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  1. I want to expirience the campanions, but I will say that they can get onto my nerves some, so I completely understand your pov. When PotD is fixed (made more difficult) I will run a custom party.
  2. Die Lokalisierung in OBS Spielen ist regelmäßig so schlecht, ich verstehe gar nicht warum die überhaupt noch angeboten wird. Vielen Dank für deine Mühen, ich persönlich werde das Spiel weiter in englisch spielen aber ich habe einige Freunde die auf die Community angewiesen sind. Daumen hoch!
  3. Yes, I actually thought about it myself. I personally would open up the enitre game as a beta when the game state allows it. This could give people who want it early access and Obsidian the option to fix some bugs that they didn't catch in their QA net.
  4. Hey is it just me who has perfomance (FPS) issues since the patch? I checked my CPU is on 15-20% and GPU on ~50% while I play (R7 1700 @5k ghz, GTX970)
  5. After having spent some time (40+ h) in poe2 and having played it on veteran and potd, I feel comfortable posting my opinion as well. If you are sensible on who you approach the games difficulty feels downgraded by 1, the encounters on potd in 2 feel like veteran encounters in 1. This might be partially because of the new AI, partially because of new systems (grazes, crits, Armorating replacing DR) and partially because of easier encounters. Overall I am a bit sad to say, I enjoyed 1 more then 2 thus far, but there are still patches and dlc to come maybe they spice things up.
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