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  1. Those are the sounds in my head when i watch Deadfire preview's. I purposely have stayed away from Deadfire news, trailers, tweets, this forum... because PoE is my adult Icewind Dale, my Baldur's Gate... Now that I have started to look into Deadfire, I am overwhelmingly impressed. I cant wait to set sail with a crew misfits. Thanks very much Obsidian, it looks effing great!
  2. Thanks guys, I have sent Mikey a message. Maybe something could happen. fingers crossed. FOR RADAR!!!!
  3. I checked out Buck. That's a good story, ill prob check that out. Do you know a way i could send a message to anyone @obsidian? i can compose a new message here in the forums but no clue who to send it to.
  4. As a PoE lover and a pet lover that had to put a pet down recently, I now regret not paying for That tier of pre-order. I got the Physical CE tier. Now I wish everyone could play with a pet named after my Radar (German Shepard Mix) if anyone plays the Fallout series, he was my Dogmeat companion in every game.I miss my old boy and it would have been nice to see it as an upgrade to other tiers after the fact.
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