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  1. I'm very fond of the POE2 combat and rest system. For me, going back to town to buy some wood... was an unnecessary feature of the 1st game. Playing Veteran mode with 5 man party- Spent about 2&1/2 intense hours on one boss fight where I used practically everything I could throw at to defeat so I cannot say that there aren't challenging fights. Empower, I do like this a lot, and creates some very powerful and interesting combinations... but this really could do with some tuning down or I may restrict how often I use this in future playthroughs, it's too strong in its current state IMO. There are too many examples I could give. POE2 there is no lack of great items/great spells/enchants at your disposal already that I'm not entirely sure why they added it. I'm not complaining though as I think it's a nice feature, especially for solo runs. DLCs aren't released yet (which i'm sure will remedy this) and I haven't finished the entire game so perhaps premature to say - Would like to see some more monstrous, titanic, epic high level bosses that make you tremble on sight!! More dragons and sea monsters and stuff!!
  2. Haha! That is a valid point - Likewise with your favourite movies/TV series. If you can inherently hate a character then I tend to see that as a job well done on the actor's behalf. That is if, the character isn't hated for the actor's bad acting! Poor Eder! He's such a great guy, to be sexually harassed like that does not do him justice at all. Then again seeing as he's typically used as a meatshield he gets most the abuse anyway! !!! I don't just like it, I think it's INCREDIBLE! - I would ask how you did that but that would probably go completely over my head! Thank you, that is very kind of you- Appreciate the time you took to do this
  3. ugly or pretty or fascinating..it's still art though Yes you're quite right, but still absolutely YUCK! If there was a jungle version of the film "The Thing" - That would be it! Oh alright fair enough. Would probably have to be a solo wizard run because I could not even fathom any of the companions wanting to tag along with that thing! That thing is so ugly, why on earth would you want a portrait of that Wow, that's a challenge... I'll try that! Thank you War baby, It is indeed! Any attempt I make would be hopeless i'm afraid. Let me know how you get along with it
  4. Here's my request: That thing is so ugly, why on earth would you want a portrait of that
  5. The first one turned out to be really ugly & unmakable, but still, did this one : Nicely done, druid vibes
  6. That's exactly what I did! *high five* . I commend your choice of opting for the lightning. In practice you could benefit from the bonus lightning pen from Wizard passive and as a Conjurer with no Evocation spells it gives you some bang via the Chanter tree! My PC is already a fury druid with lots of lightning so I used Fassina as a summoner/healer/buff bot. I was testing Fassina out with summons, the drake summons were very useful albeit a long cast time - Whilst there are already a lot of items in the game that grant summons, with this spell you can upgrade it (at level tier 5-6 i think?) and its suitable roleplay! The "Rejoice My Comrades, Two Fingers of Daylight" spell at rank 3 - Incredibly useful healing spell! It can bounce multiple times provided you're in an enclosed area, providing mega area of effect heals. I think they mentioned on the Q/A yesterday that they'll be tuning down Chanters.
  7. You need to experiment with them more, they don't suck. Nor does it need late-game to switch on. Example: Eder as a Swashbuckler level 11 - Therefore unlocking level 4 Fighter/Rogue abilities. Just take a look at the talent trees and synergies (Via POE2 wiki) respectively and imagine the variety of builds you could make - https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Rogue https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Fighter Just a few examples: Positioning: Charge (Fighter) into battle, gone too deep? Cast Smoke Veil/Escape (Rogue) Engages:Hold the line + Fighter Stance (Fighter) + Persistent Distraction (Rogue) = More Distracted (flanked) = more Sneak Attacks (Rogue) Accuracies: Disciplined Barrage + Confident Aim (Fighter) + Dirty Fighting (Rogue) = More hits, more crits Etc.... There are so many examples that doesn't even scrape the surface, the beauty of POE2 is the variety, there are SO many options! Also if you're into something more exotic, I recommend Loremaster (Chanter + Wizard), a lot of cool whacky comboes and synergies you can experiment with there.
  8. Wholeheartedly agree, what's wrong with some decent passion and positivity? Fanboys unite! I think we all just need to jump into a nice, steamy, adra-filled bathhouse and work things out together (And let off some steam of course) .
  9. So if I make a POTD character, it'll be just as hard/easy as it is on normal?Yep the game is currently broken. According to sawyer himself level scaling is broken and POTD is way out of whack. There are certain users on this forum who think otherwise. They are special people. Special people who try and delflect away from the truth with there special ramblings about nothing really, Everyone is in agreement that the game is buggy, that is perfectly justifiable and we are not in disagreement about this. Ultimately an individuals experience depends on what you are willing to make of it. Clearly your toys are out of the pram - Right, so obviously everyone else's opinions and experiences must be "special" - You are really so bent on undermining other people. On the bright side, you should try out Fanatic or Zealot class for your next playthrough, you've already demonstrated this suits you perfectly from a roleplay perspective.
  10. My own opinion for the OP - SOLID mate! POE2 is AWESOME, am incredibly grateful to Obsidian for creating this masterpiece - it has been an absolute dream realised and better than anticipated. Perhaps it is too soon to say it is one of the best games ive ever played, but I really feel like it is. Fully appreciate your choice of asking for others experiences, to take others opinion before transacting with any business/service/product offering online is wise and lets you make a more informed decision. Me personally, I was highly anticipating this game and was waiting for it for a long while. I wanted to replicate the feeling when older games were released when the internet didnt become this massive extravegent jungle of opinions and you just bought a game and gave it a shot on your own. So I didn't look at the forums at all, I know thats a bit self-centered but just wanted to play my first playthrough untarnished. I'm now about 35 hours into the game, hey honestly, not everything is perfect, there's quite a few imbalances, FPS drops and bugs. I even encountered one bug that prevented me from recruiting a companion (forgot to make a save game to go back), wasnt great but I just moved on and accepted it. These things are natural (and do vary) for any game release - This game honestly has such an incredible and refreshing depth to it - the way I see it the underlying infastructure just needs more time to become a well oiled machine. I fully appreciate criticism and negative reviews - ultimatley not everything can be positive and criticism drives change, change brings improvements, especially in the gaming world which can thankfully be updated for everyone altogether in one-go via the cloud. We have the privilege of communicating and in turn that of being heard through all these online channels so these improvements come faster and in more abundance. If you read the above and reciprocate with my opinion, I say give it a go, just get started and let your expectations be your own. If you want to have your first play-through as a well-oiled machine without any upsets then I say wait a month or two, but just bear in mind we're having all the fun in the Deadfire that you could be having right now too!
  11. Yeah im still waiting for "Updating Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire" - 12 minutes. I almost had a heart attack when my **** internet pushed the timer to 1 day 4 hours. It suddenly reverted back, thank god. Bon voyage all
  12. I love that! Dark Chocolate, scientifically proven to release endorphins, hence making the Pillars entertainment even more fun! You and I both doing a 2 hour session on character creation!
  13. I've never seen so much commitment to have up to 50 pages on a thread! I imagine this must be quite entertaining for the folks at Obsidian. Feels very prudent to have this scavenger hunt, hunting every inch of the web for codes - just as we will be exploring every inch of the archipelago for hidden treasure. Hey, I'd be interested to see if they leave some codes to be found in-game. Did they specify whether it would only be found on online/media?
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