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  1. Yeh... So, how much money did you manage to raise? DL <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. There are worse places to get waxed... :ph34r: DL <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't even want to imagine Lets just say it's the worst place I was waxed and leave it at that "
  3. No, but when two women are finding more and more creative ways to inflict pain it goes to a whole new level! I had...*sniff*...Slow Double whammy! aka "1..2..3..*scream* They even did my achillies tendon (Ouch) It did nothing for my faith in *cough* evil, sadistic *cough* women. I'm not cheap! " $10 the works.....High class!
  4. Two myths dispelled in one fell swoop! You heard it first here folks
  5. This is up there with people saying "hellish" or "wicked" for something good. But santa claus aKa Child Eater! Thats something else.
  6. Starsailor - In the Crossfire Highly recommended!
  7. This isn't recent though, just thought I'd clear that up
  8. Try merging the names "Obi Wan Kenobi" and "GhostofAnakin" Maybe try: "Obi Wanakin" "
  9. Another couple of old ones for the collection. Triceratops T-Rex
  10. Oh, I'm sorry, was this mystery solved last thread?
  11. And I mean this inherently, no
  12. People who don't dare do it themselves pay money towards what we are raising it for, for the privilage of witnessing others do the deed instead. Yes I know, your looking at me in a whole new light.....I'm a man of the people now...a martyr if you will!
  13. :"> *mumbles* It's for a *stutters* good cause. :">
  14. Although it is for a charitable cause...... " Anyway my dear mother (who works as a barmaid) politely informed me today that she has volunteered me to get my legs waxed this saturday to raise money for a firework display for the children of my villiage come November 5th. Anyway what I want to know from the girls here is.....Does it hurt? Will I cry? At least she goes in the stocks, so I may hide a brick in a custard pie Anyway I posted this at TES forums and got quite the varied response, I wonder how it will do here....hmmm....
  15. I voted option two, I played TSL a hell of alot less than the original. It did seem a little of a rehash and just didn't capture me like it's predecessor did. Other than that and *cough*ending*cough* it was a decent game.
  16. I should choose your avatar, because if I can't, I'll simply choose one anyway and use it myself..... And I may choose one that says "I'm an idiot!" Consider yourself warned.
  17. I showed that to my mother the other day, now she hijacks my computer all the time.
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