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  1. Officially there are 2 . But in my oppinion there are no endings in this game. LA must reconsinder the expansion pack for this game .
  2. What I really liked as Dark side option was the manipulation of the wookie to reject his life dept. Also the lie options that gave dark side.
  3. My dark name is Darth Apolyon. For light side I used Zatrogen.
  4. Pinkth Gandalf. But we must not mock the misserable cretures who was slain by the Pink side. As good sith lords we must simply destroy them and unite them to the Pinkorce. :D
  5. I wonder if we can remove her eye cover using new clothes.
  6. Only for XBOX and for year 2004. The next year will bring other good games that will be certenly better.
  7. Ok so for instance if you didn't want to join the Jedi from the start and you wanted to become a sith does that mean all Jedi would be your enemy from the start? so you have sith as your allies and the Jedi would be you pure enemies so instead of Darth Ni or Darth Sion being your enemies they would be your alllies but you betray them and become leader and Atris or whoever follows the jedi would be your main boss? is this what you mean? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I you choose sith then you must ally with a sith lord(until you backstab him ) ,so you will fight the rebublic and the o
  8. The type of Battle Medication you are going to use is for small battles so it doesn't require full meditation.
  9. Force SCREAM This is going to be a very usefull Force Power
  10. Nar Shaddaa is ruled by the Hutts and the Exchange. Everyone has something to prove there, and the strong prey on the weak -- no sooner had we touched down before two thugs approached me, looking to strip me of my credits and my ship. I could have scared them off, but I decided to give their minds a little push... and make them think jumping off the dock platform would be the best way to get to the ground - even if it took them a few miles to hit it. At last a useable option for Dominate Mind. All the way to the Dark
  11. Actually it is a little better than Force Valor and what it adds to you it is removed from your enemies.
  12. No you can't avoid Atton no matter what. He is the one who does to you the Revan Questions.
  13. Actually I want prefer to blow up a star.Imagine the fun of blowing up the Star of Mannan, we will have then the Mannan ice cube with frozen catfishes.
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