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  1. Some curse style class would be needed - necromancer for example or shaman Also treasure finder class would be nice who could find some extra stuff from loot, rare incrediences for example and got some other nice utility skills to boost party Vampire which could have some life draining & horror skills Juggernaut - Heavier version of fighter which got various types of shield handling offensive & defensive or protective utility skills.
  2. Dude, put a counter number on the builds or some other smart logic. it's very challenging to check what new builds you have added previously. This is list almost impossible to check through.
  3. I'm waiting for more usefull weapon proficiencies. Most of them are just crap. There could be multiple profiencies per weapon.
  4. Gotta try an antelope ranger with the new challenges without game pausing. The antelope sounds like a perfect damage buffer.. the ranger itself could be a 2-hander offtank or cleric/druid/ pally healer or such..
  5. I expected much more from the patch. Improved balances, improvements in using ingame AI(atleast for summoned stuff), more useful items, more content. DLC's should affect to early game also to be enjoyed much more. Make the companions more versatily & add an option to reroll the class for them. Also add lighter graphic settings as an option(gtx560 is too slow to play the latest god challenges without pausing the game & resurrections within short time) The idea of the trinkets was a nice idea. Too bad they are rather useless.
  6. @Boeroer Thanks for the reasoning. And thank you for the huge effort also. The extra tagging sounds good. Could you also add some "minor nerfed", "major buffed" tags when build is older, for example v. 1.0 etc? Some builds breaks while patch notes turns live but there are also some nerfs/buffs that would be nice to show up.
  7. Bump up. Anyone created any browser UI for the kind of tool? Can't download excels or such while working at office.
  8. The list is quite fine now but I suggest to improve it to make it more useful: It's just impractical to memorize all latest version builds and try to remember which builds are new on next time when checking the build list. Also categorizing the builds by author might make the checking easier. There's just too many classes in the game to put them in class order. And you ignored the date part that I suggested earlier. Even the date of latest modifying were a small improvement.
  9. Hi. Could the builds be in chronological order so it was easier to check if there's new builds available? Or at least a date of the latest update would be nice.
  10. I suggest you to make Eder a tank because you want to be a damage dealer with your main because of the Berath's attributes. Eder isn't so optimal character as a damage dealer. For example Berserker/ wizard just rocks. Buff up wiz buffs & go berserk & summon an aoe 2h weapon=results and very easy to use with well prepared AI setup. If you're going to tank with your main it's a bit lost potential I think.
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