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  1. I am quite embarrassed to say that someone made me realize that the first section of the Cyclopedia is called Afflictions & Inspirations and has quite enough information to understand the system. But I had not noticed it after reading the entire Tutorial, reading other sections of the Cyclopedia, etc. Sigh. It is my mistake on one level ; on another level small things could make it clearer (more info on the keyword tool-tips or links to the relevant sections of the Cyclopedia).
  2. As a new 2019 player, I hate to state the obvious, but this visual table should really be in the game's Tutorials section. I read the short tutorial in-game and the game's manual, and would never have guessed what the image here explains.
  3. The nice thing about that scene is that the NPC had suggested you avoid bloodshed, and damn was her tip relevant! It teaches you early on to be tactical and never underestimate enemies. Anyhow, with only two low level companions, there is also a big luck / unluck factor: I mean if they strike a few critical hits, you are out. Tactics, though, wins. ( I play Veteran on my first play-through, as I played all of PoE 1, and for the thrill. PotD would be madness.) I think (not tested yet) the sound factor might come into play in that scene, so you can try to fight only one group of looters without alerting the others using more quiet attacks and quick kills. Remains to be tested on my part.
  4. I can so relate to that ! I came in overconfident, with a full level 16 party that I played for over 300 hours! (did everything in the game). Thaos of course targeted my main, who happened to be my Wizard, who normally never gets targeted (i.e. I make sure Eder is the target). All my attempts to save her were in vain as I cast my saving spells too late (Spell reflect level 6 and below; Suppress Affliction 5-6 sec.; even Beetle Shell too late). Plus I was too close to the giant vessel AOE smash attack. Thaos knocked out my Watcher twice! So it was really my party who won the fight... Durance raised me just in time to beat Thaos' endurance a second time.* In comparison, Sagani was also hit by the same deadly attacks, but I built her with much higher damage reductions (so Suppress Affliction, even late, protected her fine). *
  5. Follow-up for new players who may be wondering ... and hence finding this thread. I came back to Crägholdt Bluffs with a level 13 full party and crushed all those who tried to kill us. It was not my strongest party (only one caster). Was still risky/tough and we took plenty of damage. Therefore I imagine it can be done at levels 11 and 12 : depends on tactics and luck/badluck. Mild spoiler concerning Mechanics : the traps are rather high level, over 10 Mechanics skill and even then 11 is not enough... but there are ways to survive anyhow.
  6. (v2) Oh, I feel silly. I was trying to use it to heal party members ... instead of targeting downed enemies. Thanks, will test it anew ...
  7. My fully geared level 11 party, even though I am not using scaled difficulty, was wiped there ! FIRST ATTEMPT against the Lagufaeths on the hot springs of Longwatch Falls : My skirmishers (Barbarian, Monk and Winter Fox) dived in too deep on a plateau with Lagufaeths... they pulled a horde of them with two Broodmothers. CAUSES OF DEATH : No defensive position : too many of them were shooting paralyzing darts at us My Wizard gained aggro too fast and was constantly being paralyzed Some do massive damage, the Broodmothers I think [2 on Hard difficulty]. Even with 20+ damage reduction and while using potions and Lay on hands... Eder and Pallegina fell hard in the end. Overconfident : my party was crushing all other battles using only their "Per Encounter" abilities, so my level 11 party was really not afraid of Lagufaeths... Deadly mistake! SECOND ATTEMPT ... : I used the ramp going up to the plateau as a defensive position and my tanks were able to hold the line I pulled a part of the horde instead of the whole lot Therefore my Wizard and skirmishers were able to not get paralyzed and we killed them easily. But that was with a full level 11 party ! There is at least another tough fight near-by (Gleaming... and yes I pulled both groups ), which I won "easily" using many powerful spells (have not completed the whole map yet though). For that one, I also used a tight area so my tanks could hold the line (and retain most aggro: essential) and my caster could stay back and use powerful spells. I really do not know if a level 7 party can pull it off, maybe using two to three casters doing all they can. ps: ! Other warning ! : though Crägholdt Bluffs is on the way and naturally feels a thing to visit... it is about level 14 ! :D At least, there, you can fight only a group at a time and realize your folly. In Longwatch Falls, you die hard to discover what lies there.
  8. For fun about Cragholdt mercenaries [spoiler of course] : with a pretty buffed level 10 full party, I was able to defeat most in small groups of about five enemies, BUT suddenly I fell upon two "brawlers", who I guess are high level monks. Holy moly ! After blasting the lot with tons of fireballs and other spells, they zipped past my two tanks (Eder and Pallegina) and destroyed my four other members in little time! While they spun at Flash speed back to Eder and Pallegina, who were busy bashing fighters and warpriests, the monks healed their buddies and rather quickly globbered my two tanks! Hmm, I told myself my character had a vision/divination of the future and realized they should go to the White March now...
  9. Remembrance of Life's Warmth is an item obtained from the Keep's mini-quests. It has never worked of my characters in their quick-slots. In combat, it shows a brown icon that looks like an insect swarm icon and cannot target anything nor be cast... The only thing I have not tried yet is use it with a Druid. From what I see on the Internet, though mentions are rare, this seems the case for most people and for many years.
  10. Wish I could edit/correct a dumb mistake in my post: not new instead of not knew.
  11. They are not knew of course, but I didn't find these mentioned on the forum. Though it is a 2010 game, I suggest fixing these bugs creates player-buyer fidelity towards Obsidian. 1) When loading a saved game at the first check point of a mission, the "script trigger" (my words) does not start, so guards/enemies are not loaded. This happens notably with the mission at the airport in Saudi Arabia. One has to load or start in the safehouse to have the mission trigger its start scripts properly. 2) Silent Running mutes handlers, dialogues, etc. Handler dialogue is important and can give important storyline information. Advanced Silent Running last about 30 seconds. In 30 seconds, everything a handler said was missed (actually happened to me twice).
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