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  1. so you read the manual provided with every game and it helped alot imagine that! seriusly though i do think the information on witch keyboard to press could be alot clearer but they are changing that in a patch, as there was alot of text and some peoples just like to press ok without reading anything on those tuturials it need some kind of ingame place where all keystrokes is for a quick reivew. not just the tuturial and help topics, with that said it could be a lot worse also. and with the patch (if it works as it should ) will sort out most of my issues i think he mean the abilitys
  2. i do say playing 15000 games it quite a feat considering it would take a grown man his entire life to do so (i really suck at math but 15000 games and say that one game is 15h that is a LOT of time in constant playing (no eating or drinking or earning a buck to be able to continue playing (he could be wealthy though)) lot of years can someone calculate that who is better then me at math? And why getting so frustrated with the game? why not return the game or sell it and move on to bother an other forum with you little FITS if you hate the game so? sorry for my bad engli
  3. i am wondering if anyone know an ETA on the patch other then SOON??
  4. ordered it yesterday, they sent it today, will get it tomorrow, is at hospital tomorrow hoping to get home a bit earlyer then usual and then PLAY, not sure witch char to play first though
  5. this have probably been answered several times but i have not heard the answer i live in the pal regions and it seem to be some confusion about the release date (from me anyway:) ) i have heard several answers on this questions from various sites but is the game coming the 17th june why is it slated in the news of the official homepage that its coming the 27 of may? (by the way the opera web browser is giving me a malware warning when i enter the site do not know why (the is not malware that i know of there) http://eu.dungeonsiege.com/news-article.php?release
  6. if i have one points in melee and one in lightsaber will i when i get a lightsaber get to count both of them in battle??
  7. 4. kreia said that when you two where in a fight you did not get kreias damage and kreia did not get hurt becase your sences were trained too dissregarde that things.... Hope you understand i am not god at writing english it is not my native language
  8. favorite planet:telos favorite male character:Bao dur favorite female character: Vistas mare favorite NPC: (non playing character) Atris favorite evil character: sion favorite part of game: interacting with PC: (playing character) and PC interacting with each other. thats it, thanks for a great game. call me fanboy it
  9. i have not gotten through the game but i must say i liked the game wery much. said my piece back to lurking.
  10. this is from gamebanshee (too show this is only rumors unless bioware and obsidian work together) http://www.gamebanshee.com/news/static/EEp...ZElRJBBMoPl.php The folks at GameDreamz are reporting that a third Knights of the Old Republic title may be under development by Obsidian Entertainment. Since nothing official has been announced, however, it should not be considered fact just yet. Here are the few details they speculate on: George and crew are most pleased with the initial performance of KOTOR, so pleased in fact that KOTOR 3 is well into development! This time h
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