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  1. Benweth can live in Mirke's path. You just need a high diplomacy check I think. Don't plant a bomb, just talk to him after he plays.
  2. From what I have read, only Aloth stays, and only if you tell him to abandon his business with the Leaden Key, saying it will work itself out.
  3. He sounds like he was a pyromaniac from what he said, and he's being punished by being sent away from his country. He makes me a little scared. The Song of Ice and Fire book series deals with monotheism vs. polytheism in an interesting way; the monotheists say that the multiple gods are just different facets of a singular god.
  4. That's the only nice thing you can say to him there too. It's either "I hate you", "You're a pain in the ass", "I don't care a whit about you", or "You're fun." I wish there was more to him. I like him.
  5. It is really funny to blow him up, especially the lines he and the audience say right before he hits the keys.
  6. No, there are 3 routes. You either storm in, stealth in to the forge and steal ship OR stealth in, go outside and do the quest with Mirke to make a party and blow Benwett up with a planted bomb when he plays the piano thing. And if you do it the Mirke way, you also get to talk to Syri the Siren who tells you about Remaro and his room before he left. You can also throw the party and NOT blow him up, but talk him down. You can also have the pirates steal his ship and you lure him to the outside walls and you can talk him down there. Aeldys is less angry if you keep him alive.
  7. And with my unsuppressed Iselmyr, I can't get his +2 dialogue to trigger at all.
  8. Behind the tavern room, through a locked door to the north, then to the right after the door is his room. Take Serafen into that room with you and a conversation will start.
  9. Yeah, you kind of skip all the build up of romance and just go straight to, "Okay, we're a couple now." I've heard him comment on how he wants to take my girl to the bathhouse when everything is over, and how he enjoys their private time, and when Tekehu questions him, he remains pretty tight-lipped about their relations. But no further "love talks". He's kind of like "Old Owl Well" Casavir at this point. XD
  10. I hope that with an expansion/DLC, Eder's ending will be changed because this is just depressing. I haven't beaten the game yet, but if he spends the rest of his life "camping on Elafa's grave" then that is just lame. He deserves better.
  11. Someone said if you make Bearn hate Eder, Eder will come back to you in the end or something. Might be worth trying.
  12. Whoops. I've been sailing for months with plot fruit in my inventory. Whatever timed portion there is has probably expired in my game.
  13. Well, i've not tried to recruit him without destroying the orb, so... Maybe? But he's a decent crewmate. Doesn't eat or drink, i think (but costs more gold? maybe?) I was hoping he could eat my kith pies. :<
  14. Well, for my girl with Aloth, Maia immediately turned that conversation into a romantic one, saying it was too bad my Watcher was already attached. If you don't cut her off with "let's keep it professional", she keeps hinting in a romantic direction otherwise. She doesn't outright say, "Let's bang," or anything.
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