wrong. Anyway, the Engwithan digsite lower level transition now crashes the game for me while it didn't before. The Engwithian digsite lower level has been crashing for me since day one. It's a critical bug that prevents progress and should be high up on the agenda.
  7. The last update on this issue was from May 21: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99870-post-102-patch-beta-faq/?p=2028357 They are aware of the issue, but haven't found a solution yet - at least back then.
  8. The Engwithian ruins arena freezes when loading for many of people who have 4GB of RAM. Some could load it with the console, while for others it is still a game breaking bug, so that progress is impossible. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97587-entering-engwithan-digsite-arena-sub-level-causes-freeze/
  9. Same here. Still cannot play the game because of this loading issue. Would be nice to hear that it is being fixed at some point.
  10. There's your save in the beginning of Arena Sub-level. The same place I took the screen capture from. If that doesn't work, then = ?????. Unless it's about free RAM: I can drop my free RAM down to 3.4 / 4 Gb - simply by starting the game & when it's gets to the title screen, where you can load --> exit. Also on my laptop, when it used to froze there, the game was taking from 1.87 Gb <--> 2.05 Gb of RAM. Thanks a lot, but loading the save file also leads to the same freezing/crash of the game. Here is the output.txt for that crash, in case the developers need it: http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_22
  11. Tried increasing virtual memory to "min 4096 / max 8192 Mb" (and included "-force-d3d10" when launching) and still no change. The rest of the game loads just fine, it is only this one area.
  12. I picked up Aloth, but the arena loading issue is still the same. However, for some reason, with Aloth the freezing of the game is now somewhat different: I have the game running in a window and now I cannot change back to that window when the game freezes, whereas without Aloth I could switch back to the non-responsive game window. It is weird as hell. I suspect that having a slower laptop with just 4 Gb of RAM might be the reason why I still cannot get it to work. Hope they fix the arena loading bug soon.
  13. From what I understand, Aloth cannot join your party until you complete the arena. Tried the walking up and down in the pub and then loading the arena. Still doesn't work. I noticed in the task manager that the game doesn't freeze completely and still continues to use the CPU, so I let it run for about 8 hours. Curiously, the memory usage of the game went down from around 1 Gb to 175 Mb, but the game is still unresponsive.
  14. Here is a save file that cannot be loaded (inside the ruins, but outside the arena). It freezes the game in the same way as when entering the arena: http://www.filedropper.com/maraengwithandigsite25e1072f-f4b4-40c3-a825-80d5dc15552a755382974 The output log for that crash: http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_20 And my dxdiag: http://www.filedropper.com/dxdiag_15
  15. Here you go: http://www.filedropper.com/marajungleb7b1a4a9-401b-45b0-b5cb-5cc28e094ab5754913485 It's in the Jungle from which I tried loading the arena through the console. It's the same freezing that happens when I go to the arena through the ruins map.
  16. http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_19 Still no luck with loading the arena, even with the console command to transition there from outside the ruins.
  17. People found a workaround with the console: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97587-entering-engwithan-digsite-arena-sub-level-causes-freeze/ If you use the console to load the arena from OUTSIDE the Engwithian Ruins, then it works, So apparently, the problem is that the preloaded Engwithian Ruins files interfere with the loading of the arena.
  18. People found a workaround in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97587-entering-engwithan-digsite-arena-sub-level-causes-freeze/ And Caleb said in another thread that they are looking into it: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97852-black-screen-at-arena-sub-level-in-engwithan-digsite/
  19. Other than the Mac issues, the freezing up of the game when entering the arena under the Engwithian Ruins is probably the biggest bug that prevents many people from leaving the first island. So far it is not even in the list of major issues, even though people keep reporting it both on Steam and here as well: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97587-entering-engwithan-digsite-arena-sub-level-causes-freeze/ Is it getting fixed as well?
  20. I played the first game with a Ranger (due to them coming with an extra fighter basically). Ranger + Chanter seems like a good combination, since neither of them loses too much by not getting the most powerful skills. The Ranger/Chanter can conjur an upgraded Drake, which is probably good enough (can't do a Dragon though). Ranger + Druid probably works well too. Both are nature and alchemy types and shapeshifting may be a good idea when you get surrounded by enemies.
  21. Same problem. Since this is a game breaking bug, it should have high priority in my opinion. I tried the lowest graphics settings, as well as starting with and without importing POE1 saves - the game still hangs up while loading the arena beneath the Engwithian Ruins (the cursor appears and then it freezes). Here is another save game and my dxdiag to speed up the fixing: http://www.filedropper.com/marab7b1a4a9-401b-45b0-b5cb-5cc28e094ab5autosave0 http://www.filedropper.com/dxdiag_11 Also, and this may be related, loading saves from the Engwithian Ruins also often freezes the game in the same way.
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