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  1. They will be generated over time like mana regen but will get interrupted when you take damage for a short while. I hope the focus generation speed is pretty high otherwise Psions are just ****tier Chanters
  2. I believe that since they live for so long, they do things in much more relaxed manner compared to humans who do not live for long. Simply put Elves arent as knowledgeable because they are serial procrastinators and in general lack the curiosity that humans have. That is my opinion on this matter anyway
  3. They were among the weakest classes in several polls even before the patch, 1.1 weakened some of their few decent abilities. They are not only (perceived as) weaker than many other classes, many of their spells seen to be hardly worth casting (if an ability that stuns someone for 6 sec blocks you from doing anything else for 6 sec as well, you've not gained much). Furthermore, ciphers only somewhat shine as crowd controllers, but don't have viable tools for other roles (DPS, tanking, buffing, healing, ...) I am curious because before that patch I found ciphers to be hilariously broken (at least the ascendant). Very solid CC, good buffs/debuffs. I won’t be checking 1.1 before it s finished, but I was curious because from my experience ciphers were in a need of a major nerf. They did get nerfed - Body attunement got a hard nerf(+5 to +2) , soul annihilation damage nerfed by 50% , time parasite nerfed by 50 % and some minor nerfs , no buffs
  4. Cipher powers outside of charm/dominate ones are just plain bad for most part. Time parasite also got a hard nerf effectively making single class ciphers weakest class in the game by far. BTW Soul Annhilation damage is reduced by 50% so that got hit too. Next thing we know, all bosses will be immune to intellect aflictions
  5. There is a wizard buff that can reflect spells and skeleton mages use if often. It could be that.
  6. Right now time parasite is the only reason for Cipher to go single class , take that away and there is nothing left for single class ciphers over multiclass. Even in Ascended state, Ciphers are still weaker than most of other single classes so it will be important to fix CIpher being weak before fixing its strong parts
  7. Most spells are trap because they are bad. Cipher has only few good powers which make it from being garbage. Right now , ciphers are barely above rangers in terms of performance.
  8. Most of Cipher powers are pretty bad and in current state of game is pretty much among the weaker classes. On the other hand , fighters are among the best classes in the game with high survivability and defense.
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