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  1. Since there seems to be a shortage of pale elf woman, here's an updated version of my own pale elf watcher, just for funsies. Made to look more oil painted and less sketchy. Still a wip. Haven't tried my hand at the whole watercolor thing.
  2. I am in mourning regarding Eder. Definitely was not expecting this. Glad I checked before going into the game with the wrong idea.
  3. Well, I'm hesitant to post this because it's a personal project, but since you guys are looking for pale elves....I might as well share my own. It's a work in progress, but I plan to use it for my second playthrough. Here the picture I edited it from if you're curious (I can't find the source for some reason): ....and here's my own: If the hair looks odd, that's because I had to change it from a darker color to a very light color--not sure there's any way around the odd luminescent quality, for right now. Hope someone finds this useful.
  4. I think it came out really well. But the ears are still a bit off (too big and pointy?). There was another "revision of revision" in this thread where ears were done just right (not the face though, here you've done far better job), imo - https://i.imgur.com/kCds4Bz.png If you could make similar changes to your revision, that would be awesome. Ah, I didn't even think to consider the ears! They just flew over my head I guess. Thank you for pointing them out! Here you go: I simply pasted the ears from the other portrait onto my own; a very easy fix. Hope that doesn't count as cheating or something haha. Great work! Would I suggest maybe recovering the red banner on her armour? Oh, I think I meant to do that originally, but I forgot. Again, a very simple fix: That does add a nice pop of color, doesn't it? If anyone has any other qualms or suggestions let me know, I'd be happy to oblige.
  5. Okay, here's my "fix" of Pallegina's revised portrait. It's side-by-side with the original for comparison. This was considerably trickier to do than Eder's....I changed the skin tone, eyes, nose, posture, and jaw slightly. (The eyes gave me the most trouble.) Tried to get it as close to the canon depictions of her as possible--what do you think?
  6. This may be redundant at this point (I don't know if anyone else has done it) but I figured I'd share my own edit of the revised Eder portrait from 4chan (a revision of a revision)...I think it came out well enough to post. The change is slight, but makes a big difference I think! I adjusted it to have roughly the same(-ish) head shape as the original portrait, since I personally found the revised version to be a little....overly narrow? In any case, this looks much more "Eder" to me than the other two. But you are free to disagree of course!
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