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  1. This is a new issue i've just experienced upon trying to play today, the screen will go black for a few seconds and then jump back to normal. Very odd but makes it basically unplayable as it does this once every 15 seconds or so.
  2. Seems to me from looking at the skill trees that the Black Jacket / Assassin may feel like it has more damage options. Am I wrong at seeing for the Black Jacket / Bleakwalker I'd really only be using penetrating strike and flames of devotion?
  3. Just about to start my first play-through and can't decide between pairing my Black Jacket with Bleak Walker or Assassin, both seem to have full attacks with the Assassin having more. I get the feeling that the Black Jacket/Assassin would be more of a strict damage dealer and the Black Jacket/Bleakwalker being able to DPS and provide more utility to the group. Anyone have experience with these builds, and could recommend what to do/avoid?
  4. What’s your build? I’m still a bit away from playing but was planning a gun black jack build, so this is surprising to hear I mean comparing with PoE 1 reload time they are too fast, u get like 2 sec reload time when dual wielding pistol + modal Gotcha, however wasn't the damage lowered? Currently in its state from what I've seen, it seems black jacket is definitely the way to go to maximize burst and dps. I'm looking at a Black Jacket / Streetfighter build using Arq to open, switching to pistols and maybe a blunderbuss set in there, depending on if im unable to shake aggro
  5. What’s your build? I’m still a bit away from playing but was planning a gun black jack build, so this is surprising to hear
  6. I haven't built one myself, but general sentiment from others on these forums is that blackjacket/ascendant seems to be a pretty viable option for a gun toting character
  7. bump, was my first post so got buried as it was waiting for moderator approval and additional approved posts ^_^
  8. I was curious of upward level scaling was imperative to have a challenging experience throughout, now I know
  9. I’m the reroll king in Pillars. Took me maybe 30 hours of playing 1 in order to find a class and stick with it
  10. Anyone else having this burned in graphic glitch? it's a non-interactive graphic stuck in right of screen, and only is there on 3440 x 1440 resolution It is there during any cinematic, any screen, as soon as the main menu screen starts up. Attached is the image, almost looks like the edge of the tutorial box, but that'll pop up on the screen fine
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