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  1. Nothing in Pillars of Eternity ever indicates that magic or arcane power comes solely from intellect. Surely, yes, we meet many smart mages but those mages are magical theorists. People who study magic academically. There are just as many mages in the game who don't show any signs of being smarter than average. Maia, for example, can be a wizard. Her magic, in that case, clearly comes from somewhere other than pure intellect since hers is only 10. Also in general I think tying "magical damage" to a separate stat is problematic because where do you draw the line? Many fighter and rogue abilities are clearly magical. Do Druids rely on intlligence for magic even though theirs CERTAINLY comes from a place other than books they've read? Do priests? Do Ciphers? You assume magic in the POE setting works like it does in D&D but it very obviously doesn't. And I don't see anything wrong with that.
  2. This is more so that the last post in this thread isn't awful more than an actual argument I want to have but like. It's pretty clear that they've tried a LOT in order to get this bug fixed. If they're asking for people's PC's then it's likely they simply can not reproduce the issue on the PC's they're using over at Obsidian. Yes, people uploaded their log files but anyone reasonable can probably assume that that wasn't enough. Really wish I lived anywhere near the Obsidian office so that I could loan my laptop out to get this fixed but just gonna hold out hope that SOMEONE is nearby.
  3. I wish the number and types of unique items weren't so unbalanced. We really need more unique axes and didn't need nearly as many unique sabers or swords
  4. I've been looking around to find the answer to this, but haven't been able to find any. So, on the offchance a dev decides to answer me here, or someone else did a better search than me, is there any news or information on whether or not the upcoming console versions of the game will have all the features and free DLC that have been added to the PC version since launch? Or will it be like it was back on release day?
  5. Hey can anyone tell me if it's still possible to trigger Maia's romance if I get her comment about being with Tekēhu then immediately break it off with him?
  6. I really hope the issue is even able to be fixed. None of the solutions in this thread that worked for other people have worked for me at all.
  7. So I assume the idea that there would be a full patch today was some weird game of telephone?
  8. Having the same issue myself. My graphics settings are already as low as possible, so I tried turning off vsync, and setting multisamping to 0 in the registry but that didn't work at all. Linking my save file just in case though I suspect it's engine related more than save-related. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w2JNo5byQLNKnslwGALvLanHDQolrx5d
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