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  1. Seems like a bug as the sap lamps continue to work.
  2. Surely that's a bug... why give the main priest companion a unique weapon that literally cripples a core part of the priest class.
  3. Trickster looses out on some sneak damage. Imo its assasin or no-sub depending on how glass you want it. As for the mage subs, if your picking one for spell blade I can recommend transmutation or illusion. Both can apply aoe blinds with chill fog and curse of blackend sight and get paralysis later. Illusions image spells also help overcome the glass by buffing the heck out of your deflection stat if you go assasin.
  4. I sincerely agreed with you, don't know how the mage subclasses were designed, they are utterly underpowered, enchanter is good for multiclass simply because its spells are needed and the class has a decent ability. I think there are some hidden gems that look less favourable on paper than they play. Illusions mirror image sounds weak till you play with it and realise an instant free cast 30 deflect that can last for well over a minute of combat time is actually pretty neat for a low hp caster. I still think the +powerlevel for specialising wizard should be higher like 2 or 3 levels to compensate properly for the school lockouts.
  5. Yeah I don't rate them that highly. The Evoker's ability is pretty decent but I'm not sure it's worth the penalties. One small thing I have noticed, it looks like the 'bonus power level' covertly increases accuracy of spells by one. The Illusionist spell blade I tried out had accuracy 27 for evo and trans spells (20 + 4 + 3) and 28 accuracy for illusion spells (still listed as 20 + 4 + 3).
  6. I got a stylish pirate hat (with eye patch) at the start that had a per bonus. I was more disapointed about misding the looks on that for my moon GL.
  7. The more important question here I think is how much does a power level affect the strength of your skills, If single classing is adding 10-15% to the effect of your skills then that is the payoff vs extra resources, versatility and synergy of multi-classing.
  8. Nope. In this case it's +1 Power Level of cast spells i.e. the spells you can (from that school) will be slightly more powerful. It doesn't mean you have access to spells of a Power Level higher (yeah, Obsidian used Power Level to mean two different, but related, things). Thanks, this is the kind of thing that can make a significant impact on class choices at the start of the game. In retrospect, they could have just differentiated between 'skill level' and 'power level' to make it easier to understand. I could imagine there being a place for a wizard multi-class that specializes in a school and hence looses two schools for the benefit of preserving most of one, but based on this, the wizard sub-classes look quite unappealing now.
  9. I have a similar question. If I multi-class a specialist wizard, does the +1 power level for X spells let me cast say level 8 spells of the specialist school even though I have multi-classed which normally caps spell levels to 7?
  10. Hey, still mulling over a first play-through class for tomorrow. If anyone can Illuminate how this combo might play out I would really appreciate your info. Some questions I have: Does the Illusionist power level bonus apply to the Trickster Illusion spells? Also does the +1 power level to illusion spells let you ultimately pick up level 8 Illusion spells? i.e Wall of many colors & Kalakoth's Freezing Rake? Are Illusion spells effective enough with the power level hit from multi-classing? Is the sneak attack nerf for the Trickster subclass compensated for sufficiently by setting up more consistent sneak attacks off the back of illusions? Overall I'm hoping this combo would play well as an aoe mental based controller/debuffer with modest range damage compensated somewhat by modest sneak attacks of opportunity in between the mental terror he unleashes. Thanks in advance for your response
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